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  1. Hello Pete, My apologies to bother you with a problem. I am a registered user of FSUIPC and I have a new problem since I installed the update 4.5 of P3D. The problem is that the throttle and the propeller pitch of the Saitek Quadrant moves together with the Ailerons, also when trying to re-calibrate it withing FSUIPC. I have been trying for days to solve this without finding the solution. Latest FSUIPC update has been installed. Windows 10 P3D 4.5 FSUIPC 5.151 All registered. Could you please help? Many thanks. Kr, Enrico
  2. Hi Guys, I am using FSUIPC 5 and today I installed the new FS2Crew for P3Dv4. As expected, I am running into problems unfortunately. So, after installing and configuring FS2Crew for P3Dv4, FSUIPC 5 is not keeping the profile saved for the same plane. Which means I have to select the profile each time I run the same plane. Any idea what or where the problem could be? Thanks in advance for your kind help and feedback. Kr, Enrico
  3. I am very sorry for the misunderstanding Pete. I just bought the new key at simMarket and it's working perfectly. So, issue resolved.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply and support Pete. I think there is a misunderstanding here. Because my question was if "it does work" And the answer was "yes". So, I was assuming that indeed "it does work". And there was no need to buy a new license. But from your lastest reply, it looks like there is indeed the need to buy a new license. So, I got a little bit confused... If you say that I need to buy a new license, that will be not a problem for me. Because is an excellent product and I am very happy with it. Kr, Enrico
  5. Thanks Volker for your answer. The reason why I did a new post is because unfortunately I am still not able to register the new version. I have only been able to register WideFS, so that's ok. But I am not allowed to register FSUIPC 5 on my P3Dv4 My FSUIPC 4 is working perfect. I have attached the Install log just in case. It is giving an error at the end. I hope this can help you find out what the problem could be. Thanks again in advance for your help. Kr, Enrico FSUIPC5 Install.log
  6. Thanks for the quick reply and apologies for the mistake. I will publish it on the Support Forum then because my registration is not working with version 5, it says this key is not valid.
  7. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM! Hi Guys, Does anyone knows if FSUIPC 4 license does work with Version 5? Because the license I have it is not accepted by P3Dv4... Do I need to buy a new license for Version 5 ? Thanks in advance for your help. Enrico
  8. Thanks Pete and my apologies for the wrong posting, I am new at the Forum. My mistake.
  9. Hi Guys, Just a short question. Is it possible to create a Throttle Manual setup, in order to configure it for less than Throttle 10 Because the selection Throttle 10 goes up to 30% of Thrust. And Throttle 10 is the minimum you can select in the Controls drop down list. Thanks in advance for the comments. Kr, Volador.
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