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  1. sorry Pete for my last unprecise post. I am dependend from fs9 so I am stuck to fsuipc 3.999. That is why I did this workaround by creating a tcpserver with fsuipc lib which is able to read fs9 data and stream it to my application by tcp. I don't need a constant update rate but I don't get more than 2 to 4 Hz update rate. The fsuipc read functions are blocking my whole program. That's why I was wondering if I can speed this up a little. Kind regards Maik
  2. hey Pete. Ich compiled everything in 64 bit but did not get it running. I checked pointes and variables, length .... you name. I did not find any solution. So back to basic I created a 32bit software which is now sending fsuipc data via local tcp port as tcp server to my software. So another question: what is the maximum frequency the data can be polled from the fsuipc interface. I constant update rate of 5 Hz for example is very desirable for me. Kind regards
  3. Hi. Since we all working on the same project I used to implement source and header files in such a manner that every user has to compile its own lib file. Anyway I just tried to check the UIPCHello64.exe with this response : IPC request contains bad data So is there really a bug on my side? If I start the UIPCHello.exe I get the "link established" message. Cheers Maik
  4. I just implemented your code and only get a few lines of code further. Now I got stuck at this line (IPCUser64 line 223 with dwError = 0 : if (dwError != FS6IPC_MESSAGE_SUCCESS) { *pdwResult = FSUIPC_ERR_DATA; // FSUIPC didn't like something in the data! return FALSE; }
  5. Hey Pete, how are you. Any news concerning the 64-bit Version. Maik
  6. Alright, looking forward to get it Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey Pete Thanks for that information. I have managed to to create my own lib based on VS2014 with a 64bit compiler. I have attached a screenshot where I get stuck. The exception occurs in the FSUIPC_Process method. Maybe you can comment this since I don't have any glue how to debug this. Just a remark, I changed the file-maping object creation to // create the file-mapping object m_hMap = CreateFileMapping( (HANDLE)0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, // use system paging file NULL, // security PAGE_READWRITE, // protection 0, MAX_SIZE+256, // size szName); // name
  8. Hi I am using the fsuipc c code and the libs for years. We had to upgrade our software to 64bit system with the use of VS2015. Since this fsuipc doesn't work. Is a 64bit usage of the sdk even possible? What items have to be changed kind regards Maik
  9. Hi there, I'd like to change the position as well as bank, pitch and roll angles of the aircraft. I managed to write the desired angles but I cann't change Lat/Lon/ Alt There is this remark [Can be written to move aircraft: in FS2002 only in slew or pause states]. Does this mean at can be written only to FS2002 OR only in slew mode in FS2002 meaning does it work in FS2004 at all. Heres is the code I used in C++ void FS9WriteInterface::writeLatitudeDeg(double latDeg) { long long Latitude; DWORD dwResult; Latitude = latDeg /90.0 * (10001750.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0); if (FSUIPC_Write(0x0560, 8, &Latitude, &dwResult)) { FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); } } Cheers Maik
  10. thx, I found it out late last night by my self using char instead of int and 1 byte I wasn't quiet aware of the datatypes
  11. Hi Pete. After several weeks of work everything works just fine. Now I wanted to pick up the localizer and glideslipe needle (0x0C48 and 0x0C49) . Anyhow I cannot say if the needle is left or right. The figures a changing with the displacement from the centerline. here is my current code double FS9Interface::readLocalizer() { DWORD dwResult; _int32 loc; if (FSUIPC_Read(0x0C48, 4, &loc, &dwResult)) { FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); cout << loc << endl; cout << loc/(65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0 * 65536.0) << endl; return loc; } return 0; } no matter what size and datatype I use, the outcome does not seem to make sense. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. actually I wanted to set up a usal c/c++ project not as win 32 api. so i find it quite confusing that there is a example as winapi given. it's very challinging for beginners in programing to figure out all the interactions between c, c++ and winapi specific settings, libs and includes. I still can not get a small fsuipc program running. Are there any useful tutorials?
  13. Hi there, I'd like to read out the position and the attitude with FSUIPC. I already read through the SDK examples. I am also kind of new in programing big projects. What I use is a C/C++ code with VS2010. I made several attemps to get the UIPCHello example compiled but VS says that there is is Linker error LNK unresolved ... to external symbol "_imp_wsprintfA" in "_FSUIPC_Open" in file IPCuser.obj. Is this a major linking error or a VS2010 related error. I set under "Project Properties" additional dependencies to FSUIPC_User.lib and I also use the VS2010 version of FSUIPC_User.lib Is there a tutorial to set up a visual project for fsuipc? Thanks in advance
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