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  1. Yes Pete your are correct I mean scenarios and not profiles, I did mix them up. I actually don't use profiles in FSUIPC. At least not as far as I am aware. I will send you the FSUIPC if you still want to have a look at it when nest I power up the sim. Thanks, Michael.
  2. Hi Pete, I fly only one aircraft Prosim737 (Flight Model). I'll program my eg: joystick (steering tiller) fly then when I come back in a day or two the joystick buttons that I programmed are gone (reset). I do have profiles for different airports which I use to load gate pos'n and radios tuned; do you mean that if I programmed a button/switch for a particular airport (profile) and then load another airport by profile that the buttons I just programmed for the other profile would not be there? Regards, Michael.
  3. Hi; On more than one occasion I have experienced FSUIPC reset randomly buttons that were previously programmed. Any idea what might be causing this to happen? Thanks.
  4. Pete, I was copying the the programs path from shortcuts, and some of them included quotes in the line which I did not take notice of. I made the correct entries this time, and all is working well once again. Thanks for the enlightenment and guidance. Michael.
  5. Yes Pete, correct; I entered by mistake an quotation mark in the line - G:\ProSim737ProSim737.exe"
  6. Oh dear, silly me. I didn't notice that. Again, thanks and I'll report further.
  7. No I didn't, and will do so next. I will send this on my next reply. FSUIPC didn't/couldn't start Prosim so I did that myself, so maybe that was the cause of the error#12. I check again. I will look further into this. Thanks.
  8. Hi John, I removed all the programs except for Prosim737 and I am still getting the error after shutdown of P3D. I have attached the log file for your perusal. Thanks. FSUIPC6.log
  9. Hello John, I am using Prosim737 and use FSUIPC to start Opencockpits SIOC, Prosim737 MCP and Prosim737. Not sure which one (or if all) is the culprit. I suspected it might have been that. Thanks very much for the reply. Michael.
  10. Hi, I am getting this error message (see attached) after shutting down P3Dv5.1 using FSUIPC to start/close three programs. Thanks, Michael.
  11. How is this exclusion done, as this is where I believe the problem lies; in the default scenery. How does one create and exclusion in an add-on? Thanks Pete.
  12. Hi Pete, is their a way to use the runway exclusion in makerunways.exe to exclude a runway at a specific airport? I am asking this since RAAS calls out runways no longer in use or existing at some airport scenery. Many thanks.
  13. Why do I get this error message every time I shutdown P3Dv4.3. Only recently started happening. Thanks,
  14. Here's the link Pete, I guess I misunderstood the post - https://prosim-ar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=15017#p106191 Thanks, Michael.
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