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  1. Hi Roman, working good. Thank You for your valuable time Best, David
  2. Roman, Thank You so much for doing this for me. I will d/l and test tomorrow. Very much appreciated Sir. Best, David
  3. Thank You Roman. Much appreciated. I have also reached out to another individual that might could help as well. Like you, he is looking at LUA scripts too. We recently talked on discord, and discussed exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. I am always open to any ideas, to make things work. I'll let you folks brainfry, and I'll stick to flying for a living. 🙂 Thank You again for your valuable time and help Roman. Have Fun! best, David
  4. John, I totaly understand installation folder. Mine is M:\FSUIPC6...works fine. Have a Folder in documents called FSUIPC6, works fine. There is also a folder for P3Dv5 Addoons called FSUIPC6 and within is add-on.xml My comment was when you said installation folder(P3D v5 Addons) it initialy led me to beleive, that even though my LUA scripts and macros were in my M:\FSUIPC6 folder, I needed to copy them to the addons folder, based on the above statement. That is all. Mentioning why others may be confused. I'm fine. I get it. Everything working Ok for me, except macro format...needs corrections
  5. John, Thank You for the info. I understand what you are conveying now. based on Romans post, this looks a lot more complicated then first thought. Hi Roman, Thank You for your explanation. This seemed like a fairly simple thing to do. I was just trying to make one button, control 2 VC switches at the same time. Based on your info....this has now gone above my paygrade. My brain hurts from what I just read above. Right now the start and stop functions are working fine for me. I just wanted to consoilidate, due to the amount of switches I had. Rather than tie two switches to one button, could I do separate macros for each function? There are some buttons I could leave alone(SRL sw come to mind) that will free up some buttons, If that is possible, then would I just add the RCS Lvar as part of the macro to get back the animation? Thank You David
  6. Ok since the above is fairly lengthy. I am starting this thread to show my macro creations, and the results within FSUIPC. First off: MU2_Start.mcro [Macros] 1=L:C441_STARTER1=SET 2=L:C441_STARTER2=SET This Macro works perfectly. 2. MU_Stop.mcro [Macros] 1=L:ENG1_STOP=SET 2=L:ENG2_STOP=SET Initially, the ENG2_STOP was not showing in FSUIPC dropdown, just ENG_1. However, for some reason ENG_2 finally did show on controls sent dropdown. However, there is no animation of the switch. It appears as there is another L:var used called l/R_RCS_SW. Apparently this controls the animation of the switch. Not sure how I would utilize this in my macro. Lastly: MU2_Run.mcro(I followed the format on page 36-37 in the Advanced Guide. RE:Multiple actions in one macro control.) based on that I created this macro [Macros] 1=MU2_Run 1.1=L:ENG1_RUN=SET 1.2=L:ENG2_RUN=SET This does not show up in the FSUIPC dropdown list at all. If I create the macro as the original starter macro format, I just see ENG_1 show. ENG_2 is missing. This is all new stuff to me. I have read the manuals several times. Read threads here and elsewhere. At this point, I don't understand why I see all,none or parts of macros. Quite possibly my run macro is not correct. I just followed the example. Also, trying to figure out why there is no animation on the switch. Again, any Help insight appreciated. Best, David FYI, I'm mainly trying to set this up because I want to fly my MU2 in VR. However, the accuracy in VR with the mouse is not too accurate. hence trying to set up my Saitek throttle quad with buttons.
  7. John, Pete. I believe this statement by John is what might have confused things. It certainly through me for a loop. Is the macro in the correct place, i.e. in your installation folder (P3D v5 Addons) not in /FSUIPC6?...the P3D v5 Addons is what threw me off too. I then thought I needed to copy my LUA and macros to my P3D Addons folder. Especially since I am having macro issues, not showing up in FSUIPC for control selection in Buttons&Switches tab Till Pete clarified, the location of the LUA and macro files. In my case M:\FSUIPC6. This is were I have copied all my macro files and LUA's. Some macros do show up in FSUIPC, so I feel I do have them in the correct location. Best, David
  8. Hi making progress on my MU-2 pedestal setup with the saitek throttles. Thanks, to your help...I have my MU2 start buttons working great. The MU2 has an RCS switch. It's a 3 position switch. With the Run and Crank and Stop. What I am trying to do is to map one button, to turn on both L and R switches at the same time. I have read the advance manual several times. One of the examples used was n=<name> n.1=action1 then below that you had your numbering and Lvar. Since I have the start as 1 and 2 for for the MU2_START.mcro. I added 3 and named it MU2_RUN. Followed underneath, with 3.1=L:ENG1_RUN = SET,then 3.2= L:ENG2_RUN = SET When I load up FSUIPC, select reload buttons, the only ones I see on the select control list, are my original starter macros. They work fine. Obviously, I am misunderstanding how to format this macro. I ask, do I need to create a separate macro for each button I want to assign? So, in the above example I would use: 1=MU2_RUN followed by 1.1= L:ENG1_RUN = SET, and then 1.2= L:ENG2_RUN = SET. So, that when I push on that one assigned button, BOTH the RUN switches will switch on? This is my ultimate goal. I have other switches to have do the same. If I get one, I can figure out the rest. My reference starts on page 36 bottom of the Advanced Manual. Is this the wrong reference? If I do indeed need a macro for each event, this question will be moot. Can I just create 1 macro called MU2.mcro, and have all my Lvar included in that one macro. Understand, if I need a separate for each event, then disregard above question. OK is there something wrong with this context? [Macros] 1=L:ENG1_STOP=SET 2=L:ENG2_STOP=SET I used the same context for the start macro. Both of those entries show. On this macro, only the 1eng stop is showing. I don't see my eng 2 stop entry in FSUIPC. Still can't even get the MU2_Run Macro to show up on the list as explained above. List being control sent when button pressed. The macros show in the FSUIPC.ini file. All the macros are placed in my FSUIPC directory, on my M: Drive. I do not have a modules folder in P3Dv5. Any help appreciated. David
