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  1. OK, It looks ok now. It only won't work in windows CMD (administrator). If I make a desktop-shortcut, it works.
  2. Hello! I'm using MakeRunways 4.87 in P3Dv4.4 and I will exclude all runways shorther then 4000 feet. I tried with flag />4000 but it does not work. Always the default result. No difference which value I enter into the flag />n Same runway count. Same file size. Same runways.txt content. I'm running all applications as administrator.
  3. Hello Pete! Thanx for explaination. But for example: PMDG says: "The PMDG 737NGX is fully compatible with FSUIPC except that we recommend that you do not calibrate your flight controllers through FSUIPC." So what does it mean? This is only regarding the calibration itself? Whether I'm using "direct to FSUIPC" or "Normal axis" is the same in this case?
  4. Hello people! I don't understand the difference between this booth options on axis asignment. On booth variants, I'm able to calibrate the joystick axis via FSUIPC. So where is the big difference?
  5. Tahnk you. But I do not mean the button "MCP_DISENGAGE_BAR". What I mean is the knob on the Flight-Yoke in Real Life.
  6. Hello people! I would like to assign the "A/P disengage" to a Joystick button. Can anybody tell me, how to realize this with FSUIPC? I tried to assign some predefined functions but with no result.
  7. Hello @ al! What does "RangeRepeatRate=" means? I cannot find any explaination. What's the version differences between 4.92 and 4.924a?
  8. Thnak You. I need AxesWrongRange=Yes for "Eaglesoft Citation X" and "BBS Airbus" to get the correct throttle-ranges. But I tested also all other aircrafts and I don't found anything not working with AxesWrongRange=Yes. So, why to use AxesWrongRange=No?
  9. Hello Pete! For the most Aircraft addons (especially with FADAC) I must set AxesWrongRange=Yes to get the throttles correct work. Can you explain the benefit of AxesWrongRange=No ? I cannot find anything.
  10. AxesWrongRange=Yes YES It works now!!!! And all other aircrafts too.
  11. Thank you for your very good support Pete! What do you mean with "It puts the bugs back into FSUIPC"? Can I expect other issues if I add this line?
  12. Hello Pete! With newer FSUIPC-Version, I have a problem on my Eaglesoft Citation X. I can not reach the IDLE-Position of the Throttles. When I click my Throttles out of the cut-off-position, than i'ts jumping directly to the cruise-position not to the idle position. I have only one throttle. (on a saitek throttle quadrant, the other axis are mixture and proppitch) The only solution I found is: 1.) Assign one throttle in FSUIPC and than give him the functions "Throttle1" and "Throttle2" instead of "Throttle". 2.) Choose "send direct to fsuipc calibration". 3.) calibrate the throttles on calibrating-page 3. Why does "Throttle" assignment not working on a single thorttle ?
  13. Hello Pete! Please can you tell me, if I can use a combination (like V+F12) instead of F12 via keysend? Which ist the keycode for this? Thank you.
  14. Hello Pete! I want to use the steering tiller axis asigend in FSUIPC. Can I bind the tiller to the same axis of the rudder?
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