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  1. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    Here's an updated script to log subsets of LVARs. It allows you to filter LVARs based on the presence of one of several substrings, does periodic rescans of new/removed LVARs and is written in a bit more of a modular fashion. Right now it's set to log GSX and TFDi 717 FCP LVARs as an example, but you can do whatever you want with it. Cheers! LogLVars.lua
  2. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    I did some hacking around and it looks like the issue is slightly different - the window can be created but I'm not logging to it (even though I am to the log and they should occur together). I like the scripts because they give me a window into the LVARs being used and how their state changes, but I always need to hack up the raw versions since there are usually a lot of LVARs and I only care if a subset of them change (usually related to the aircraft/add-on I am reverse engineering). I'll see if I can modularlize the script a little and add some enhancements (filtering, rescanning of LVARs, etc) and then submit it back to you. I haven't learned a new language in a while. I suppose my brain needs some exercise. 😕 Appreciate your help! Cheers!
  3. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    It was already enabled. What's odd is that when I fire off this LUA script and it's supposed to be logging, I can't ALT-TAB easily out of the sim, it's like something is stealing back focus (maybe the errant window suppression code?) What's also interesting is that I can see all of the GSX menus without issue - would those be suppressed as well? Cheers!
  4. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    Sorry, what is the option name? I don't have MessageText in my INI. Cheers!
  5. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    Pete - is your log_lvars supposed to log to the sim window? I recall it doing so but the latest version I downloaded today with the installer does not appear to do so. I know it's being triggered correctly since it writes to the FSUIPC log. Is this expected? Here's the script and the log file. Cheers! Luke FSUIPC5.log log_lvars.lua
  6. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    Sorry... been busy a few days and I needed to pay closer attention here. For clarification (and this may confuse things...) I'm just using your LUA script as a debugging tool; I'm reading the LVARs via offsets and this is the use case I'm primarily concerned about. I think my next steps are to hack up spokes' LUA script to monitor the specific GSX LVAR, and then compare to what I'm doing via the offsets. Cheers!
  7. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    So if I am understanding you correctly (which is a big if, only on my second coffee), when I ask to read LVAR "foo", FSUIPC behind the scenes asks the simulator for the count of LVARs, then iterates through it until it finds the ID that matches "foo", then queries LVAR #{ID}. Each time? It never caches that mapping of names to IDs? (I mention only because that would match the behavior I see, and that iteration strikes me as rather slow and ripe for optimization). If so, if I read an LVAR that doesn't exist, I get a zero. If it subsequently gets created, then if there's no caching that's going on, I should be able to read it, but I cannot seem to for some reason. I just want to confirm what FSUIPC is doing, then I'll hack up your LUA scripts to filter down just the FSDT LVARs and see what's going on. (For some odd reason the script I have doesn't want to create an onscreen window in p3D v4.4). Cheers!
  8. Luke Kolin

    Cannot read LVAR correctly

    Thanks. Interestingly enough, the LVAR doesn't exist until I trigger the pushback. If I attempt to read an LVAR via an FSUIPC offset that doesn't exist, but is later created, is that nonexistence cached somewhere? Cheers!
  9. Please see http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=20579.0 Ordinarily I would say it's a GSX bug, but since Umberto has 100% confirmed that his software works correctly, it's obviously an FSUIPC bug where it reads every LVAR correctly except that specific one. Pete, since you appear to have GSX, would you be able to check whether that LVAR is being read correctly? I'm pretty confident FSUIPC can read and write LVARs correctly but I am not going to get anywhere with Umberto on my own. 😕 Cheers!
  10. Yes, it's a separate process. The sim is crashing, and then it's triggering this error message in the ACARS software when it tries to reconnect. Cheers! Luke
  11. That's an error generated by VABase because it lost its connection to the sim - it's pretty much impossible for it to cause the crash since it's running in a separate process. Cheers! Luke
  12. Luke Kolin

    Regarding FSUIPC5

    John already said how - turn on event logging and see what controls are sent when you toggle the button. Cheers!
  13. Luke Kolin

    Instant Replay and P3Dv4

    I have already worked around it in my code base (I think), but I'd strongly recommend populating 0628 from 3402 - one of the less touted virtues of FSUIPC from a developer's standpoint is that it abstracts away a fair number of sim-specific details and allows a cleaner code base from our perspective. Clearly you shouldn't twist yourselves into knots to maintain that common interface, but wherever you can with reasonable effort, you probably should. Cheers! Luke
  14. Luke Kolin

    Instant Replay and P3Dv4

    Thanks, John. Can you please revalidate 0628 in P3Dv4.4? It appears to remain zero even when in instant replay. I can switch to using 3402 in the worst case, but how will this offset operate in cases where the user has disabled PDK? Cheers! Luke
  15. Luke Kolin

    Mach number output

    What software is reading from FSUIPC and powering the display? Cheers!

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