  9. Roman, you are awesome. Thank You! David John, Thank You for your input as well!!!!!!
  10. Hello, I'm setting up my Saitek throttle quad for the FSW MU-2. The start buttons within the sim, are press until lightoff, then they automatically cutout at 60% engine RPM. I created a Mouse Macro for one of my buttons. It works great, for the initial start. However, it will continue to press the start button indefinitely. IE the starter won't cutout at 60% engine RPM. I don't have a button off macro, as I believe the starter button is coded in the sim. Is there a way, that I can still set this up, as a starter button, and still allow the code to cutout the starter at 60%? I suspect it may require some LUA script thing. If so, above my pay grade. I fly this plane in VR, so I don't see the mouse or throttle quadrant. Hence trying to emulate the buttons in the sim. I can feel the buttons and levers on the quadrant, so that works OK for me. If it's the LUA thing, or not possible, I understand. I have left a query with the FSW MU2 dev, to see if he could bind the switches, but no answer as of yet. Any input appreciated. David
  11. Hello John, Thank You again for the input. If I may, I would like some clarification Please. Recently, I came across a product that was essentially a vinyl overlay for the Saitek quadrant. I know the dimensions. I'm going to try and make one for the MU-2 setup. That said, I will now have specific areas I need to line up with the physical SAitek power levers and the sim power levers. Example, when I have my saitek power levers even the flight idle label, if I look at the sim power levers and the positon in the sim is not matched up from physical position....is this were the syn pos comes in? Is it physically moving the sim power levers to match were I have placed my hardware levers on the quadrant. Or is sync pos just strictly for output of engines when levers are matched. I have read that chapter numerous times. Sorry, still a bit unclear what the sync pos actually does. I need to match the sim power levers to my Saitek power lever postions, since I will be using my new label on the saitek. Will sync pos do this. Or is there another way. I need them to match up both places, before I install my physical detents on the quadrant. Thank You once again for your valuable information. Best, David
  12. Hello everyone. recently i was made aware of a kit that will allow you to use physical detents on the saitek throttle quad. Initially I thought I would need to use the Syn Pos within FSUIPC. However, I believe this should work. I am setting this up for the FSW MU-2. I fly the MU2 real-world, I also have an actual throttle quadrant. It has some physical detents. With the saitek detent kit, I can't fairly emulate my MU2 quad. I plan to go in the sim(P3Dv5) Move the sim throttles with the physical hardware, noting where the detents would be on actual quadrant. When I hit the sim point on the quadrant, I physically mark that on the Saitek. When done, I'll have the areas marked for throttles and condition levers and flaps, I'll then use the kit to install the detents. Everything should correlate on the Saitek and the sim. Unless I'm missing something? Seems pretty straight forward. Granted, this isn't USIPC to setup, but do I need too in this case. Of course I use FSUIPC for the axis and calibrations and buttons needed. Also, there are some buttons in the FSW MU-2 that I can't seem to locate within FSUIPC. One of which are the starter buttons. They are held down initially, then released. Based on the manual, seems like a mouse macro would work for this procedure? Question? You need to hold the starter switch down until the RPM reaches 10%. Then you get lightoff, and the button stays depressed and lit till 60% RPM. When I set up the mouse macros do this, and attach it to a switch on the Saitek. Will I need to hold that switch down for the 10% RPM too, or does it account for the time form the macro? IE I just need to momentarily flip the switch, and the macro will emulate the holding of the start button? Lastly, now that I will have physical detents, when you go below flight idle, you are in ground idle range. As you decrease the power levers, it put you more into beta-reverse mode. With full reverse past the bottom detent...this is a switch. I read about the range stuff. Is there a way I could reduce the power levers in the ground range, to slowly cause the engine to go towards reverse. I would use the slowly decrease power button? If not it's fine. There isn't even a beta engine sound change anyway. Just trying to add to my realism a bit. Or would something like this require a LUA of some sort? Thanks for your time. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed. FYI I'm using the latest FSUIPC version 6.x Best, David
  13. Hello everyone. A while back Mr.Pete Dawson was kind enough to write a lua script for me that helped to keep the FlySimware MU-2 torque limited to less than 30 This was done, as the sound file will change to takeoff if torque is above 30, so you get an up/down sound. It works fairly well, but every once in a while the sound will still change as the throttles are moved, and the torque will creep above 30 a little. FYI I am by no means a programmer. I just fly planes for a living. 2 things I wanted to ask:: 1 When on the ground, the condition levers are in taxi position, this is also correlated with the sound. Is there a way I could use that position, to keep the torque limited, so that the sound doesn't change on taxi. IE if the conditions levers are in the taxi position, it will maintain that sound configuration. 2. When airborne, the condition levers are at takeoff position. Same situation, is there a way to correlate that control lever position to limit my torque to above 30, otherwise I get that sound file change going on. IE maintain the sound until condition levers pulled back to taxi range again.Just trying to get a little more realism in operations and sound coordination if possible. Apologies, for the lengthy post. I try and be complete, so everything is clear and understandable. EDIT: I'm running latest version of FSUIPC 6 for P3Dv5 Hot Fix Any help Appreciated. Best, David
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