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  1. aeronauta

    RCBco-30 Carrier Ops

    Sorry Pete , I read Doug Dawson ..and then Peter Dawson in the credits and made the assumption.. you are credited for FSUIPC!!! as always , thank you for replying... Jorge
  2. Hi , I know this is an old program , but this is where Pete come in... Rob Barendgregt mention that Peter created the gauges for this set , the gauges in question are CarrierZones.gau a, and config.gau , as I am trying to use this in P3D V4 64bits , I find this .gau gauges do not work (32bits) , is there any chance that you Peter or Rob could recompile them or offer the source to do it??... P3D V4 is very hard to work with the simdirector , I can place any carrier (Nimitz , Charles de Gaulle and the like ) but do not operate the catapult.. I think a new COP-3 would do it.. Thank you Jorge
  3. Hi Pete thank you for the prompt reply, no the mouse look is not ticked and the mouse jumps to the corner when I hit space , also with mouse look ticked behaves the same.. for what is worth Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4038788) Jorge
  4. In P3D V4 if you press the spacebar to get the mouse to move the view point , the mouse cursor jumps to the 0/0 position on your monitor and becomes unusable ( although it moves and changes to a cross).. this happened right after the install of 5.12... replacin the .dll with 5.113 fixes the problem.. Jorge
  5. aeronauta

    Content Errors P3DV4 hotfix 1

    In answer to your first comment I refer to the SDK Content Error reporting.. "As a Prepar3D Solution Developer, it is essential to turn Content Error Reporting on while developing add-on content as every error or invalid implementation in content can slow down the overall program." On the subject of the error I commented out the entries in the F22 aircraftcfg for the defauylt F22 and sttill get the errors... //station_load.0 = 170.00, 0.0, 0.00, 0.00 //station_name.0 = "Pilot" //max_number_of_stations = 5 Jorge
  6. Just checking on progress , I would lijke the XboxOne integration as I am awaiting my Rift!!! Jorge
  7. Fabio I purchased your program , it works fine , but if I try to assign a device (my joystick or any other) for shortcut it does not work ( does not show the button ) in the window, , I select the Joystick in the choose device window, press Assign and it highlights then press the joystick button and nothing..press confirm and nothing... Jorge
  8. aeronauta

    New add-ons P3D 3.3.

    Thankyou Pete, I dont want to take any more of your tme, but the online sdk in the whats new v3.3 says Streamlined add on proccess and lists the add ons as I described it... also the Learning Centre in the V3.3 download has all the updated info as well. Thankyou. Jorge
  9. aeronauta

    New add-ons P3D 3.3.

    Thank you for your reply Pete, I have removed the dll.xml file from roaming and I never had one in prog Data, now I have all the dll's called and loaded by an xml file in a folder inside C:\Users\aero\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Add-ons\DLL_XML , The actual dlll files reside in its own folders somewhere else ( yours still in modules). And yes I chose to do it "because I can" :) I think that quote is not in my V3.3.17625 in the Add-ons section. As you know exe.xml and dll.xml were not default files in P3D, now this is the SDK way for LM to include all add ons.. Jorge
  10. Pete I have used the new add-ons function in P3D 3.3 and it sems to load OK. will you implement this in a future version , as if not the dll.xml will be updated and P3D will have two dll.s to load as I pointed the XML path to the modules folder .. Jorge
  11. I always thought you were ahead of your time ...but now I am convinced ... your FSUIPC.dll and SimConnectP3D.dll files have a Date Modified of 21-Feb-16.....after todays install 16-Feb-16 of 4.949f.. no problem.... Jorge
  12. aeronauta

    FSUIPC Linda Info for Pete

    Ah , thank you Pete , I will , it is interesting that I can reproduce it every time with no problems...and in this particular conditions... Will report it there , thank you for replying.. Jorge
  13. Pete I have just posted this in the Linda forum , just for your info... http://www.avsim.com/topic/456174-new-linda-267-released/?p=3369121 regards Jorge
  14. aeronauta

    Some help with LUA needed

    Sorry to beak in , but I found another editor that changed colour to green after a single quote, as in here after the don't at the end of the first instructions...and as you can see meant nothing... Jorge
  15. Now that I think about it, it has to be P3DV3 as it works OK in V2.5... Jorge

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