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  1. Pete, thank you. I was thinking of working with FSUIPC and SimConnect together but, I will be only the first option. If I can build this software, I will send you a copy. ;)
  2. ah, I'm sorry for my ignorance but how I do it? has an example of which offset should I use? it is possible that with SimConnect?
  3. Hello to all. I would like to know how to control rain in fsx with FSUIPC. I have developed a acars to my fsx and want to control the weather but also using offset 04D2 have no result. my code procedure TForm1.precipitacao; var dds:dword; prec:dword; begin prec := 2; if FSUIPC_Write($04D2,2,@press,dds) then if FSUIPC_Process(dds) then beep; end; thank you
  4. I'm using Delphi2007 to get altitude with $ 0570 using (* 3.28084 / (65536 * 65536)). But the result is a huge number with 8 digits. please, help my code var altitude: comp; begin if FSUIPC_read($570, 8, @altitude, dwResult) then if FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) then altitude := altitude * 3.28084/(65536.0*65536.0); altitude := round(altitude); end;
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