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  1. Sorry Simon yes that is exactly what I meant 🤗 Thanks for the update 👍
  2. HI Simon, Happy new year to you, Is this still the case that we need to hold off for now on updating FSUIPC?
  3. That's good news then, thanks Simon I'll go and prise the credit card out of the wifes hand! 😬
  4. Hi Simon, I used to run STB for FSX with UT2 and then jumped over to P3dv4 and subsequently UTL. Having now pulled out most of my hair and teeth with UTL as well as not being able to use STB to it's full extent with it, I've now ditched UTL and am using AIG AI Manager. My question (finally) beffore I purchase the new version is...does the version of STB for p3d work with AI that have been added using AIG manager?
  5. Just stumbled across this while puling my hair out trying to create the same file 😀 so I asked the question over on the Aivlasoft board and the reponse was "I'm afraid that Transition Altitudes are no longer accessible by third party programs as during the databuilding process they are retrieved from the ARINC dataset and - as being airport specific in many countries - included in the airport.bin file." So unless Pete has some more Magic up his sleeve I guess this is no longer an option.
  6. Thanks Paul, "Show Todays Data Only" fixed it I cna now use STB again :) YAY! Thanks again Simon for a great product. "Hide incomplete" on mine was already unchecked. but now all is good apart from the ???? but i can live with that....for now :)
  7. Understood about "isn't supported" and "will not work" I'm running UTL and FSX and I don't see anything traffic at all in STB hence my surprise at Paul saying he was. I'll try resetting everything to default and see what happens.
  8. So you're seeing traffic from "UTLive" not "UT2" in STB? I thought Simon said "UTLive" wasn't supported?
  9. I've just seen that the UT2 dev is back in the seat as it were, there is a 2016 schedule out and available now and I believe work on an updated UT2 is underway...Happy days!
  10. Thanks for carrying on with the development, it's a shame so many other add-ons like UT2 have fallen by the wayside. Back to my darkened corner
  11. Hi Simon, So I've just gone back in to check to do as you asked and it's all fine now without me doing anything! I'm going to lie in a darkened room for a bit and recant my sins, Apologies for wasting your time :( Regards and embarrassed Brian
  12. Just installed the latest STB and Whilst my flight shows the correct departure arrival time, all other flights just show ??? I'm running FSX-SE on Win10 and have UT2 installed as well. Any ideas chaps? Regards Brian
  13. Looks like a good idea Charlie. I'd be interested if you decide to spread your wings as it were.
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