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  1. I have a silly suggestion for trying P3d v4.2, you should restore default flight save from 4.2 and test that again. Im not sure, but when i re-saved my previous 4.1 flight in 4.2 and restarted P3D, the "stopped responding" goes away. You should try this too. I have latest FSUIPC file installed and all works fine.
  2. I have one Antonov plane..only model showing not the textures? I will check out and give information soon.
  3. Hi, and thanks for quick reply. I buyed that now and all works fine. Thank you for your team outstanding job. :)
  4. Hi, im going to update MyTraffic 2.0 to 2.1. The simmarket shows that i have to pay only 10,99 euros, but if i put the update to my shopping cart, the price is still 12,75euros. So how i can buy that only 10,99euros?
  5. Thank you Husain. I yesterday installed GAFINN finnish GA package and i like to see more that package GA traffic all over the Finland. GAFINN package makers are Mikko Maliniemi from DF2000 and that is nice Freeware GA package and includes realistic AFCAD's and GA traffic to Finland.
  6. Hi, id like to know how i can remove GA/Businessjet traffic from FS9?
  7. Maby the Continental Airlines paint. :roll:
  8. I don't have any errors in My Traffic 2k4. Works just fine. Thank You for this great add-on.
  9. My graphics card is Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro ViVo 256 GDDR-3.
  10. Id like to see USAF traffic in McConnell AFB(KIAB), Wichita, KS.
  11. If someone rework new Afcad file for KMCI, i think there should found more traffic after that. More Gates and Cargo parking areas needed.
  12. Here is one screenshot from Kansas City Intl. There is few PAI traffic planes too. I have to find better AFCAD file for MCI. Then i can see more traffic there. ;)
  13. I have Ati Radeon X800PRO ViVo with 256mb gddr-3 memory.
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