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  1. Pete, Thanks for the help, I understand what you are trying to tell me, if I write a parameter of 3 under togglebits it should toggle between bit 1 and 2, the reason I believe the parameter 3 under toglebits change bit 3 which is another action, is because under FSUIPC I choose offset byte togglebits (and I have chosen every other togglebits under the offset list as well as the set bits and clearbits) on the offset window I write x78EB and under parameter I write 3 and it activates bit 3 under the offset 78EB instead of toggling through bit 1 and 2. If there is another way that you are telling me to so it, I do not know how. I am not very savvy when it comes to logic programming, sorry. Jose
  2. What I show now is 0=P3,13,Cx0D0078EB,x01 1=CP(F+3,13)3,13,Cx0D0078EB,x02 2=CP(F-3,13)3,13,Cx0D0078EB,x01 Is this not correct? Jose
  3. Pete, A parameter of 3 will toggle bit 3 on the same offset 78EB, making another function toggle, I guess what I need to do is the flags, I have read the manual and it still a bit hazy for me, you said I need a flag for when it is on and a flag for when it is off correct? I guess I am completely misunderstanding the explanation you are giving me, if I put a parameter of 3 on FSUIPC, it does a different function. The offset list is as follows. Offset 78EB Length (Bytes) 1 Function FCU/EFIS controls.Set value: 0 SPD Pull 1 SPD Push 3 HDG Pull And so on..... Jose
  4. Pete, Thanks for the help, I did create the command correctly for one action. So the pushbutton reads, 0=P3,13,Cx0D0078EB,x01 Now to make the same button cycle through bit 1 and 2 I created a flag and it reads, 1=CP(F+3,13)3,13,Cx0D0078EB,x02 But it's wrong, because it does not toggle through the bits of the same offset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Jose
  5. Hi, So what if I want to assign to commands to be run separately to one button. Let me explain, I want button 13 to execute command 1 when pushed the first time, then when pushed again, I want it to execute command 2, and then cycle between these two commands back and forth as the button is pushed. Can this be done? A few months back i managed to do it, but the commands where two different offsets. eg. 1=P4,22,Cx0D005629,x01 2=CP(F+4,22)4,22,Cx0D00562A,x01 The new commands that i am trying to perform are the same offset, but different bits to read it. e.g 1=P3,13,Cx010078EB,x01 (this reads the offset 78EB bit 1 and it works, if I want it to read the bit 2 I just change the value from 1 to 2 and it works, and I can do this with all the bits, but if I try to do a compound button like the one above with two different offsets it will not work.) e.g. 1=P3,13,Cx010078EB,x01 2=CP=(F+3,13)3,13,Cx010078EB,x02 (this should read offset 78EB bit 2, which if I write by itself it works, but when compounded like above it does not.) I have been battling this for the past few days, and I cannot seem to have any clue on how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Jose
  6. Ok I'm lost, I need to have to commands cycle back and forth with one single button. The button below is the one setup through FSUIPC on fs9 20=P3,13,Cx0050078EB,x01 That same button (13) I need it to cycle between reading offset 78EB bit 1 when pushed once, then when pushed again to read offset 78EB bit 2, after this I need the button to read bit 1 again if pushed and after that but 2. A cycle between bit 1 and 2 over and over every time the button is pushed. Any ideas? Thank you Jose
  7. Hi, I have been trying to have to different commands setup into the same pushbutton (non-latching) The idea is to have button 13 in Joy 3 execute the offset 78EB bit 2 when pushed once, then when I push the same button (13) i want it to execute offset 78EB bit 1. In other words, if I push the button once and release it it executes the first command, and if I push it again and release it it executes the second command, and then if pushed again it needs to execute the first command again, pretty much its a cycle between the commands. The button on the .ini file is written as follows: 20=P3,13,Cx010078EB,x02 Now in order to have this button 13 do this, Cx010078EB,x01 I understand I need a sequence or a flag, but I do not know how to do it. I've looked in the FSUIPC documentation and online with no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jose
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