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  1. Hi Volker, I knew that a kind of silent install may be possible with /silent or /passive parameters. So I just tried it out. Stefan
  2. Hi Volker, I found a solution to install FSC. Open Win + R type the path of the FSC setup file as : C:\myPath\\FSC9Setup.exe /passive It works fine for me since no other solution documented on the web fixed my problem. It might help others as a workaround. Stefan
  3. Hi Volker, OK. It seems to be a windows related error. I can't try the indicated solutions before tomorrow, I haven't access to the computer today. I just can tell you that I did other installations that worked fine, the error occurs only with FSC. But I keep you advised if there is any reason in relationship with FSC which could help you too. BTW, I did an internet search before but did not find what you get. Five stars for that. Cheers, Stefan Hi again, I checked these solutions but it did not work. I keep on searching...
  4. Hello Volker, FSX (+ Acceleration pack), new installation, no addons as yet FSUIPC 4.928 FS Commander 9.5 N/A Download from your site Windows 8.1 64-bit (french) After 1st installation screen, click on NEXT, the following message appears : "Installation ended prematurely beacuse of an error" Title of the message box : FATAL ERROR Thanks a lot for your concern, Stefan
  5. Hello Volker, I think I read evreything you published in relationship with the FSC installation here in this forum. Is there anything else ? My FSX installation is a fresh one, no addons installed as yet. Stefan
  6. Hello, I have exactly the same problem (Windows 8.1 - 64 bits) Reading of the indicated documents did not help. My FSX installation is on D:\ drive, administrator rights are not a problem, FSUIPC installaed as administrator. Can you help me? Thanks
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