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  1. Any update on this? Per my previous post, the links on the download page still don't work for the liveries.
  2. Hi FeelThere, You may still be working on the downloads page, but I'm still getting the same errors whenever I try to download either the FS9 or FSX version of either ERJ v1 or v2.
  3. I'm also looking to download the repaints for FSX. I have the zip file for the FS2004 repaints (moderator, let me know if you need that file) but I'm switching over to FSX now and would like the United repaint to fly for my VA. Please let us know here when the file has been re-uploaded. Thank you!
  4. I'm actually still experiencing the frames problem. I don't think turning off the weather fixed it, as several other flights proved. I flew an offline flight with Clear Skies and still had the same FPS issues. Anything else I can try? Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I reinstalled ERJ v.2 with compatibility mode (set to Windows 7). I did another flight, but, to my dismay, noticed the frames started dropping again after takeoff. Then I got the idea to try turning FS2004's default Real World Weather (Jeppsen) feature off. That instantly bounced the frame rates back up. I finished the rest of the flight with "Clear Skies" weather selected, and I had about 35-45 fps on landing (acceptable for me). I'm not sure why I was not experiencing the same frame rate problems with FS2004 real world weather using Carenado and A2A addons. It may b
  6. D. Scobie, Thanks for the reply! I'm a little confused because in this post you said to install without compatibility mode. I'm willing to try it but just want to understand a little bit more about this fix. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, I know the low FPS issue has been frequently discussed on this and other forums. I too am experiencing this issue and, after researching it for several hours, have found that none of the solutions posted on this forum or others have worked for me. I really enjoy the ERJ v.2 addon (which I'm running in FS2004) but this is what I experience: FPS during startup/taxi: 50-60 FPS during takeoff/climb: 30-40 FPS during cruise: 10-20 FPS during landing: 5-10 As you can see, the addon works perfectly well at first but slowly, slowly starts dropping in performance until I can barely
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