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  1. For the Tower 2011, I created the SBCT (Afonso Pena Intl) and SBGR (Guarulhos Intl) airports. I would like the SBGR in the new simulator. This is the major South American Airport. It would be interesting to have the bigger airport of each continent in the new simulator.
  2. Vic No doubt. I want to distribute for free. I made the SBGR airport (Guarulhos International Airport, São Paulo, Brazil) and SBCT airport (Afonso Pena International Airport, Curitiba, Brazil) and all traffics (with liveries) that they fly there (Cargolux, KLM, Lufthansa Cargo, Floridawest, Alitalia Azul, Gol and etc...) for Tower 2011. The Unity3d program I never used, but I can learn how do it. If you want, I can send to you screenshots of my Tower!2011 sceneries. Allan
  3. Hello, Vic Thank you so much for your answer. I developed 3D sceneries in GMAX and other tools for Flight Simulators, so I would like to try to make own airports (airports of my country mainly) for Tower 3D. I will contact you after SP1. Thank you Allan
  4. Hello, Frank How are you? I am happy with your attention. Thank you. About schedules, I saw today a topic about it. Do you know about scenery creation? Is it possible to do it in this version or PRO? Maybe I missed something in previous discussions. Best regards Allan
  5. Hello, Feelthere Please, can I receive any consideration about my question? Remembering that I am a loyal consumer. Allan
  6. Hello, Feelthere. I hope that you are fine. So, I bought the so waited Tower 3D via Steam. I played for many hours and I can say that It is a wonderful simulator. Despite of many considerations, I am very impressed with the quality of it. But, I would like to ask if it will be possible to make own scenery as Tower 2011 or edit/create traffic schedule or paint new liveries? I made 2 sceneries for Tower 2011, hundreds liveries and I created a program to generate schedules based in real flight plans for my sceneries and it would be wonderful to do it for Tower 3D. Anyway, I want to thank for the effort and the work to make this amazing simulator. Allan
  7. Hello FeelThere I was testing the multiplayer between TOWER 2011 and TRACON 2012 and I noticed a problem. When a airplane is equal or less than 20 nm to airport, it contacts automatically with the tower before of the clearance for ILS or handoff to tower. The tower receives the airplane without the approach controller transfer it. The ideal is the airplane to contact the tower about 8-10 nm to airport, in case of the approach controller doesn´t transfer it to the tower. Furthermore, the airport altitude is adjusted to "zero", in other words, if I have a airport in single player mode that it has the altitude of 3000 feet, for example, it will be considering the altitude in multiplayer as "zero". This cause a problem because if I follow a IAC (instrument approach chart) that starts at 6000 feet to airport that it have 3000 feet of altitude in single player mode, in the multiplayer mode, the airport will have "zero" altitude and the ILS procedure will start at 3000 feet (instead of 6000 feet). Many go around can be waited. Are these issues known? In attach, there are the logs files of the Tower and Tracon. Best regards Allan Logs_Tower_Tracon.zip
  8. No problem, Bill. What I can help, I do.
  9. Hello, Bill How are you? So, I did a test now and for me all is ok. These was steps that I did: 1 - load the 752.apx through of "Load plane" button; 2 - you will see the list of paints for this airplane (like ual, dal, coa and etc...). Beside this, you see the button "Add APT". Click on it. Find the 757-200_generic_aal.apt. 3 - Now you will see the livery in list, but it will be with "SETME" callsign. You should change it to "AAL". This is done in the field called "Airline (ICAO)" under the buttons "Add TGA", "Add APT" and "Delete". Put the airline code in "Airline (ICAO)" AAL for American Airlines. 4 - Finally, click on "Save plane" and it is done. I created a false flight from KMIA airport to KLAX and the B752 of American Airlines was showed (see the attached image). Try again e let´s see if It works. Allan
  10. Hello, FeelThere I appreciate the answer. But it increases some questions: 1 - The editor is supplied with Tracon 2012 and by same producer, correct? Who is the responsible for possible problems with it? 2 - Do you already considered the possibility of this problem to be caused for programming of the base program, what it can require a more detailed verification? See that this problem is very particular to case of creation of new airports. Those that already exist hasn´t got problems. 3 - The question isn´t referring how create scenery, but If there is a reading problem in the correct creation of scenery. See that like customer, I need to know how I can be protected with possible problems of my product, if this happen. I hope that you understand Allan
