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  1. Hello everyone,I made a Home cockpit real size of Cessna 182 and I would make my G1000 using FSUIPC to be compatible with A2A C182 Gauges.A2A use LVAR on their Aircrafts and especially on the Gauges, that's why my G1000 send me wrong values (For example, I have 1400 RPM on my G1000 when the Plane is at 2500 RPM).I'm not a LUA specialist and I'm cherching a LUA Pro that can help me on this code. We can speak about the Modality on MP.Waiting for your answers.Kind regardsLudo
  2. Thank you Ian & Pete for your answer and explaination. Ludo
  3. Hello Pete, Thank you for your quick answer. I think the left button of the GPS (PUSH C/V) is COM to NAV and NAV to COM. Is this Use/stby ? Thank you
  4. Hello, I can't find the command COM/NAV Toggle (in the GNS 430/530 it's PUSH C/V). Can someone tell me witch command it is in FSUIPC ? Thank you. Ludo
  5. Thank you Pete for your answer : "- Increase/Decrease Frequency (Mhz) - I found it only for NAV or form COM but no for the 2 (When I Switch in the GPS between NAV/COM)" That mean when I'm changing from Com to Nav in my GPS (with Vnav I guess) my left switch continue changing my Com Frequency. Normaly when I select Nav, the left switches of my GPS would automatically permit me to mofidy NAV Frequency. Than when I change to Com, it should automatically permit me to change the Com Frequency. So my question was, how to change Com and Nav with the same button (As the P3D GPS do). - I will also try to find the offset with Console Log but where can I find Console Log ? Where can I find FSUIPC Document Folder with all controls ? - Maybe there is a tuto with all switches, functions and buttons of the FSX/P3D normal 430/530 GPS, no ? - One last question Pete. I use also X-Plane. Do you plan to make a FSUIPC for X-Plane ? There is XPUIPC, but to be honest, it's not so good and to enter the offsets, you have to write them by hand. FSUIPC have a real great interface so it's easy to set the Switches, Axes... I don't have to find which Offset it is, and to write all datas of the Joystick... Waiting for your answer Thank you pete Ludovic
  6. Hello Pete, I bought a GNS 530 from Emuteq and I use it with P3D GPS (I don't use it with RealityXP GPS). I know that every commands of the P3D GPS are in FSUIPC, I found a lot but there is some that I can't found or don't work. Can you help me ? When I'll finish I will make a Tuto about the programmation of the Basic P3D GPS with FSUIPC. Here are the commands that I can't find in FSUIPC "Buttons & Switches" : - Increase/Decrease Frequency (Mhz) - I found it only for NAV or form COM but no for the 2 (When I Switch in the GPS between NAV/COM) - Increase/Decrease Frequency (Khz) - I found it only for NAV or form COM but no for the 2 (When I Switch in the GPS between NAV/COM) - COM/NAV Switch - NAV/GPS Switch (CDI) - On/Off Button (I found "GPS Activate" or "GPS Power" but it seems not to work. When I push them, the GPS don't start or don't Switch Off) - Cursor On/Off - Nav Active/Standby Frequencies - "V" button on the Top left - "C" with the arrow on the Top left For the rest it's good :-) Thank you very much Pete Kind regards Ludovic
  7. Thank you Pete for your answer. I wanted to use it for C172 from A2A or a Carenado Aircraft. No matter if it's impossible, I will use my Yoke chronometer... Kind regards Ludovic
  8. Ok, thank you Pete for your answer. So I can't control the Clock of my Cessna with any key ? (Or maybe in the FSUIPC Folder I can write a code ?) Kind regards Ludovic
  9. Hello, I'm usinf a Clock and Chonometer in my Yoke and I would like it to work with the clock of my plane. Where can I find in FSUIPC this commands : "Start Chronometer" - "Stop Chronometer" - "Reset" - "Clock/Chronometer/other mode..." ? Waiting for your answer Kind regards Ludovic
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