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  1. Scotfleiger

    LUA UTF-8 Encoding

    Thank you Pete. I would not encourage a rebuild for this issue. The error is only triggered on a Win10 Chinese system when a "beta" UTF-8 button is ticked. The lua file being loaded (via the require command) is identical to my own copy and both are reported to be encoded in UTF-8 format (using Textwangler on my Mac). I can't explain why an English Win10 system should work fine and the Chinese one not. This is the only report of this problem and I don't intend taking it further at this time.
  2. Hi Pete Is there a way of getting the FSUIPC embedded LUA to work in UTF-8 encoding? A Chinese LINDA user is experiencing errors when his system reads a LUA file on his system with UTF-8 set. When a UTF-8 .lua file is loaded he gets this error: [E] *** LUA Error: error loading module 'linda-cfg/system/config-sys' from file 'D:\Prepar3D v4\modules\linda-cfg/system/config-sys.lua':D:\Prepar3D v4\modules\linda-cfg/system/config-sys.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '�' I have had similar issues and have had to remove the additional bytes generated by UTF-8 using code.
  3. Many thanks Pete. I have fed this back to the user.
  4. Hi Pete Thank you for the feedback. Attached is a copy of the wxstationlist.bin as requested. Note: The wxstationlist.bin is in Prepar3d Folder under Weather\ and not located in the Appdata\Roaming\Prepar3d V4\ Andrew wxstationlist.bin
  5. Hi Pete A LINDA user has reported an issue with Exception 25 ILLEGAL OPERATIONS that appears to be caused by loading the FSX Control values. Can you suggest what the cause could be? The errors are occurring before LINDA starts. Exception 25 - FSUIPC5.log
  6. Hi Pete One of my LINDA users is experiencing repeated HID device disconnects (shown as Joystick Device Scans). He only has 3 devices connected (CH Fighterstick, CH pedals and ThrottleTek (Leo Bodnar card)). Can you suggest what may be happening? I can only think it is Windows. We have checked the auto power shutdown options (disabled). Strangely with the ThrottleTek physically disconnected (see FSUIPC4-ThrottleTek2.log), the first 2 Joystick Device Scan only has 2 devices listed but subsequent entries show 3 devices (only 2 connected). In the latter case both the ThrottleTek and Pedals have the ID 2 and the Pedals are listed twice. Any help would be appreciated. FSUIPC4-ThrottleTek.log FSUIPC4-ThrottleTek2.log
  7. No problems. Thank you for looking.
  8. I had great hopes for setting the 'damned' power management. However, no luck. I just have to remember to function the trim wheel before flight. Attached are the before and after joy files. FSUIPC5.JoyScanTrimMoved.csv FSUIPC5.JoyScanOnStart.csv
  9. Pete I have recently acquired a Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel (VID 06A3, PID 0C2D) and assigned it to the Elevator Trim axis. FSUIPC5 logs it as but does not initially action any input. After the trim wheel has been operated the device reload and then FSUIPC recognises the trim input. The FSUIPC5.log shows the device reconnecting at this point. The attached load also includes LINDA logging. If this a known problem? FSUIPC5.log FSUIPC5.ini
  10. hi Pete

    one of my LINDA users has sent me a FSUIPC5.log which has 2 suspect registration emails listed. 

    User Name="Luke Kolin"

    User Addr="luke@kolin.org"

    User WideFS Name="Christopher Loew"

    User WideFS Addr="cwloew@lotaca.com"

    Can you confirm whether these are genuine?


    Andrew Gransden

  11. Fine. I do not use ProSim and have never had the problem before. I switched back to 5.123d last night and the problem did not repeat. I will monitor.
  12. Hi Pete Welcome back. I have installed your latest 5.123e but there appears to be a knock on adverse effect. After the FSUIPC is opened and closed, right-clicking on the virtual cockpit brings up the P3Dv4.2 View pop up but none of the side tabs appear (cockpit/spot) when the mouse is moved over the menu item. This makes it impossible to change views via this method. This was not happening with 5.122 or 5.123d. EDIT: I have the following Add-ons menu items: vPilot Squawk Mode C/Standy/Ident FSLabs & FSLabs Spotlights SODE 1.5.3 FSUIPC (of course) Active Weather Request (AS16) Couatl stings/live update GSX Add-on Manager (Virtuali)
  13. Scotfleiger

    FSUIPC Window not visible

    I previously had no problems with 5.121 or 5.122 but you do not always need to open the FSUIPC dialog once you have your axes and any buttons set up. I have GSX and FSLabs in my add-on menu. I also use LINDA 3.0.5 as my primary interface through FSUIPC5. FSUIPC5 continues to work fine but you can not changes anything without the Add-on menu selected dialog.
  14. Scotfleiger

    FSUIPC Window not visible

    I have hit the same problem with 5.123c. The FSUIPC add-on dialog randomly appears initially but once closed it can not be reopened unless P3D is restarted. I have also tried 5.121c and 5.122 with the same issue.
  15. Hi Pete My user is still experiencing issues with connecting his VRi Combo Panel to FSUIPC4 and therefore LINDA. However, the VRi software can communicate with no issues. You mentioned above that FSUIPC tries to connect at 115200 bps which in this case be to high. Would it be possible to be able to vary this serial speed ideally as a .ini parameter?

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