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  1. Pete The Exception 25 errors only appear when a Aerosoft Airbus A3XX Pro series aircraft is being loaded. Once loaded in P3D the errors no longer appear. The Aerosoft CRJ does not and I will need to check other aircraft. As stated by aua668 it has no effect on operations - there is no action required. I am using 5.153.
  2. Thank you Peter. I am also using P3Dv4.5, Aerosoft A320 Pro and, obviously, LINDA. I am seeing similar Exception 25 errors from 2 other of my users.
  3. What debug setting causes multiple Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION to be logged in FSUIPC5.LOG? 118375 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 305, Index param -1 on read AddData for "BLEED AIR SOURCE CONTROL" 118375 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 306, Index param -1 on read AddData for "APU GENERATOR SWITCH" 118406 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 319, Index param -1 on read AddData for "GENERAL ENG FAILED:1" 118406 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 320, Index param -1 on read AddData for "GENERAL ENG FAILED:2" 118438 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 333, Index param -1 on read AddData for "FUEL TANK LEFT MAIN LEVEL" 118438 Exception 25 "ILLEGAL_OPERATION", Ref 334, Index param -1 on read AddData for "FUEL TANK LEFT MAIN CAPACITY"
  4. Thank you the size clarification. This has solved the issue I was having.
  5. One more question. Is the a size/length limit for the .MCRO filename or the macro tags?
  6. Thanks Pete. I have checked for the correct file and macro names. For example, with the same macro in 2 different files, I changed the ipc.macro call to refer to each file. One works the other doesn't.
  7. I have been working with mouse macros with FSUIPC 5.152. It appears that only one .MCRO file can be used using LUA ipc.macro("test: button1"). Any reference to another .MCRO file is ignored (ie. ipc.macro("other: button2")). Thisappears wrong as why would be able to refer to other macro files. It also appears that .MCRO file(s) are only loaded when FSUIPC is restarted with P3D. Is there a way of forcing a .MCRO reload without restarting P3D.
  8. Hi John Those users with the VRi Combo problem who have got back to me confirm that the special build 515i provides a workable solution to their power spike issue. I recommend that the VRIDisableCMDRST switch be incorporated into the baseline. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi John Thank you for the latest 5.15i. It works as expected with the expected VRI commands being sent (lines 265-672) and now reads all inputs from the panel. I will report back when my users have had a chance to test it. Many thanks. FSUIPC5.log
  10. Hi John The VRI Combo 2 panel normally receives a CMDRST to initialise the display. Testing using other tools (VRSIM.exe and an app I have been working on) have shown that for several users the reset and flashing of the lights is causing the disconnect of the comport. The panel does not respond to inputs or output button/knob inputs until it is connected using CMDCON. With 515h and 515i no CMDCON is logged (see FSUIPC5-515i-CMDRST-Yes.log). When everything is working, we see CMDRST (to be disabled) followed by CMDCON (up to 5 times). If the CMDCON is accepted, FSUIPC normally sends CMDFUN and CMDVER to get the panel type and firmware version (see FSUIPC5-515i-CMDRST-No.log lines 54657-54985). I agree that the panel PSU may be a cause. All the issues have been reported by new purchasers of the VRI Combo 2 panel. I still think it is related to Win10 updates but I cannot determine a common factor. Many thanks Andrew FSUIPC5-515i-CMDRST-Yes.log FSUIPC5-515i-CMDRST-No.log
  11. Thank you John for confirming the typo. The 5.15h build with the ability to prevent the CMDRST command has worked in isolating the power spike to the VRI Combo panels. However, the changes you did are stopping the subsequent CMDCON (sent up to 5 times) and the CMDFUN and CMDVER being sent. It is only the CMDRST command that needs to be switched off. Also FSUIPC may no longer be reading data from the comport when the Could you check your code and advise? UPDATE: with the switch set to yes, no inputs from the comport and panel are being received.
  12. Hi John/Pete The requested test build 5.150h is helping but the fsuipc5.ini switch keeps resetting itself negating its use. I have myself inserted the switch and set it only to find it he setting became reversed. Should it be =true or =yes?
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