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  1. Sure. Flew Gatwick EGKK to MENARA INTL, MOROCCO GMMX (default scenery) Brian
  2. Hi Pete, Just thought I would update you on your makerwys switch option. It works well on the problem I was having, however it has produced a side affect in that other airports that were ok are now not. This was your suspition all along. I have been talking to a moderator over at proatcx, and at first he disagreed claiming my system was all wacked up, anyway so far I have given them all the evidence and followed everything that they asked me to do and still makerwys v4.891 (thats the one they asked me to use) gave errors, as you pointed out. Will let you know if I get it resolved. Thanks for help Brian
  3. Ok Pete, Just tried fixed version and I can report that I now have my taxiways back using the switch. Do you want a copy of the runways.txt and the t5.csv files? brian
  4. Hi Pete, Downloaded and ran using the /OLDNODRAW switch exported to proatcx and still no go, proatcx still refusing to give me taxiroutes. I have sent link via private message with the new t5 and runways.txt for you to have a look at, but to be honest with you, I would not spend time on this too much as proatcx is not going to be updated anytime soon. I will revert to the older makerwys version as that works. Thanks for all your help. Kind regards Brian
  5. Understood Pete, will let you know if all ok. Thanks again for your support.
  6. Yes Pete I would like to try the new version. Thanks Brian
  7. No need to be like that Pete, Was just asking for clarification.
  8. Yes I have the addon program installed and now I am using the export option and the makerwys V4.8.4.0, as the newset makerwys version still gives the no taxi routes even using the export option. No I am not saying I have other addons that depend on the wrong classification, as I have not seen this error with others. But there must be differences with the latest version of makerwys, so was asking if I use the older version that works for me, is there any other side effects from not using the newer version. Brian
  9. Thanks for the reply Pete. I don't think Proatcx is currently being updated since Morad had a nasty accident and now seems to have gone off the radar. It has been 18 months since proatx has had any updates, but I will enquire to see. I do not think you should revert to an earlier version. If I went with option 3 what does that mean for my other add-ons? The version that proatcx supplied does not use lorby app, which I assume will mean any add-ons using the new p3d add-on.cfg system would not be recognised. Option 2, again how would that fair with my other addons? Maybe i will run both! Anyway thank you for your quick response. Kind regards, Stay safe Brian
  10. HI Pete. OK lets start again. Test 1 - I have run version V4.8.4.0 of MakeRwys as admin (this version came with Proatcx). I have not uninstalled any scenery or added any scenery. so have uk2000 gatwick extreme V4.11, the latest version of proatcx V1.9.2.5 (networked). attached is T5.csv and runways files from that version. Again I am unable to attach files (T5.csv is 14,560 Kb and runways.txt is over 109,000kb) even zipped they are too big. Ran P3dV4.5 (Latest version) all worked as it should, proatcx gave me taxiways to runway from stand 105. And on return flight gave me taxiways back to stand 105 at Gatwick. At the bottom of the message screen i have the following message (Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 0.02MB ) so again I will link to my dropbox through private message. Test 2 - Deleted files created by makerwys V4.8.4.0 and re-run with version V4.8.9.1 of MakeRwys as admin (this is the latest version from your forum downloads). No changes to the setup. attached is T5.csv and runways files from that version. Again I am unable to attach files (T5.csv is 14,560 Kb and runways.txt is over 109,000kb) even zipped they are too big. Ran P3dV4.5 (Latest version) Now no taxiways to runway from stand 105. The strange thing is that the AI get the taxi routes, just not me. Regards Brian
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Pete. Please find attached the files as requested. I was at stand 105 of uk2000 Gatwick extreme scenery V4.11 The earlier mkrwys is the version that came with ProATCx V1.9.2.5 tried to attach files but I am only allowed to attach a small file so I have linked the folder in a private message Brian
  12. Hi Pete, Could you please check the MakeRwys program. I am using the latest version and ProATCx and I have been noticing that proatcx is not giving me the taxi routes with this version. I tried an earlier version and this seems to be ok. This was at EGKK using the latest version of UK2000's Gatwick V4, the current version of proatcx. Thanks for your help Brian Houghton
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