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  1. I am not going to over-worry about this any more: as long as I can find an active RW and punch it into my FMS I will find a way to get wheels on the ground. These discrepancies are just another little niggle that I will have to work around. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. Thank you guys for joining in and clearing up my doubts. Would I be correct in thinking that a possible solution for the out-of-date FS data would be to make FSC read from the same source as the AFcads - the scenery file. Even if the scenery were not regularly updated (as is suggested about UK2000) at least it would mean that the data would be in synch. If this were so then I wonder why FSC was not made that way - but of course I may be off the mark there.
  3. Sorry Volker but nothing you said answers any question, not really. I dont understand why you are mentioning FS9 data. Does FSC get its data from FS or from the installed Airac? The Airac is 11.13. The data presented on the map differs from the data presented in the Sid/Star box. That suggests to me that the map and the Sid/Star list get their data from different sources. Is that right? Is that why you mention FS9 data?
  4. XP Sp3 / FS9.1 / FSC 8.6 and same Db / FSUIPC / WideFS EGLC UK2000 demo - the map shows runways 10 and 28 and the Sid/Star dropdown shows 09 and 27.. Why is this?
  5. Thank you Volker. Its actually such a simple and obvious cause/solution that I should have thought of it myself. Regards, Nicholas
  6. Following a clean FS9 re.install I decided to try FSC 9.1 to see if I could justify spending $ to upgrade from 8.6. I made a separate install, leaving my 8.6 untouched. I ran the FS9 database correctly and the install appears to be fine. However, when opening the program it says that the FSX path and database is incorrect., and the program closes.
  7. I am absolutely certain that I had Sid & Stars for Fly Tampas VHHX but now the box is blank. I have the floowing info for FS9 and aircraft: -"VHHX.txt" procedure file -WPNAVAPT.TXT Hong Kong VHHX31 10930316 22.304401 114.216064109.9031600015 Hong Kong VHHX13 10930136 22.324850 114.193176111.9013600015 - Airports.dat VHHX-22.316667 114.203333 but I have nothing for FSC. What do i need? thanks Nicholas
  8. I habe another question about the 4x packs available on Simarket. Are the continents included in each pack separate installers? Can I install just the continents I want or are they an all-in-one installer? What I want is FScene texture on one or two continents, and other textures in other places, so that "my world" looks different in different places.
  9. Can you please explain if the textures for FS9 included in the the 4X packs are NEW for FS9 or the original FS9 FScene textures. I was looking at the product page on Simarket and wasnt sure. Thanks
  10. v8.6 on WideFS I know its in the manual somewhere but I just cant find it: how to turn off Checkpoint Ding and stop FSC popping up in front of my other programs when crossing a checkpoint. Thanks.
  11. I am grateful for your reply but I dont see the connection between the post reporting RunTime Erros and mine. But if you say so I will "download Revision 2" but I would be grateful if you would tell me Revision 2 of what, and from where. Thank you Nicholas
  12. FS2004 FSUIPC 3,98 FSC v8.6 Download XP Navigraph 1104 gives me Sid Star for SBFZ for PMDG/LVLD etc: I have exactly the same database installed in FSC but no Sids Stars for SBFZ show in the Select box. (Whether there are others "missing" from FSC I dont know - I havent checked.) How come the same database gives different results, and how can I include SBFZ (and others) in FSC? Thanks
  13. Hello Peter I have been using the CH yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant calibrated with FSUIPC since 2004 without problems but over the last week or so I am experiencing problems with the Elevator axis that manifests in some payware aircraft but not in others. In the Axis Assignment page I see in the "set minimum change here" boxes about 50% of the range of the numerical values - approx -16384 to approx 8448 but in the the Axis Calibration page in the boxes under the Reset button page I see no numerical change at all: throughout the full back and forth movement of the yoke the numbers shown
  14. The reason for the short runtime is that this was the third time I had not gained a connection and I ran it in order to produce the logs - nothing else - so yes, I was impatient and jolly cross. "Why is your heading "Address family not supported by protocol family"? You aren't using the IPX protocol are you? In current Microsoft operating systems that protocol is optional. You'd need to explicitly install it if you wanted to use it." I have no idea "why". I recently had an OS reinstall by a qualified tech so perhaps he put it there unbeknownst to me. Is it wrong, or just unnecessary? That
  15. Good day Peter WideFS was working fine then after a few days away I get no connection: ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.78] ********* Blocksize guide = 4096 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 09/06/10, Time 10:40:54.109: Server name is SERVER 100546 Initialising TCP/IP server 100562 Initialising IPX/SPX server 100562 IPX/SPX socket() failed [Error=10047] Address family not supported by protocol family 100562 Failed to start IPX/SPX Server 100562 Initialising UDP/IP server 102078 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 111625 Restarting service due to total lack o
  16. Im sorry for my mistake: It reads IP:0100 then OP version 3.98 I recently had a pro tech guy run a Memtest and it came back clean. Sending runways.txt now. Thanks.
  17. Tried to run MakeRwys and got this dialogue: 16bit MS-DOS Subsystem MakeRwys.exe The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction OS: 0f 47 IP OP: f0 47 89 69 62 This is on XP Sp3, FS9.1, following an OS reinstall leaving FS on another drive. Thanks Nicholas
  18. Using the latest version with the new Profile option, I´m afraid I got carried away and set various parameters (rudder, brakes, gear and the like) as Profile for the aircraft loaded at that time, when they should really be global settings. How can I undo the Profile checkbox and make these settings "all aircraft"? Regards Nicholas
  19. Following an XP reinstall, leaving FS9 as was on another HD, I have most things working except FSUIPC. Leaving everything in FS9 as per the previous setup I sucessfully re-registered FSUIPC and WideFS but get no response at all from my CH hardware. The .Dll is there, the .ini file is there. Then I began to mess things up by downloading and installing the latest version (with its self-installer) but still it didnt pick up my .ini file. I now have my original .Dll there still with no luck, and I am not looking forward to reprogramming all my payware aircraft. (I have reluctantly begun this
  20. At least one - perhaps two - zoom values between 10 and 50.
  21. Version bought on 20 Feb 2007, updated 29 August 2008 - and this explains the error: I was trying to register using the email of the original purchase, instead of the email of the the update. I have now successfully registered FSC on my second machine. Thank you. Nicholas.
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