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  1. FYI I have done a couple tests with 5101g. All seems good. No Errors in the log. Excellent!!!! Thank you very much Pete.
  2. I'd be happy to do any testing you like Pete
  3. Can I do anything else to help at this point?
  4. To answer about the axis movements- maybe I believe that is from my axis being a few years old and maybe a bit dirty (One of thr reasons FSUIPC is GREAT it smooths out most of that) PS - even though I downloaded your 5101e zip the log still says 5101d. I double checked
  5. hmmmm. im on windows 8.1 no idea if that helps
  6. I tried 5101e and still issue remains. here is the log file with the 3 logging options on. FSUIPC5.log FSUIPC5.ini
  7. here is my ini file you requested. I tried a couple things. I unplugged my Saitek throttle quadrant and cleared the spoiler and flap calibration in fsuipc just to see if the spoiler axis was causing the issue. Still errors. Then I plugged the Saitek quadrant back in recalibrated in fsuipc and unchecking all filter boxes in the profile specific calibration tab in fsuipc. still errors. Now going to try 5101e FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  8. Morning Pete. I know I wasn't real clear and may have mis spoke about the axis stuff. I have the axies assigned in p3d. Then I only calibrated in fsuipc checking filter on every axis I calibrated. I will in check the filter option and try again. Then I will try the updated 5101e
  9. So the next flight I loaded the default V4 flight changed aircraft to the kingair and quick take off. The first climb out went good no problems (key part I think is there was no axis calibration done on the kingair) the last log was from a tds 737 after doing a profile specific axis calibration for my 737-MAX preferences. Then I exited p3d v4 and 10 minutes later did the exact same thing. Started sim with default flight and switched to the KingAir. Then did a profile specific axis calibration for the kingAir. Then did a quick take off. Problems started at about 2000 ft when I
  10. Correct. Automatic download. So I did a bit more testing. since the last log file I sent all I did was start pc today and start p3d v4 in flight at 10000. What I notice this time is only a few autopilot writes don't work but also the spoiler armed error is coming from my Saitek throttle quadrant y axis not the app which is assigned in the axis section of fsuipc. The autopilot write error are writes from FSS MCP/EFIS. Heres the log file FSUIPC5.log
  11. I will do more test in a bit. See if I can help more.
  12. No I didn't. But I was using them. A basic quick startup and take off from active rwy. Sorry for the delay. My day job gets in the way sometimes. Lol
  13. No. Only when you operate things from the app. Reads are in a run loop
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