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  1. Right! I finally found it, because those values are not listet in the overhead-section, but at the bottom under "Additional variables: added by update SP1D March 2015". I didn't expect this (Why should I scroll down the whole document, when I checked all of the ELECTRICAL section and see, that they are not included - that's, how my personal OS acts...). Many thanks anyway! Next adventure: MobiFlight throws an exception when trying to handle strings... Sven
  2. True. I overlooked this while having dozends of explorer windows and pdfs open. And it is like I found out: The voltages and amps are standard FSX-values, not PMDG-related. But they are not complete. I don't have the 400V value anywhere. Since the values are changing in the green display of the 737 when the selector knob is used, there must be memory addresses, where the PMDG NGX handles those displayed values. I still wonder, how the cokpit-simmers deal with that.
  3. Ok, I found in this thread: http://www.avsim.com/topic/369533-pmdg-sdk-overhead-displays/ that this is provided in the FSX standard offsets. But I thinks it is not all the values there. I tried 2824 8 Total load amps 282C 8 Battery load 2834 8 Battery voltage 2840 8 Main bus voltage 2848 8 Main bus amps 2850 8 Avionics bus voltage 2858 8 Avionics bus amps 2860 8 Hot battery bus voltage 2868 8 Hot battery bus amps 2870 8
  4. I would like to use green 7-segment-LEDs to simulate the voltage "screen" in the forward-overhead. But I do not find any offset-addresses to read from. I might not have the latest Offset-document, since I understand, that PMDG added DC AC voltage information into their latest update (is this true?). Is there an official link to the lkatest pdf? Regards Sven
  5. Thanks to clearify this and sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Now it's clear: I mixed up WIDEFS-Server and Client (because simmarked links to the Client.zip as a demo of the (Server-)purchase... I understand now, that the server is invisibly included into FSUIPC and functional, when a valid WIDEFS-license is entered. And what I discovered then at simmarket: "(...) in fact, may be installed on your system by any one or more of them already. For most such programs you do not need to actually purchase FSUIPC4." So I wonder: Do I might already own a FSUIPC4 license by having
  6. Hi! This might be a simple question (actually it's 2 questions...), but I am a bit confused by simmarket's offers: In 2006 I bought a license for FSUIPC3 together with WIDEFS6. Now I want to buy FSUIPC4 and there is a lower price for buying it together with WIDEFS. Do I Need to buy a new WideFS license for FSUIPC4? (Or does my license still work for FSUIPC4?) Simmarket does not tell me, which version I will get. The DEMO-download of the single WIDEFS7-buy-page point to http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/WideFS.zip which contains a executable of version 6.999. The official dow
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