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  1. I have been flying this product for a few years now with few problems. However, recently I have found that upon landing and decelerating I receive the voice callouts of "Speed alive" "80 kts" " V1" "rotate" in succession just as they are broadcast during takeoffs. I am not configuring anything differently than I have been all along and the callouts are more of an anomaly and nuisance than a true problem. Nonetheless, if I could make them go away that would not be a bad thing. Thank you.
  2. I do run the programs from my administrator account. I appreciate your assistance . I was looking at the Navigraph forum and checked a screenshot of someone else's feelthere directory path. My feelthere folder was missing a sub-folder 'navdata'. I added that folder and amended the Navigraph install path. I then ran a Navigraph update for the feelthere Embraers and the navdata file was inserted into the navdata folder and the aircraft FMS now shows the active database as the current AIRAC 1802.
  3. Ok. This has never been a problem before and I have been doing these updates every month for about 2 years. It also does not appear to be a problem with any of the other database destinations I have in my Navagraph directory (iFly737, Majestic Q400, Carenado, etc.) so I asm thinking it is a problem with the aircraft not the data. My question is what file(s) for Navagraph should be appearing in what folder(s)? As I mentioned earlier, the ND folder of the E175 is showing a file; cycle_info.txt that shows the AIRAC cycle 1802 as the title so it looks like something is getting through. I just do not know if there are files (and what they are called) that should be present and/or might be somewhere else. Thanks
  4. From my original post: but now I have the default database of 28SEP 25OTC/06 showing with the reference NDB v3 01 5M WORLD 06-10 in green on the NAV IDENT page.
  5. I located the folder FSX/feelthere/ND and in that folder is a file cycle_info.txt that shows the AIRAC cycle 1802 as the title. Screenshot attached (using 2 monitors so it took screen shot of both) of contents of ND folder.
  6. Please relate what folders those would be and what file(s) should be present so that I can confirm.
  7. In order to solve an earlier problem where the HUD would no longer appear I performed a reinstall in FSX which did solve the problem. However, I now have a new issue apparently as a result of the reinstall (sigh). I utiilze Navagraph FMC database and am current with AIRAC 1802. The NAV IDENT before the reinstall displayed that as the ACTIVE NDB, but now I have the default database of 28SEP 25OTC/06 showing with the reference NDB v3 01 5M WORLD 06-10 in green on the NAV IDENT page. I did a redownload of AIRAC 1802 for my Embraer entry and a restart of the computer and FSX to no avail. This is the first time in 2 years of using Navagraph that the database has failed to update in the FMC. The database has updated in other aircraft models so the issue is limited to this E jet. Thank you
  8. I believe I was in VNAV and the N1 settings were showing idle thrust. Yes, VNAV does reduce the thrust for descents if I understand what you were asking.
  9. This has happened a few times but the most recent was descending through 8000' down to 4000' at 1500fpm with throttles at idle. Airspeed had been set to 210, and had been there during the early part of the descent. It rose to 260 at which time the speedbrake deployment was initiated. I have also experienced it during level flight on approach prior to glideslope capture when airspeed would not decrease (from 200 kts to a desired 160 kts) so speedbrakes were commanded but unable to deploy eben though the lever was in extended position.
  10. Here is the log..assuming this is the one needed. Frankly, screenshots are only going to show what I described-the spoiler handle in the extended position but the spoilers are still stowed in exterior views and on the EICAS diagram of spoiler/flaps extended. As well, there is no reduction in airspeed or indication of trending on the airspeed tape. e170.log
  11. I press my assigned keyboard key for Spoiler-the Pedestal view shows the spoiler lever going to the extend position but the airspeed does not reduce and exterior views show the spoilers still stowed. They work just fine on landing just not in the air.
  12. I took some screenshots but they don't appear to have saved, however, they do not show much anyway. Today I was in the E175 entering a route from KJAN to KIAH AEX.SKNRD4. There are altitude constraints: BEATL 280kts below FL280 Above FL240 DOOBI 280kts " FL220 " FL190 BFFET 250kts " 14000 " 12000 KNGWD 240knots " 10000 " 8000 Since, unlike the FMCs in Boeing aircraft it does not appear I can enter a below and above criteria for a single waypoint I entered: BEATL 240 DOOBI 190 BFFET 120 KNGWD 080 along with the requisite speed restrictions. The FMC accepted these. I then tried (per the manual pg. 48) to enter an Above restriction to each of t- using the scratchpad to type an A and then pressding the appropriate Right LSK at the altitude. Most of these operations yielded an Invalid Entry message.
  13. Per scoobflight's suggestion I did a reinstall. The HUD is back! Thank you- now I will need a new excuse for executing poor landings.
  14. I went into Program Data\Microsoft\FSX and there are no .dll files in that folder. The reply posted here on Jan 14 related to P3Dv4 but if it was also supposed to be valid for FSX then it appears I am missing a file but do not know how to recover it.
  15. I have tried to faithfully follow the manual instructions on setting altitude constraints which state to enter an A or B on the scratchpad and then enter that on the appropriate LSK for the altitude. When I do that I get 'Invalid Entry' every time.
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