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  1. Firstly of all, shame on you, who speak like that for IVAO and its staff... IVAO does not promote illegal stuff, and, even better, does not promote the "spirit of Spying Cross-Organizations", as your organization might be doing... As you SHOULD be from VATSIM, otherwise why the hell should you ever mess with the one or the other organisation's forums?! Finally, as I challenged you earlier, IF you still have some humanity and some mankind in you, then show your real face behind the mask, by email or in here, but if you decide to contact me by email, then make sure NOT to send it to latousakis@blueyonder.co.uk, but to latousakis@the.forthnet.gr as the blueyonder is not valid anymore. Aristeides Latousakis Real people do not hide behind a lame nickname
  2. Dear All I will post to you the email I have sent to IVAO-DIR, mr. Keith Ryan, as I wrote too much, and I cannot type twice the same things. I really want to apologize to mr Dowson in person from this list, and to everyone for the matter arose on my action. Please, after reading the above letter, try to understand the purpose or scope of my action, and SEE the actions that I have taken (removed the file from my webspace) and mr. Alexandros Amorianos, IVAO GR-DIR, action, which was to remove the key from the list. Finally, I would like to express my pityness for some people from cross organisations, whose only job is to spy on others, and make some serious mess, like they will have some kind of Recognition. On my eyes, they are just the "nails", "slappers", not to say any other more... colourful word, and I would like to express my deepest COMMISERATIONS to mr. OBS who brought this matter in here... His manners and his behaviour show a person who was brought up in a really depressed environment, full of mysticism; easy to understand by not signing by his real name. So, I would like to.... CHALLENGE that user, to drop his/her mask, and say his/her real name in public, or if not in public, to my email... He/she knows all that info about me, he should know where to find me... By the way, mr. OBS, your action of posting my picture in public, on a forum where I was NOT registered, BEFORE I register, WITHOUT my consent, is against my personal privacy. At least, I would expect an apology from him/her, if he/she is a person who can say sorry and not someone with a low-level-disgrace-for0the-online-community. On my side, once again, my deepest and trulliest apologies to mr. Dowson, mr Keith Ryan, my Alex Amorianos, and all of you, who got stuffed by reading all that. I did my S**t, I pay the bid.. That post is not to try and cry in your eyes, it's just my personal statement to let you all understand my scope.. Best Regards Aristeides Latousakis the alleged (and real) offender 127495 on IVAO on VATSIM, I don't remember, and dont want to remember pss. mr OBS, please contact me, if you want to show some kind of level in you..
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