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  1. Good to know Pete. Thank You, will advise when I get a chance to try them in P3D 4.1. Best, David
  2. Hello Pete etal. A while back you assisted me with creating some LUA scripts for the MU-2 throttles. I now have P3D 4.1. Shortly FSUIPC 5.x None installed yet. Can I use my same MU-2 LUA scripts in the FSUIPC 5.x and P3d 4.1? I'll also have to install the MU2 in P3d4. Virtually don't know anything re LUA scripts and compatibility. Thank You for any assistance. Best, David
  3. HI Pete, just had a chance to read your response. It's not that big of deal really. I'll just use the mouse button, and not be too concerned about anything. Thanks. David
  4. Hey folks, wanted to assign the MU2 starter to a Saitek Throttle quad. Button. The 1 I found to sort of work is the Start Select 1 and 2. I have it set to repeat while button is held. When I do this, the starter engagement will surge until light off. IE like it's toggling the starter. The way the MU2 starter works in the sim and real airplane. You press and hold the starter button down, it will illuminate yellow, indicating engagement. Continue to hold the button down, till the engine lights off, then release the button. As said it will sort of work with the FSUIPC selection. When pressing the switch, the starter will engage, but as mentioned, will cycle till the engine lights off. Then I'll get the yellow starter light, and everything functions normally for the rest of the start. Also, should see an increase in RPM when starter engaged, don't see anything until after releasing the starter button on the Saitek. Then again, all starter functions work fine on the MU2. Any thoughts on what else I could use for the starter button, to have normal functionality throughout the start? Thanks for any thoughts. Best, David EDIT: OK new discovery. I'm running a LUA script for the MU2 throttles. Throttles function just fine. However, when I use the start button on the Saitek; created in FSUIPC, my throttles become erratic. After starting engines, I noticed the throttles have moved from the position set, towards the reverse area. They are also split. When I try and move them, I get erratic behavior from the throttles. Either left or right. If I start the MU2 using the mouse, everything works fine, including throttles. Could the holding of the button be messing up the LUA script somehow? Thanks for any insight. Best, David
  5. Pete, Email sent. Enjoy your trip. Thanks again. Best, David
  6. Wow Pete, again my apologies. I just read your response on AVSIM. I need to stop working on projects, when I have been up all night. I double checked, it shows I sent the the zipped log at 6:17AM this morning. I'll resend it again. Now that I have had some sleep, will be able to concentrate better. I certainly had no intentions of demeaning you or your good name in any way.....please forgive I will also double-check I don't have the FS controls enabled, and or any AXIS w/in FSX assigned. Best, David
  7. Hi Pete. I thought you were leaving on your trip today, that is why I posted on AVSIM I knew you were gone for 2 weeks. Hmmm I sent my logfile to you early this morn my time 6AM Used the Email address you gave me in an earlier post. Copy/Pasted the addy in the Email I'll double check the controls in FSX, about 99% sure disabled, and axis are deleted. Apologies, when I mentioned no go on the plug-ins, thought you knew I meant not working at all. I will be more specific from now on. Thanks for your patience Pete. Best, David
  8. OK Pete, will do. Best, David
  9. Well Pete, just tried everything with your changes. Still no go. I'll reconnect with you when you return from your trip. Safe travels. Best, David
  10. Disregard Pete. I see how the luavalue is displayed in FSUIPC. Enjoy your trip. Best, David
  11. Hi Pete, Thank You for the follow up. Just for clarification. [Auto.name of profile] 1=Lua throttle1 2=Lua throttle2 I understand the single profile stuff. However, you named the lua different from my MU2throttle1.lua. Are you saying now to just use the above, since we changed to Luavalue throttle1 on the assignment of axis? Or do I still utilize the MU2throttle1.lua, but the assignment would be Luavalue MU2throttle1. Just wanted to clarify, I know the function and event.param is throttle 1. Thank You Best, David
  12. Oh yeah, forgot to show my updated MU2throttle1.LUA function throttle1(n) if n > -11833 then if n > -4421 then n = -11833 + ((n - -4421) * (16383 - -11833) / (16383 - -4421)) else n = -11833 end end ipc.control(66420, n) -- 66420 is Axis throttle1 set (use 66423 for throttle2 end event.param("throttle1") Best, David
  13. Ok, Pete...follow up. I think the issue with the last error message was the call for throttle1,2 didn't have an end quotation on event.parameter Original was:event.param("throttle1) Changed to: event.param("throttle1") same on throttle 2. Couple of things are happening now: 1. I load the MU2 from a saved flight file. 2. I then start FSUIPC to double-check the LUA setting per axis is correct. 3. When I first move throttle1, FSUIPC shows throttle2 and LUA script for throttle2. 4. After I do a re-scan, throttle 1 shows throttle 1 and LUA throttle1 on the axis menu. Same for throttle 2 Could my saved flight be messing my LUA script up somehow....still not functioning. 5. Exit FSX. Check FSUIPC.log file. 6. No errors on the LUA scripts.....yeah!! However, I don't see any indication they were loaded anymore. If they are loading/running automatically; does it still show in the log file. I searched the manual, did not see any reference on the LUA loading and log file. Finally checking the modules folder. After re-reading the LUA plug-ins manual again; it mentions 3 LUA plugins re ipc stuff. Looking in the LUA plug-ins folder, I see the debug plugin. I don't see the: ipcinit.lua, or the ipcready.lua pugins. Should they be in the modules folder? Hope this helps troubleshoot Pete. Best, David
  14. OK, Pete. I got rid of the first error. On the line 4, I believe it was looking for a ) after the formula. Now after checking the FSUIPC.log file, I get this message now: 108405 *** LUA Error: D:\1FSX\Modules\MU2throttle1.lua:12: unfinished string near '<eof>' 108405 *** LUA Error: D:\1FSX\Modules\MU2throttle2.lua:12: unfinished string near '<eof>' Hope this helps troubleshooting. Thank You Best, David
  15. Thank You so much Pete. Your time and assistance, is greatly appreciated. Best, David