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  1. Hi James, Trevor... Greetings, old fsuipc veterans back here with great new sim...:) returning from X-Plane/XPUIPC...thanks Peter/John for doing this...again... Torsten
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for your reply, did this already, no answer yet... Torsten
  3. Hi, I have a question concerning the PM internal offset 508 which is responsible to lit up the indicators in the 737 EICAS Start Valve open and Oil Bypass. Which FS offset or which condition sets it that the indicators will lit up ? Thanks a lot Torsten
  4. Ah OK I see, thanks a lot Pete... Torsten
  5. Hi, I can't find an offset for the transponder mode setting (Off, Standby, Mode C), I only found the offset for the squawk code... Is there no offset for it ??? Thanks Torsten
  6. Yes, I think they (PM) stopped it...:-((( so my idea is to make an interface which "looks" like FSUIPC from "outside". So as far that I understood, you don´t use the FS memory. You have your own "list, memory" for the variables ? So I have to build up a field with the index (offset). And at first I have to answer to the requests of the application (e.g. PM) with FSUIPC Ver. so and so...??
  7. Hi Peter, thanks for the answer... yes there is an SDK for X-Plane: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/index.html Torsten
  8. Hi, are there plans to develop an FSUIPC (XUIPC or "FSUIPC emulator") for X-Plane to make all the stuff compatible with it ? Is it possible with the SDK to develop something like this ? Thanks Torsten
  9. Hi Peter, thanks for your imediate answer. I will make the logfiles on the weekend. But one thing: I just reverted the client to 5.20, then it is fine. The server is still 6.221. The client also "blocks" or seems to be locked if there is no other application running. I tried the user timer also, but no success. Torsten
  10. Hi, sorry I posted the same in the PM forum but I think it was not the right one, so here again.... I am not sure if I have the same problem with widefs like it was discribed. But one thing alerted me. I have a very fast server too (P4 @ 3,6 GHz and 1 GBit LAN) connected via a 100 Mbit switch to a client (Athlon 2000+ 100 Mbit LAN). WideFS Version 6.221. What´s happening is: If I start only the wideclient everything is OK. Just in the moment the client connects with the server (starting the FS) the client "blocks" (Prozessor load jumps to 90-100 %, can`t move or minimize the window). If I stop the server (stop FS) everything is OK on the client again. I tried everything (changing values in wide*.ini e.g. WaitForNewData, NetworkTiming, etc) it changed only a bit. When it ran "a bit" the Rx and wx counter runs "jerky" and the GC shows me 5 as data rate. Looked in the log files (option debug) nothing special. What I could see is that the Server says that several clients are connected and the dataflow on the server is smooth and constant. If I start the client and server together you can see that the values for Rx and Tx are the same, but updated on the client only sometimes.. And now the interesting: If I am using a wide client version 5.20 everything is fine....(normal dataflow, GC running well,...) Any ideas Torsten
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