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  1. Volker........... After all of the trouble in installing the latest Navigraph for A 318/319, it appears that that Navigraph does not follow the "all addons or all products" that they use for QW and PMDG. They (Navigraph) have it listed as a separate aircraft and so far I"m getting "not in the database". I don't know for sure, but it appears that Aerosoft did not make flight plans 100% compatible between the A 320 and the A 318/319, but for sure it's not all automatic, at least so far. Jack
  2. Volker.............. Ian at Navigraph says an update is imminent. Jack
  3. Volker.............. Will you need to make any adjustments to include this new pair of aircraft? Mathijs indicates that Navigraph has to adjust their installer before Navigraph will work with those aircraft. Jack Fentress
  4. Terrence............... Yes, I'm using Tropical Sim's KDCA. I've had it for a couple of years and I've never had any indication that it caused problems anywhere. I checked and the version I have is up to date. I'm not sure how that would effect the graphic in FSC. Jack
  5. Volker....... I also noticed that when the Airport Information window is active, it shows no ILS frequncies for any of the runways. Jack
  6. Terrence, As far as I can tell, all of my options are set correctly. I've double checked everything. The fact that the surrounding airport's runways display properly would indicate that, I think. When I bring up the map, that runway graphic doesn't appear. I could be overlooking something, but I can't think what that might be. By the way, how were you able to make that pic? I use FRAPS, but it doesn't allow pics that aren't in the Flight Simulator. Jack
  7. Volker.......... In setting up a flight plan from KEWR to KDCA, I noticed that there are no ILS graphics for that airport when using the map settings. Surrounding airports do have that information though. I was able to get that data through other means. It's only the graphic data that seems to be missing. Jack Fentress
  8. Volker............ I think we can close this now. Jack
  9. Volker............. I do remember R.R.s memo but,why does the flight plan with sid & stars load for the 737? I'll do a 777 test and we'll see what happens. Jack
  10. Terence.......... Thanks for the info. I don't know how I missed that. Jack
  11. Volker........ Re my previous post, I failed to mention that I tried this plan on a PMDG 737 after the problems with the 777. Same airport etc. Everything worked as it should. Jack
  12. This is the first time I've run across this in a long time. I created a flight plan from KBOS to CYHZ. Added Sid & stars, plan looked fine. Saved and printed. Checked the printed waypoints with the actual plan - everything OK. Fired up FSX, loaded PMDG 777 at gate B 34. Opened the FMC, did the usual pre-business and attemtped to enter the plan as a company plan. Message on FSM says - Invalid Flight plan. Shut down everything, checked FSC and double checked flight plan. No apparent problems. Tried again - same problem. Then, I added KBOS and CYHZ indiviually and when I check
  13. Volker......... Thanks. I had an idea the magnetic variations were out of date in FS but that yours and Navigraphs were up to date. By the way, I do have Aerosoft's Madrid Mega Airport. Regards, Jack
  14. Volker.............. The FSC Sid selection graphic shows data for Runway 14 L&R and 36 L&R, but nothing for 32L&R. These are the ILS runways. Just to make things a bit more confusing, the official Madrid charts list Runway 15 L&R and 33 L&R. In trying to make a flight plan starting at Madrid, there seems to be no way to have a Sid for 32 L&R (or 33 L&R). Is it possible to adjust this or is this a possible Navigraph problem? Jack Fentress
  15. Volker/Otto........... Just as I thought. I've done one test flight using the operational 7L/25R with no problems, but haven't tried the newer one - 7R/25L. Thanks for the response. Jack
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