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  1. I have MT 6 working well in P3Dv4, with moving aircraft at all airports, installed or default, and all UK2000. With the exception of UK2k Bristol. Can you suggest which entry might be at fault. Traffic.bgl is off.
  2. I have successfully used the manual method to add MT6a as an "add-on". Thank you for whoever thought that out. However I get excellent static aircraft at all airports, but no moving aircraft at add-on airports EXCEPT the UK2000 Gatwick.FREE. Can anyone advise how I might adjust anything to overcome this problem.
  3. macca22au

    Out of the Blue

    My Traffic 6 has been working perfectly for some time. Then on a restart of P3Dv3 this occurred. I can see it signifies a total conflict as the list goes on forever! The Trafficaircraft bgl is marked off, so that shouldn't be a problem, and the aircraft textures within the game have names, and in My Traffic the textures are identified by numbers. Can this problem be resolved or should I uninstall MT6 and reinstall......
  4. I have FSC 9.5.1 bought from PC Aviator Aus, but they do not stock FSC 9.6 so when I download and install FSC9.6 from an alternative site I get the 'cannot save from an unregistered version', or similar. The unregistered version will not accept the PCAviator Aus reg code. My main problem is that when I Save in FSC 9.5 into PMDG 777 flightplans it is saved only as .pln and NOT .rte. Could you advise me how to correct my error, and... where can I find an upgrade to 9.6 without having to buy it again.
  5. Burkhardt, that was a pretty cold put down to your loving customers. You'll get around to it next year some time! In a free market I am tempted to say, whichever utility gets there first gets my money.
  6. But for those of us less confident, will My Traffic be releasing a new installer or patch?
  7. I had read the installation instructions, especially how to remove a previous version in the Manage Simobjects cfg. However, reading the instructions more carefully, I carried out the steps in the correct sequence. Now I have a fully functional installation. Thank you.
  8. After an earlier install, I uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled. But in the simobjects portion of the P3D2.5 cfg - as determined by the configurator, it gives me the old location of My Traffic, [Entry.9] Path="C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" Meanwhile I changed the path in the Appdata\...cfg to [Entry.9] Path="E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" BUT each time I go back to Manage Prepared v2; Manage Simobjects etc v2.5 or higher it still shows the C Path, and will not accept a change even with Save and Exit. It would seem that I have not been abl
  9. I also have the dilemma of not having any moving aircraft. I appreciate the detailed instructions above, they really do provide some compensation for the lack of an up-to date manual. I shifted all of the aircraft into sim objects and now they are being seen. But I note the Communicator under Manage Prepar3D v2, lists manage dll.xml. I show the contents of mine below. It has no entry relating to My Traffic. Should it have? and what should it be? There is no launch instruction for My Traffic. <?xml version="1.0"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> &
  10. All well, thanks after a reinstall, and no attempt to select one of the timetable choices. When I did try earlier it said the schedules required me to wait 5 minutes.... but the 5 minutes never ended! However I decided to set up at Gatwick to fly to Tegel. Plenty of static aircraft, and then movement began and aircraft taxied out. landed, but those landing on runway 8L at EGKK all stopped at the end of the runway, but were unable to taxi clear ... and were then 'disappeared' when the next aircraft came into land... then they too, got stuck at the end. It meant that the takeoff queue w
  11. Bought it, downloaded and I think incorrectly installed. I am one of those people who are happy with defaults. I have localised the MyTraffic Professional folder (but do I used the MyTraffic folder inside it? I use 2.5 so I have configured the simobjects cfg I have static aircraft, but no flying aircraft, I selected Spring 2015 schedule and I got the three stage batch file, but still nothing. I am 76, slow and grumpy.
  12. Is it polite to ask again? Has the RC passed the testers yet?
  13. Ian P, you sound as stern as your picture looks, however...............MyTraffic3D5.4 worked well in P3Dv2.1-4, it is in v2.5 that the compatibility errors arose because LM shifted two essential files to new locations. Many computer savvy simmers have worked out how to re-designate the Paths. Many not so savvy users have read that Burkhardt has MyTraffic 6, which resolves these path issues. out with the testers at the Release Candidate stage. Impatient as I am, the Release to Market shoiuld not be too far distant. So I wait, but one thing I have noted with Burkhardt, he makes c
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