  11. Hello, FeelThere Please, could you verifiy the problem described in the post above? I show below how it is being registrated in the game.log. I think that it could be a program problem. Flight plans in the schedule.txt CWB,CFB,772,UC,1741,18:45,17:05,120,UC CFB (ICAO SBCB) is a airport created for me. It isnt present in original file airport.txt CWB,VCP,332,QT,842,18:23,17:04,60,QT VCP (ICAO SBKP) is a airport that It already comes with original file airport.txt This is showed in the game.log: LCO1741 from: SBCT to: preferred SID/STAR: - none --AIRPLANE: name: LCO1741 icaotype: type: 772 time: 20:05 from: SBCT to: sayname: LAN CARGO ONE SEVEN FOUR ONE emergency: 0 (Here is the problem. It isn´t considering the destiny airport CFB because is the airport created for me in the airport.txt file. Note that the SID isn´t configured too, even that the SID procedure is in the sidstar_cfg.txt file). TPA842 from: SBCT to: SBKP preferred SID/STAR: - TUNA ONE --AIRPLANE: name: TPA842 icaotype: type: 332 time: 20:04 from: SBCT to: SBKP sayname: TAMPA EIGHT FOUR TWO emergency: 0 (In this case it is referring to the airport that already comes with airport.txt file. See that the SID procedure is configured normally). Another problem described in the post. I created a airport in the my sector called BFH (ICAO SBBI). It isn´t in original airport.txt file and for this reason it don´t create automatically generated flights. See how is described in the game.log: Unknown source airport: - SBBI Unknown target airport: - SBBI Unknown source airport: - SBBI Unknown target airport: - SBBI If I change the airport name to other that already comes in the original airport.txt file (like SBBE) using the same coordinate, the automatically generated traffic works: N458MF from: SBBE to: SBLO preferred SID/STAR: - none --AIRPLANE: name: N458MF icaotype: type: AN6 time: 20:50 from: SBBE to: SBLO sayname: FOUR FIVE EIGHT MIKE FOXTROT emergency: 0 N459EW from: SUMU to: SBBE preferred SID/STAR: - none --AIRPLANE: name: N459EW icaotype: type: AN4 time: 21:10 from: SUMU to: SBBE sayname: FOUR FIVE NINER ECHO WHISKEY emergency: 0 N799CI from: SBBE to: SBCH preferred SID/STAR: - none --AIRPLANE: name: N799CI icaotype: type: AN4 time: 22:40 from: SBBE to: SBCH sayname: SEVEN NINER NINER CHARLIE INDIA emergency: 0 N901OS from: SBIP to: SBBE preferred SID/STAR: - none --AIRPLANE: name: N901OS icaotype: type: AN4 time: 23:45 from: SBIP to: SBBE sayname: NINER ZERO ONE OSCAR SIERRA emergency: 0 Please, consider verify this for we don´t lose the great realism of the simulator. P.S. The Tracon is the SP1a version. Regards Allan
  12. Hello, Bill I dont use the Schedule Creator because I have my own schedule creator for my flight plans. But, what you should see its if you have the same plane, with it paint associated in schedule.txt. For example, in the case that you mentioned, the Boeing 757-200 of AAL is associated with the 757 airplane and not with 752 in the airplane editor. This way, you will have to make a flight plan with the 757 airplane, like this sample below: MIA,LAX,757,AA,324,23:53,21:00,60,AA But, you can use this livery for B752, just changing the livery for B757 to B752. So, you open the 752 in airplane editor. After, you click on "Add APT" and select the 757-200_generic_aal.apt. Now is ready. Only insert the airline code "AAL" and save. The boeing 752 will have the livery of AAL. Now, your schedule is: MIA,LAX,752,AA,324,23:53,21:00,60,AA See if this help you. Allan
  13. Hello, Bill How are you? I think that you wont have problems with it. The airports created for me use airplanes from Real Color and of my own creation. If you use the correct airline corresponding to the correct airplane in the schedule.txt file, you will have the airplanes flying to KLAX (e.g, if you want the B772 of American Airlines in KLAX, you should verify if there is a flight plan in the schedule.txt file with this same airplane and airline). I hope that this help you. Allan
  14. Hello, folks I hope that you are fine. I created a APP sector including the SBCT and SBBI airports (ICAO code). For the SBCT airport, I used schedule flights and for SBBI airport I used automatically generated flights. Here is the problem. The SBBI airport not created the automatically generated flights and for SBCT all flights are generated perfectly. What I noticed is that the aiport which is already in the airports.txt file (original file, like SBCT) works with automatically generated flight, but the airports which are inserted manually in the airports.txt file (like SBBI that it dont come with original file) they arent capable of create automatically generated flights. Furthermore, if I create a flight from SBCT to other airport that I manually created in the airport.txt file, the airplane doesnt fly until arrival airport. So, the problem is on creation of new airports in the airports.txt file. Do you have any report of this problem? Could you verifiy this, please? P.S. I use the Real Traffic for Tracon 2012. Best regards Allan
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