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  1. Thanks for this response. Yes I understand it is a legitimate flight, possibly part of the free Orbx AI Australia package, but I wasn't sure why it was showing when I was on the ground at NFFN. I was using Traffic Global, but it was giving other issues, so after uninstalling it and going back to default FSX AI, I'm not seeing that Australian flight any more when in the same position.
  2. After reinstalling the latest STB for FSX, when I positioned myself at Nadi NFFN, the drop down list for airports to view traffic includes Forest & Kalgoorlie in Australia and it shows a Cessna GA flight in the lists. I can't find a way to delete these airports and flight from the default view? http://www.mediafire.com/view/1df0fxfzih0bo4l/STB_Australian_traffic.jpg/file
  3. Hi For many years I have, where possible, installed my FS9/FSX additional scenery packages in a folder outside FSX, to avoid the need to re-install if FS should have needed uninstalling/re-installing. The scenery can of course still be added to the FS library in the normal manner. With FSC I can't see a way to install these scenery packages into the FSC Dbase as the DBase Manager only looks at the FS9/FSX folders? Am I missing something or does FSC not allow these external scenery packages to be added to its DBase? Regards Ken Jagger
  4. Hi all As a new FSC user, please forgive my uncertainty regarding this question. I use another folder outside FS for installing all my FS9 addon sceneries i.e. D:\Flight\FS2004 Scenery. Am I right in assuming that because FSC DB Manager uses the FS9 Scenery.cfg file, that it can "see" all these sceneries and will therefore add them to the FSC database? Regards
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