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  1. Double check your calibration & settings. They should not change in FSUIPC once set. I doubt it has anything to do with FSUIPC and everything to do with a/c weight, flap & trim settings, air temp/pressure, wind speed/direction, etc. *It could be a failing stick/yoke, you'll need to expand info & do some testing. Does it do the same if you use FS calibration and axis set up.
  2. I'm using the same pedals, with FSUIPC only. Working great. -fsuipc rudder response curve to -4 -For Windows settings in Game controler properties for Pedals, I set a very small dead zone. I noticed the rudder twitching slightly when using external views There are no marks or numbers to set by in there, but I'd say 2mm from center.
  3. Simple macro for the default F-18 refueling Probe. Credit goes to Rotohub66. [Macros] 1=L:switch_probe_refuel=TOG How To: *create a new text document (notepad). *copy as is, the above & paste it into the new text doc. *save it as F18probe.mcro *place the file in your fsx/modules folder anywhere. You'll see it in your assignment dropdown list in FSUIPC & can assign a button to it.
  4. ok that header is a little over stated :blink: After 30+ yrs of pc flight, I finally switched from a stick, to a yoke & TQ's. (keeping the stick as I'm a warbird flyer at heart, miss Fight Ace! but I fell in love w/ the Barron) Bought a backlit "clicky" keyboard to ease up on the squinting & audibly confirm the keypress. Installed FSUIPC & registered it. Spent the greater part of Sunday tinkering and learning, but now I have a fantastic 2 engine setup w/ detent button rev thrust (not on the barron 58 o'course), detent button prop feather, the best calibration software I've ever come across..... I could go on & on as you all know! Thank you Pete, your effort, time and skill, are very much appreciated. Glenn
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