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  1. Thanks everyone for the quick help. It needed to be ran with as administrator. Thanks again. Dave
  2. This program runs without errors asking all the wuestions and says it creates the file then hit enter to close. But there is no file to be found. I have tried both having it create without a path and with a path and still can;t find the file. Dave
  3. Sorry I was unaware when I installed the NY tracon it put that manual in the manual folder. Thank you Dave
  4. Can someone help me with all the possible frequencies to send airraft too after departing New York Center on Tracon 2012? Also tell me which frequencie for which sector leaving. Thank you. Dave
  5. I have used other ATC simulators and also did ATC on Vatsim for the simworld. One great feature was I could clik on an arrival or departue and drag ro a point and it would give me to the degrees to send them to that area. Can this be implemented in any future update? Would make vectoring aircraft much easier. Even if its possible to just gibve us the degrees needed then we can speak it to vector all airplanes. Thanks David Bruce
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