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  1. Initially, I purchased the FSC10 for my FSX, where I can see both my own aircraft and the various AI aircraft in the FSC10 window, - works great. Also FSC10 works fine with the X-plane 11, connecting with XPUIPC, but I can only see my own aircraft, but no IA aircrafts shows up. I'm using Traffic Global. Are there anything to do to make the AI planes visible in FSC10 window? Is it FSC10, XPUIPC, Traffic Global or X-plane? 🤔
  2. Hi again, just want to say that I give up for now to find out why the airborne traffic is not displayed in FSC9. I had just hoped that someone could come up with a some suggestions. Since last time: 1) In the meantime, I have seen a single airborne plane, but that's all. 2) My GPS window is returned :) 3) Autozoom still don't work. Old version of FSUIPC: Must say I thought I had the newest FSUIPC4 from The Official Peter Dowson's Page http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html, which shows v4.939, but at Pete's Support Download Links there are newer versions (http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules). Now I have updated to v4.943, but it showed no difference to the airborne traffic. Also I have reinstalled FSC9, but without effect. As I have used a lot of time to found out which program is to blame, now I've decided to upgrade to Window 10 and reintall FSX, so maybe the problem resolves itself. If not, I'll come back ;) Thanks anyway, wizzy
  3. Thank you very much for your answer, I will update FSUIPC and check all the mentioned settings. Unfortunately I can't check and send folder/support right now as I am going away for 6 days, I'll look into it when I am back. My FSC9 is an Aerosoft downloaded version from June 2011.
  4. 1. For some reason airborne traffic will NOT be displayed anymore :( I see the aircrafts all way up in FSX, but in FSC9 the traffic disappear above appr. 100ft ground level. Earlier I had a lot of yellow airborne traffic icons, but not anymore. I have a lot yellow icons on the airport ground. 2. Also the GPS window wil not show anymore, which it did for some time ago. 3. Autozoom will not work (The autozoom should automatically zoom down to 3 miles when you are on the ground and back to 50 miles when you are airborne). I would appreciate if someone could help me with these issues. My system: Windows 7 FSX, UT2 v.2.10 FSC 9.6 rev.1 FSUIPC v4.939. My settings: In UT2 I have tried 100% display traffic, and 100% aviation traffic in FSX.
  5. I have a Saitek X65F system and have just found out that FSUIPC only support from 0-31 = 32 joystick buttons, - would be nice with more. The work-a-round to this problem is programming the X65F with ProFlight Smart Technology software for the rest of the buttons. I have found a free Joystick Test Application program which can detect and show up to 50 buttons for the X65F. wizzy
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