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  1. Hi Tim, please contact: https://aerosoft-shop.com/support.php?c5c06ee0f5e Regards, Volker
  2. Hi Anonymus, please read first viewtopic.php?f=155&t=71055 Regards, Volker
  3. Hi Ken, have you download the latest "Full version: FSC83.ZIP" and have you install this version as an adminstrator (please read: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=66110 ) There are some user and betatester working with OS Vista 64 and haven't reported any problem. The latest install routine don't contain no OLE2.DLL. Regards, Volker
  4. Hi Mike, the problem is, I can't verify your problem. Is there no way to make a screenshot from the situation you can show me??? Regards, Volker
  5. Hallo Florian, lese Dir mal folgendes Announcement durch: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=66110 Die Tatsache das Du glaubst der Administrator zu sein, reicht nicht. Der FSCommander muss als Administrator installiert werden. (rechter Mausklick auf das Install Programm und Mausklick auf (Als Administraor ausführen) Gruss Volker P.S. ???
  6. Hallo Peter, dann habe ich auch keine Lösung. Der AITraffic wird dem FSCommander per FSUIPC zur Verfügung gestellt und wir stellen ihn lediglich dar. Hast Du schon mal mit den Einstellungen in der FSUIPC -> Miscellaneous -> Limit TCAS range Wert auf 40nm setzen. Einfach mal ausprobieren. Gruss Volker
  7. Hallo Peter, welche FSUIPC Version? Gruss Volker
  8. Hallo Peter. lese bitte zuerst das Announcement: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=71055 Gruss Volker
  9. Hi Derek, thank You for the information. Please read viewtopic.php?f=155&t=73640 Regards, Volker
  10. Hi Mike, You can't only highlight the FS X folder, you must doubleclick on this folder on the left side of the Database Manager window to activate the FS X folder. Regards, Volker
  11. Hi Jan, the trigger to close the flightplan is, we get the message from the FSUIPC that the wheels on ground and the speed is below 50 knots. Regards, Volker
  12. Hi Garry, we can't verify this problem on different PC. In this case please send following information to my e-mail adress which you find at the bottom on our homepage. 1) ScreenShot from the moment where you save the flight plan, to show me the path 2) following files: FSC_Info.LOG, FSC_Protocol.log, fsc.ini which you find in the FSCommander main folder. Regards, Volker
  13. Hi John, FSCommander does not have any influences on the Framerate, particularly not, if the program runs on another PC. Regards, Volker
  14. Hi John, please read: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=72853&p=449743&hilit=networkconfig#p449743 Regards, Volker
  15. Hi Martin, please send following files from your main PC and from your second PC : FSCDBM_FS10.LOG to my e-mail adress, which you find at the bottom on our homepage. Regards, Volker
  16. Hi Jean-Pierre, please send following file (FSC.INI) to my e-mail adress which you find at the bottom on our homepage. The Wilco/FeelThere Serie using the standard format of the flight simulator. Just save your flight plan direct into the flight simulator by using the button go directly to FS flight plan directory. Regards, Volker
  17. Hi Derik, please send an e-mail with following information to my e-mail adress which you find at the bottom on our homepage. 1. the complete path where you have Sb4 installed 2. the FSC.INI file Regards, Volker
  18. Hi Joerg, Yes I have the time, but I do not sit 24 hours in front of my PC, because there are some other things to do. Please send the flight plan, created by the other program to my e-mail adress, which you find at the bottom on our homepage. Regards, Volker
  19. Hi Brenny, .That's NOT FSCommander, thats windows. You cant get more then one focus on a PC. At the moment where FSCommander download the Ivao data, FSCommander get the focus. Regards, Volker
  20. Hi Brenny, have you read the manual, chapter 1.2 Installation, section Important: You should bear in mind? Regards, Volker
  21. Hi Derick, have you select and setting the valid folder for SquawkBox and have you given all the rights so that FScommander has access to this folder on Vista? Regards, Volker
  22. Hi John, Your observations were correct and my statement were wrong, please excuse me. The program should not examine the path if only the box for FSCommander/FlightSimulator is activated. I have made a mistake while written the source code. This will be fixed inside the next update. Anyway, it's allways a good idea that the user setting the path for the flight simulator in Windows > Option > Flight plan. Regards, Volker
  23. Hi Clive, Why not, just try it. Mark the Departure airport, press the button High Alt Plan (the button will not bite you) and FSCommander creates the first part of the route from Dep. AP to the first waypoint of the selected NAT. Now mark the last waypoint of the selected NAT and press the Button again andthat's it. Regards, Volker
  24. Hi Clive, ... You can download the current manual on our website (for free) Please read chapter 17, page 80 -> 81. Regards, Volker
  25. Hi John, You have, but I see that there is a missunderstanding what the Save/Load windows is doing for you. If you have activate more then one box on the right side of the window, (for example LevelD or PMDG) then Flightsim Commander want to save the flight plan for all this selections you have made. In this case the error message appears, because, you have not setting the path for your Flight Simulator, so that Flightsim Commander can't find a valid folder. Solution, just deactivate all other selections or make your settings for your Flight Simulator under Window->Options-> Flight plan. You find the current manual on our website with the following link: http://www.fscommander.com/files/fscmanual_english.zip Regards, Volker
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