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  1. Okay 1) How to register and enable wideserver in fsuipc.ini? I went to both FS9/FSX\modules\fsuipc folders and registered FSUIPC3+WideFS / FSUIPC4+WIDEFS without any trouble so when I run each of FS the fsuipc windows seems okay in both FS9/FSX main window 2) Since I run ZoneAlarm in both pcs, I configured its firewall to accept WideFS as a protocol using TCP & UDP allowing it to communicate with any port, since I can't nominate the 8002 port. In your answer you say "but there's not a lot you should need to do -- possibly just set "ProtocolPreferred= ..." if you want WideClient connections to default to a different protocol than TCP (UDP and SPX are the others). " so if I delete the "ProtocolPreferred=UDP" line in WideServer.ini and "Protocol=UDP" line in Wideclient.ini there will be no trouble at all? Because if I'm not wrong you recommend the TCP protocol, not UDP as someone posted somewhere and I've fallen for it before going to you, The Boss :( Thanks Eduardo
  2. Reading that wideserver7 is part of fsuipc4: Isn't there any action to be taken in fsuipc4.ini file to config a widefs pc? Is it just to create a widefs folder in wideclient pc, put wideclient.exe and wideclient.ini files there and just run? Thanks Eduardo
  3. The trouble was that when buying FSUIPC4+WIDEFS7 package I signed as Eduardo de C Passos instead of the commonly Eduardo Passos, so I was afraid of buying WIDEFS6.71 (for FS9) and it should be rejected by FS9/modules/FSUIPC/registration since to install and register WIDEFS you must have FSUIPC which I had - bought it in Aug,17,2003 -. I bypassed the trouble, changing to Eduardo Passos and everything worked okay. Sorry to bother you about something I should have seem. :oops: Eduardo
  4. Hi, Pete I bought fsuipc in http://www.simmarket.com and was registered as Eduardo Passos - ecppassos@hotmail.com Got the license key and everything worked just fine. Then I bought FSUIPC4 + WideFS6.7 (for use with FSX) and registered as Eduardo de C Passos - ecppassos@hotmail.com Got both licenses and everything worked fine in FSX Now I'd like to buy WideFS for FS9 (to use with my FSUIPC3.71 version) but it's impossible. If I try to buy it will be as Eduardo de C Passos and I think when I try to register there will be a conflict between registering fsuipc as Eduardo Passos (which I have done already) and registering widefs (FS9) as Eduardo de C Passos
  5. BTW when I run RC in the wideclient pc how do I tell it that FS9/FSX is in another pc (wideserver pc)? Better say, I have two pcs; in each there is FS9 installed. They were independents but I decided to buy and install WideFS so I could get better results. Do I need to uninstall FS9 in the wideclient pc or doesn't matter? Thanks again Eduardo :?
  6. Thanks, Pete, for answering so soon. This is really a support forum! Need to know: 1) All the utilities I need to run with FS9/FSX I'd like to put in the client pc (mainly RC and ActiveSky) which I've already installed there 2) Created a WideFS desktop shortcut in the client pc 3) How do I tell Wideclient pc to run these programs (RC, AS)? When I click WideFS icon a msg in the top of window tells me that connection with Wideserver pc is working, but the window is just gray. Should anything appears there or is it just a way to tell me that I can use the wideclient pc's programs to run with FS9/FSX wideserver pc? 4) How to config these programs to run in wideclient pc? Really didn't understand manual orientation about Run1=, Run2=... If I'm not wrong what I understand by this is that if you config WideFS to run these programs starting WideFS in the wideclient pc should gets the connection with wideserver pc and automatically opens them (RC, AS). 5) If I'm wrong what wideclient pc (via WideFS) does is "just" getting a connection with wideserver pc so these programs can be run in the wideclient pc from their installation in this 2nd pc Sorry about these questions but I think they really cover everything that matters to install and run WideFS. Unfortunately I really didn't understand some things in manual. Thanks Eduardo :oops: :oops: :oops: [/b][/i][/u]
  7. Hi, Pete Sorry about these questions but being naive and using WideFS for the first time, need some help. I red all the manual but can't understand how to make RC run in client pc. I'm a registered user of both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 (v6.70). Installed both according instructions. WideFS connects with WideServer but nothing happens. How do I make RC (or any other program) run in client pc? Do I need to write the path to FSX? If so how exactly do I do to tell client pc that FSX is installed in server pc (main pc),i.e. Games HDD/Microsoft Games/FSX? BTW how do I put buttons in WideFS main window? Didn't understand how to configure and where. Knowing that these questions are dumb hope you really forgive me. Thanks Eduardo :oops:
  8. Hi, Pete Sorry to send you a dumb question. Just to say JD mentioned that when MakeRwys were ready (your work) RC4.3 could be tested. Since I didn't know how it worked and knowing that you were "the father of the child" I went here to ask about some orientation I couldn't find anywhere. I contacted JD. He sent me another beta version and it worked just fine. Thanks anyway Efuardo
  9. Hi, Pete I have the same above, and FSUIPC appears at ADD-ONS I'm having trouble with MakeRwys. I've offered myself to test FSX with RC. So JD sent me a beta 4.3 (build 3836) and instructed me to place MakeRwys into FSX root - which I did. Do I have to run it? Because I run it inside FSX root folder and airports and runways were collected. But when I try to run RC4.3 it simply doesn't work. Can you help me? PS: Just bought FSUIPC4 + WIDEFS7 and I'm waiting for my keys Thanks Eduardo
  10. Hi, Pete Just saw that your FSUIPC4 is ready, but where will the payment be? Only FSUIPC3 is disponible at the simmarket.com site. Since I want to buy both (FSUIPC4 + WideFS7) together, do I pay like it was the FSUIPC3? Thanks Eduardo
  11. Thanks, Pete Just the way I needed. Short, concise, objective. Can't wait to have both FSUIPC4 and RC (FSX able!). Eduardo
  12. Hi, Pete Think I made a mistake (placed a new topic instead of a reply), Even don't know where the new topic is (quite dumb of me!) 1) When there will be an FSUIPC4 official version? 2) Since I have the new FSX (official version, not beta3...) I just find that there is no modules folder (is this correct?). Will your FSUIPC4 test version work in this FSX? 3) Even though it will be a paid product (not an upgrade) it doesn't matter. What I got with FSUIPC3 was really terrific. Thanks Eduardo
  13. Hi, Pete Already have FS9 (plus RC4.2 + AS6 + FSUIPC3.705 registered version). Just bought and installed FSX (official version). Some questions: 1) where is FSX "modules" folder? There isn't any (is it a dumb question?) 2) when will you release the official FSUIPC4 version to work with the official FSX (not a beta version)? 3) can I try one of your FSUIPC4 version (used to run with FSX beta3) in the FSX official version? After reading some posts here I know that we will have to get a new (paid) license to FSUIPC4. It really doesn't matter. What I got by paying the FSUIPC3 was terrific. Eduardo
  14. Hi I'm a registered user o fsuipc(3.70) and having two pcs I'd like to know if I could buy WideFS and use it with RC4.2 & AS6 installed in the 2nd pc into the 2nd HD (not the main - c:) or should I install both programs in the main (C:) HD of the 2nd pc. Thanks Eduardo :oops:
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