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  1. I'll very much look forward to that.
  2. Will do. Thanks, Vic. As to the log, is this the Output_log file? I noted in another post that I didn't see a log file created when running the .Bat file. Is it necessary to run the .Bat version of the game and play a session in that?
  3. But will parallel approaches be supported... Or will they all be staggered like Tower 2011? Judging by LAX, it seems that parallel approaches and departures aren't possible in Tower 3D.
  4. Vic, Are you saying that aircraft shouldn't require an explicit instruction to hold short? Zach
  5. I agree... Explicit runway crossing clearances should be required. Having to say "Taxi to runway XXX" and then issue a following command to hold short isn't practical.
  6. Where is the log file that the .BAT generates? I only see an output_log file which was not created when I ran the .bat.
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