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  1. Hello to all! I have some general questions regarding the E-Jet Speeds and climb/descend performance. I don't know the real aircraft but the airspeed/climb combination is very crazy in my opinion. Speed restriction below FL100 is 250 IAS for normal. The aircraft overshoot this every time after departure and compense with very very steep climbrate (+6000 feet per minute) Same in descend. I always need to use speedbrakes to get not into overspeed conditions. Takeoff performance is general to high in my opinion. I must use CLB-2 /TO-2 and full flex. But it's still to high.
  2. Yes! Using this tool: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=178498&CatID=genutils But also tried with tables. Same values.
  3. Hää? I never deleted anything.
  4. The problem is not the eyepoint (I changed before I made my first flight 🙂 But the AoA is to steep (nose up) in final app phase.
  5. Hello! How to handle a RNAV/EGNOS/GPS approach correctly? (And also non-prec approaches like VOR, NDB) I cannot find anything in the manual. I know this procedure from airbus and boeing. This aircrafts can handle a "simulated" GS during approach phase. How to handle in E-Jets? Do I have activate "APP" mode in autopilot? Or is there a special proceduure?
  6. Hello! On every final approach, the autopilot is holding a very high AoA. Is this normal? It's to high to look out to the runway. Could it be a CG problem regarding the load manager?
  7. Hello! In the real airplane, you can set approach speed regarding the VREF individual for each Flap setting. Cannot find this in the simulation.
  8. Hello! When I want to give a direct-to waypoint during cruise, there are 2 possibilities: "Direct" and "Active" What's the different in detail? There is no in the manual regarding the difference.
  9. Direct-To logic looks very different compared with another aircrafts. I think you need to select "active" instead of "direct"
  10. Hello! Where can I get the correct Flex Temp? Is there any calculator or table?
  11. Hello! Today I bought the whole E-Jets pack (170 up to 195). A night flight without Storm-Lights is to dark in the cockpit. But if I turn it on, it is to bright. It should be dimmable. Further, I noticed a problem with the "chart light". It produce unsharp textures at all in the cockpit.
  12. OK, It looks ok now. It only won't work in windows CMD (administrator). If I make a desktop-shortcut, it works.
  13. Hello! I'm using MakeRunways 4.87 in P3Dv4.4 and I will exclude all runways shorther then 4000 feet. I tried with flag />4000 but it does not work. Always the default result. No difference which value I enter into the flag />n Same runway count. Same file size. Same runways.txt content. I'm running all applications as administrator.
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