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  1. /* 9. Facilities have been added to automatically execute a list of Lua plugins or FSUIPC Macros when an aircraft is loaded. This allows switches, offsets, and other things to be set specifically for an aircraft when it is first loaded. */ Thanks for this Pete, its something I had been wondering, just perfect for making sure the sim and pit all line up.
  2. HI Pete A quick note of thanks for the very useful control (Joystick and push button) features in v4. I hadn't realised just how much flexibility was in FSUIPC until I I stumbled across across the post re challenges with controls. That prompted me to read the manual (I'm an IT guywho like most IT guys reads the manual as a last resort). Makes the setup of the pit much easier as I now don't need keystroke emulation programs! Ta again Peter
  3. Pretty sure thats the GPS getting a sentence it wasn't expecting, do you have the issues with both versions of FS? Cheers Peter
  4. I'm using a serial port on a second computer On Server GPSOUT.INI [GPSout] Sentences=RMC,PGRMZ,GGA Interval=300 Port=WideFS Speed=19200 PosTo6Decimal=Yes On Second computer with GPS Attached WIDECLIENT.INI [GPSout] Port=COM1 Speed=19200
  5. Apologies, missed the X in the first post, I'm still on 2004 using FSUIPC and GPS Out to drive the 200c.
  6. Yeap using it with GPSout works a treat, Linked it using WideFs to a second computer, • Communications Port o Baud Rate = 19200 o NEMA Input = Checked o NEMA GPS Input = checked o NEMA Output = Not checked o Configure NEMA  GLL = Not checked  RMC and RMB = Checked  GGA = Not Checked  GSA and GSV = Checked  APB = Not Checked o Mangnavox DGPS = Not checked o Starlink DGPS = Not Checked
  7. There's some electrical stuff in the "usupported" variables, listed in the second table in the Programmer's Guide. Check those in the 28XX range. Some of those are getting to be quite important (2834 in particular), so I may see about promoting them to "supported" status (i.e. move them to the first table). What do you mean by "TOKVAR" here? Token variables are things you use in FSUIPC gauges and are documented in Microsoft's own Panels SDK. I think the correct token name will be one of: BATTERY_VOLTAGE, HOT_BATTERY_BUS_VOLTAGE, BATTERY_BUS_VOLTAGE, The FSUIPC offset 2834 provides the same as the first one I think. The other two are at 2860 and 2870. I don't know why you say you can't use these things. Can you explain that? Regards, Pete I'll put my vote in for getting these values into the supported listed, I'm trying to get the boys from Simkits to add them to the MC controller supported values. Thanks Peter
  8. Thanks for the answers Pete, really appreciated. I didn't want to speed a large stack off money on an Dual Engine stack and then find I needed a black belt in coding to spoof FS200X for other Sims... off to find the credit card. I hope your retirement is a long way off :), FSUIPC and associated tools are a great asset to the flight Sim community. Cheers Peter
  9. Just had a reply back from the Flight Illusion guys who make a very nice engine stack. (http://members.chello.nl/p.leerentveld/gallery2.htm) As they use FSUIPC interface, things are good for MSFS, my frustration is I also fly Lomac and Falcon4, and currently Flight Illusions are not planning to make an SDK.... bugger!!! What I'm thinking of doing is making a S/W shim to convert data from those sims (obviously its only a tiny fraction of the info exported from MSFS!) to some that FSUIPC clients can read. (and NO I'm trying to make a competitor to FSUIPC!) Is it a simple as taking values from Lomac/F4 and creating a shared memory file providing data at the correct offsets? Ta Peter
  10. This is great stuff, I went and purchased a Lowrance 2000, and tied it in with GPSOut, works a treat. Thanks for the cool utility Pete. cheers Peter
  11. Hi All Before I invest in a Garmin 196, can someone that has one of these units just verifiy something for me? In addition to FS2004 I fly Lomac which means I'd like to add mapping information from around the Black Sea, the bad news for me is the units I buy in Australia have very little information around that part of the world. The good news is I can upload ground based maps which include cities, rivers, and locations of airports, just not the detail the Jeppson Maps provide. The question is "does the GPS when in ground mode still take the location information provided by the serial port?" ie will it still listen to information location whether it is in Aviation mode or not? Ta muchly Peter
  12. Well Garmin should be paying someone a commision here.. I'm a finding a credit card and off to the GPS shop :) Nice work guys. Cheers Peter
  13. If I've missed this in the doc I'll apologise now... But is there a way to read the status of exits through FSUIPC, I've recently included code for Markers, so while I'm coding away though it'll be a good time to add support for door status indicators. TIA Peter Thomas
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