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  1. Excellent, this is gold information, thanks. So I guess I will try to keep delta=256 for my yoke and rudder (Saitek), but will experiment lower delta for trim wheel (Saitek). For example, while I cannot have FSX running while I adjust FSUIPC (hence the post), I can still run Saitek Control Panel, where I have a graphical view of signal transmitted by wheel (a red bar that goes up and down). I noticed already that one step of the red bar (it does not move smoothly) correspond to about delta=100 in FSUIPC, but that varies a bit... Obviously I would like trim control to be smooth in the aircraft, and that is why I also use a "slope" that is flatter in the middle (where I want it to be less sensitive and more precise) and steeper at ends. I am wondering if a smaller delta would make sense, here... I guess the same reasoning would apply for lever to control throttle, prop and mixture (Saitek). I will experiment with smaller delta for those as well, just to make the control as smooth as possible (especially important for throttle, I find). But I understand the overall sense of your answer, and I am not tempted anymore to go crazy with small delta! It is also good to know that the range is always made of 32768 values, so that I can pick a delta that gives a discrete number of steps: Delta = 256 --> steps = 128 Delta =128 --> steps = 256 Delta = 64 --> steps = 512 Many thanks for your help. Top customer service! Cheers
  2. OK< thank you Pete. All much clearer, now. One more thing: could you please tell me where the Delta=256 default (isn't it?) comes from?
  3. Hello Pete (and others), this might sound silly, but is there a way to keep FSX running and visible (to see the airplane from outside or its virtual cockpit) while I calibrate my axis in FSUIPC? Currently, I am accessing FSUIPC from ALT/AddOns within FSX, and as soon as the FSUIPC window appears, FSX in the background goes black. I have latest FSUIPC update, purchased version, and I am running FSX with A2A aircraft and Saitek controls. The reason for this is that I would like to see the ailerons and surfaces move while I set my "Delta" or Centre Set (central null zone) during axis assignment & calibration. Does this make sense? Many thanks!!
  4. no microcontrollers, no other applications. Just plain old Saitek hardware, SPAD software and FSUIPC4 (latest version, paid). Aicrafts: Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee from A2A Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a naive question that is bugging me: I am assigning Saitek switches as toggle commands in FSUIPC (I am using SPAD to convert the physical switch to a virtual button to be transferred into FSUIPC). All good, except I never understood what the "parameter" field in FSUIPC means for a toggle command (for example, light on/off or fuel pump on/off, etc). Should I bother, or just ignore it? I tried "1" and "0" and I don't see any difference in the switch behaviour. Do toggles even have parameters in FSUIPC? The real reason I am looking into this, is that when I start dark&cold and switch battery on through Saitek panel, a number of switches suddenly go ON in the cockpit (battery as well), even if they are in OFF position on Saitek panel... This does not happen if I use the mouse in VC to switch battery on, so it has to do with SPAD or FSUIPC. Any insight, please? Many thanks!
  6. I tried it, and it works like a charm, many thanks!
  7. Thank you Paul, I did not know about the "asterisk" in the FSUIPC doc. I will try the solution you suggested, then. Cheers
  8. Apologies if I enter this highly technical discussion with a rather simple question: why isn't the FSUIPC command FULL_WINDOW_TOGGLE working in FSX? I am using Windows 8.1 (if that matters) and the current FSUIPC 4.939n , registered. I simply would like to add button or a switch to toggle in/out of Full Screen. I just hate the Alt+Enter thing... Thanks!
  9. Because I would like to assign a single keystroke to this toggle. I don't seem to be able to change this within FSX so I was hoping to use FSUIPC. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Hello, is there a way to set a keyboard key to toggle between "Windowed" and "full window" modes in FSX, using FSUIPC? Many thanks!
  11. Thank you, Pete. I updated and switched to Profile Specific. Now I have all my repaints under the generic Profile "Cherokee". It works perfectly. Thanks!
  12. Apologies for the weird question... Many (all?) aircrafts in FSX can be made to appear with different paint works. When you upload your aircraft in FSX you can then chose the "version" that you want to fly that day. Here is the question: when I save "aircraft-specific" key-strokes or push-buttons in FSUIPC should they automatically apply to all repaint versions of the aircraft? For example, I have the Piper Cherokee from A2A and I set up my aircraft-specific command in FSUIPC while "sitting" in the cockpit of my green-gray paint scheme version. I have the impression that these settings disappear when I upload a different paint scheme of the same aircraft.... Is that possible? Is there a fix to this? Am I doing something wrong? Ideally, I would like that all aircraft-specific command I set up in FSUIPC apply to that aircraft regardless of the paint scheme I choose. Even if I add new ones on the future. Is this crazy? Thanks!
  13. Hi Pete, I purchased full version of FSUIPC 4 (PID=2068) in October 2014. I am running FSX Gold with millions of add ons, I am not even sure what the Steam Edition is... Do I need to update to FSUIPC 4.938c? If so, can I use the same installation key I received with my original purchase? many thanks
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