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  1. 80 knots! Positive rate! (answered)

    Well done you! Got it...a bit of tweaking in the aircraft.cfg file and the FSC aircraft menu and now I have it on each one that was missing :) Thanks again. Have the rest of the weekend off... Ken ;)
  2. 80 knots! Positive rate! (answered)

    Hi Volker - thanks for the quick reply :) So that should mean any of the aircraft reaching RadioAlt > 149 and VertSpeed > 200 when FSC is running and with a flight plan loaded should give the audio... My main departure would be from EGNM (Leeds/Bradford) with any of the jet aircraft flying at 2000 fpm vertical speed yet only the TDS 737s and POSKY Airbus are giving the call-out. No sound at all from the Lear, EMB-140/190... in fact I do not "fly" any aircraft with a vertical speed of less than 500 fpm. Very strange! Thanks anyway. Ken ;)
  3. Good day, Volker :) Running: 1: P3Dv4.1.7.22841 2: FSUIPC v5.122 (registered) 3: Network - No 4: FSC & Db v9.7 - build 26 July 2017 5: Navigraph - 1802 6: Aerosoft download 7: Windows-10 Home 64bit 8: Three monitors. I have the boxes ticked for "80 knots" and "positive rate" in the "Display Tab" which work/sound in some (TDS 737s and POSKY A320s for example) but not all of my installed aircraft - all freeware ported over from FSX-SE but which perform equally as well in P3D4. Is there some essential file missing from those aircraft that do not give the voice activation? Or some other activation required within FSC per aircraft? Pleased that my FSC continues to perform with P3D4 without any glitches so far! Thanks in anticipation of a simple successful suggestion :) Ken ;)
  4. I had exactly this issue after installing UT Tropical America and Carribean...(UT TAC)... Looking at the FSC map 89 airfields within this software showed the code THREE times - TAPA TAPA TAPA... Contact with the UT forum gave the answer that the UT software is giving "much more accurate elevation detail" etc, etc. The option was to go into the UT menu and disable the fields that showed multiple entries - that's how I know there were 89 of them :cry: Disabling these 89 UT entries thereby using only the FSX data resolved the issue so that I was able to obtain/make my flight plans and surprise, surprise did not show any odd elevation issues on the fields themselves. UT say the same issue is there in UT Alaska but with only a small number of fields involved - I am about to boot up the FSC map to identify the multiple entries as above and avoid similar issues if and when I fly in Alaska :mrgreen:
  5. CH Yoke: I have assigned buttons 2, 3 and 4 (right-hand horn) for FS keyboard commands; button 2 = Shift + P (pushback) button 3 = 1 (swing tail to left) button 4 = 2 (swing tail to right)...... So far so good! This works fine until Radar Contact is active when the commands 1 and 2 are used by RC for their menu and, therefore, only the pushback facility is available. I deactivated the above buttons from the FSX\Options\Controls function. Page 30 of the manual, bullet point #2 inferrs that the above FSUIPC settings (Buttons) would operate "outside" of the RC requirements - or am I reading this wrong? Any comments and an expert eye would be appreciated. Thanks. KH.
  6. Missing waypoint ASTUR

    Volker, just to keep you informed... I posted on NaviGraph and this is their reply... I have passed the detail to my VA for their attention. Thanks for your time. Ken.
  7. Greetings, Creating a plan using a route string from my VA gave me a huge discrepancy in total nm. - 13,782 instead of 688! LEST ASTUR UM190 VES UM30 QPR UN472 REVTU UP87 DOMUT UL980 KATHY EGSS Checking on Google gave me two wp's ASTUR - one in the Phillipines at N10, E123. The one I need is at N43-13.6, W7-21.36 in Spain. Obviously I was able to spot the discrepancy and remove ASTUR which then corrected my nm. Just drawing it your attention - no major problem - but curious as to why it would be missing. Ken. 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC v4.53 3. FS Commander and Database Manager version used - 8.6 4. Aerosoft version 5. Operating System XP-Home/SP3
  8. ILS anomaly LPPR

    AF2_LPPR.BGL File posted as requested. Thanks, Ken.
  9. ILS anomaly LPPR

    Good morning Volker, Have run the DBManager again as requested...same result as shown... Airport information as shown... The only add-on for this area is a freeware by Toni Agramont.... Name: portufsx.zip Size: 31,782,416 Date: 10-05-2007 Downloads: 2,159 FSX Scenery--Portugal, intended for VFR flying. Adapts the author's previous scenery to FSX. Some of the big airports are photoreal. By Toni Agramont. This scenery is shown as Area 1490 - 154 in the log that I am sending to you as instructed. BTW - there are no issues with LPPT which would be covered with the above add-on. Thanks for your time and effort. Ken.
  10. ILS anomaly LPPR

    Hi guys, thanks for the response but for whatever reason I don't have your detail.... My screenie below......... I have had FSC for a while now and have always updated via Aerosoft when required. Would it have any benefit if I were to uninstall my current version and install again? Because the initial purchase was through Aerosoft would that work? An intriguing conundrum................ BTW - the flight plan was created through a route-string from my VA (Fly UK). Regards, Ken.
  11. ILS anomaly LPPR

    Greeting to all fellow flyers, Transiting Spain enroute for LPPR (Porto) I clicked the GPS gauge\ILS and read "No ILS data available". Moving to the airport LPPR on the map I can see ILS feather (one only) with the detail "Cat II ILS/DME 17 PR 171(degrees) PR109.90" Note: no indication of glide-slope altitude. On approach I was unable to lock on to the localiser and/or fly the glide slope. I tried this several times with an approach of 2000 feet onto the ILS feather in order to capture from below. Could somebody try this approach for me and advise if it is just me - or - is there a minor glitch somewhere. Is there an ILS capability at LPPR? An ILS feather is shown on the FSX map with a VOR. My FSCDb is completely up-to-date. System: FSX/SP1/SP2; FSCv8.5\Aerosoft; AIRAC 0904; XP/SP3; FSUIPC v4.4 Regards to all, Ken.
  12. Two Monitors connected to one computer

    No problem, Jonathan :D That's why we're all here - to help one another :oops: Enjoy the experience - then go and buy another monitor or a projector or..... :roll:
  13. Request for next version

    I posted on this issue quite some time back................ a drag-and-drop option which was considered to be a good idea by the boffins at FSC :mrgreen: But I love all the updates in the interim period :D
  14. Two Monitors connected to one computer

    I am using XP/SP3 though I suspect Vista will operate in the same way :twisted: Connecting your two monitors to the same video card is simple................. Connect the cables; When the PC is running - right click on the screen - choose "Properties" from the drop-down window; Click the tab "Settings" - you will see both monitors represented in the window - then choose "Advanced"............. Click on the tab for your video card (eg: GeForce 9800GT) From the side window select "View Display Settings" and in the main window alongside "View Display Mode" click into the bar to show the drop-down window and select "Dual View"................... In the section of the window showing your two monitors select which one you want to be the "Primary Display" and tick the box. The monitors will be shown as 1 and 2....................... You can drag the monitors round the window to replicate the position you want them to be in - so that left is on the left and right on the right :lol: Click "Apply" and away you go :roll: Now you can start FSC and drag it across to your second monitor (must be in windowed mode) and enjoy the moving map etc while FS is running (also in windowed mode) on your "Primary". Enjoy 8)