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  1. Ok, let me explain what I did: 1. Copied my entire P3D 'Modules' over to a temp folder A. Had custom assignments for each aircraft within FSUIPC and had created the [JoyNames] section in there. Just double-checked the FSUIPC4.ini file. B. I was not using the 'Profiles' folder as of yet when tested. But changed to that to see if that made a difference. No difference in assignments). 2. Formatted my OS drive 3. Formatted my P3D drive 4. Fresh install of Windows 7 on OS drive. 5. Full install of P3D v2.3 on my P3D drive. 6. Copied the Modules folder into the new P3D installation. That's all I've done really. Now I noticed there is no [JoyNames] in the newly created Profiles folder but there is still that section located in the newly created FSUIPC4.Ini file. Hope that helps.
  2. Ah.... that must be it Pete (welcome back by the way), as I did perform a new fresh install Win7 on a new SSD. Is there a way to get it back? I do still have the old Win7 OS on my old SSD and I was using the FSUIPC's joystick lettering facilities. Can I grab a file there (fingers crossed) or somewhere and move it over to the new OS?
  3. Yea, I dropped in the patch and it is working with v2.3 but..... I no longer have my reatined settings for axis, buttons, etc. I did convert to the Profile folders method (which I think will be great), so I am not sure if its just because its a beta patch and not fully working or when I went to the Profile folders something got broke? Anybody else have any experiences so far - good or bad? Clutch
  4. Interesting, I just dropped in my P3D v.2.2 ini and it looks like settings were not retained? My throttle is now my brake on several aircraft. I switched over to the Profiles folder (which is a great improvement), but I wonder if that broke my settings? Anybody else losing setting sdespite having a custom ini? This is using the FSUIPC beta 2.3 dll by the way.
  5. Nope - it's there, completely missed the link in the manual as I went straight to your downloads section of the website. Many thanks.
  6. I just installed my STB for P3Dv2.1 (with the hotfix), and all is working great. Many thx for the free update. So now I have tried it out to make sure all works good, I wish to install it on my 2nd PC to run remotely. But I see no Server specifically for P3D. Is there one? Or do I use the FSX version? All I read is info regarding FSX on this matter. If so, I see many updates for the server - is there just one latest one to use? Any direction on this would be most helpful. Thx for a fun product - great for plane spotting. Clutch
  7. Excellent! That file did the trick. Working great now over my network. Many thanks for the fast responce. :razz: Clutch
  8. I just installed STB v3.2 for P3D on my Prepar3D PC. Works great. So now I wish to install it on my laptop as a client. I've installed STB on the client - no issues. But I see no v3.2 STB-DS P3D download at your site to match along with it? I tried installing the v3.2STB-DS for FSX but after installation the moment I try to start the program is closes on it's own after about a second? I even re-downloaded from your site the latest version just to make sure (but it still says for FSX), and did a repair install. Still no luck. Can you face me in the right direction? Many Thanks, Clutch
  9. I noticed this happening with FSX and now with P3D. At the beginning of a flight or even during the middle of a flight I seem to lose my connection with FSUIPC assignments. For example, I will lose my aileron and elevator of my yoke (Saitek). I open up FSUIPC (v4.852), and clear the axis tab, move my yoke a little and it registers. Go back into P3D and I have control once again. Thinking It could be a hardware or connection issue, I have all my yoke assignments assigned through FSUIPC making sure there is no axis or button assignemtns through P3D. The only assignemnt I have through P3D is the Hat Switch. What I noticed is when I loose control my Hat Switch is still working - just no FSUIPC assignments. I have also seen this happen repeatedly with my Trim wheel and throttle quads which are also Saitek, if that is relevant. My assignments are set up through aircraft profiles. Could have a corrupt FSUIPC.ini file? I just moved it over from FSX to P3D rather than creating from scratch. Could it be related? Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  10. If I may chime in, Steve the Saitek switch panel uses what is standard for default aircraft and does not always work with 3rd party aircraft. One being the PMDG 737. However, you are in luck. If you use a 3rd party program called SPAD (stands for Saitek Panels Advanced Driver), it includes special code to work with the NGX. Check their site, the program is freeware, and the developer, Massimo, has really done an outstanding job creating new interfaces for each of the Saitek panels. http://fstools.weebly.com/ Hope that helps, Clutch
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks for such a quick reply. I musta mis-read the manual. So if this is true (wait, let me re-read the above just to make sure, ha), shouldn't I have to go through my profiles and set up each one with a yoke, rudders? I never did but those work across the board with all my profiled aircraft? Wait a minuter... could that be when I start a new profile FSUIPC asks the question "do you want to add changes you already made" (not the correct wording but something to that effect). So it is moving those generic assignments into a specific profile? Your right, I only have maybe a dozen profiles I need to add it to. I guess I wouldn't be a true simmer if I didn't grumble about something, :lol: All the best, Clutch
  12. By this I mean when I first installed FSUIPC4 I created several universal assignments (ie; yoke, pedals), and then start creating profiles that were aircraft specific (flaps, throttles). So now I just got a new trim wheel I wish to use as a generic assignment among all aircraft. So I went to an unnassigned aircraft, assigned the trip wheel and saved it without assigning it to a particular profile. My assumption is next time I start an aircraft with a profile it would also recognize the trim wheel just like it does the yoke and pedals. But that does not seem to be the case as it appears not to work. Am I thinking this out correctly as I hope I do not have to go back an assign the wheel to each aircraft profile individually. thx, Clutch
  13. First I must say I picked this up on a whim when I saw it was on sale over the holidays. I thought is was gonna be just a simple single feature display type applet. WoW! Very impressive program I must say. Quite a bit of programming I see goes into it. Have it running on a 2nd laptop, just about to find the logos for it. Ok, now to my question. Is there an option to toggle between a 24hr. clock and a 12hr. (AM/PM) type display? If not, may I suggest that as an option in your next update. Happy New Year! Clutch
  14. Excellent! I will start reading on the subject. Happy New Year, Clutch
  15. I would like to re-create the 2D panel views when using the hatswitch and the panning views when in a VC cockpit as one typically sees using FS9. Can I program FSUIPC to know which "view" I am in and thus give me panning or spot views? (hope I am making sense here). Reading up it in the manual seems I can use one or the other but for both like FS9? Maybe manually editing the .ini? Reading up now on the Advance User's Guide but thought I would throw this out there as I research. You may be asking why not just use the default FS9 programming for this? Well, my pedal's rudders and toe brakes tend to get screwed when I have them on so I would like to try and just turn off all joysticks in FS9. thx, CLutch
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