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  1. The Installer appears to be contained in a ZIP file within a ZIP file, with the same name. Cheers!
  2. The offsets look fine, now that I have the correct format. Thanks! Cheers! Luke
  3. The numbers seem a little unusual, but it could be on my end. Can I assume that the lat/long are in the same format as 05B0 and 05B8? Cheers! Luke
  4. Many thanks! I'll give this a test over the next few days. Cheers Luke
  5. I am suspicious of the address. It looks like you inadvertently treating a variable storing a value as a pointer. Cheers! Luke
  6. Thanks. What (I think) I'm looking for is the Lat/Long/Alt of the eyepoint itself, rather than relative to the reference frame. Cheers!
  7. I believe I'm looking for the SimConnnect variable "EYEPOINT POSITION" - not sure if that is equivalent to what it was in FS9. Cheers! Luke
  8. Just a friendly bump so that we don't lose visibility of this. Is there anything else I can do to help with this? Cheers!
  9. Do you have the right encoding? These are 16-bit unicode characters IIRC. Cheers!
  10. Just for read, please - I believe the offset was used for this purpose before, it's just not available post-FS9. IIRC the data is available via SimConnect. Cheers! Luke
  11. An enhancement request - would it be possible to add offset 05B0 back into FSUIPC5? I believe there's a simconnect structure that allows one to read the position of the viewpoint, and it would be quite helpful to me. Cheers! Luke
  12. I've noticed it as well. In a shell the > character tells it to redirect output. I think you may find a file called "4000" in that directory. Cheers!
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