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  1. ok thank you, and apologize for the mistake
  2. good evening I have an old version 4.0, now I want to go back to the field with my simulator and I would like to download the latest version, do you know I have a discount or do I have to pay for it in full? thank you
  3. ciao alessandro ti ho risposto alla mail, non so se ti e' arrivata, perche' mi dava recipiente full, fammi sapere qui se ti e' correttamente arrivata la mia risposta, ciao.
  4. penso di poter parlare in italiano con te, mi sembra tu sia di Ferrara se vedo bene (LIPF). ti ringrazio tantissimo sia dei complimenti e soprattutto dell'aiuto che potrai darmi, come hai potuto leggere AUA668 è molto disponibile, ma cio' che per lui e per te magari e naturale per me e' CRIPTONITE, io uso SPAD.NEXT e schede LEO BODNAR per gli imput e ULTIMARC placled64 come hardware, con SPAD.NEXT mi trovo bene ma non so perche da un po di tempo gli output non mi funzionano piu, agiscono in ritardo i led associati alle variabili output rispetto al programma di volo, o si accendo e spengono per conto loro, dai vari messaggi a spad. forum sembra che il problema siano le variabili majestic che hanno degli errori, ma prima quando avevo un altro pc con W7 funzionava tutto benissimo, e le variabili output della majestic sono praticamente le stesse, morale della favola mi ritrovo con questo problema insormontabile e se non lo risolvo non posso andare avanti con il lavoro. secondo AUA668 a lui funzionano con FSUIPC e non so con quale altro programma, se tu puoi davvero aiutarmi ti saro' veramente grato alessandro. saluti.
  5. ok, I realize to be ignorant, and I thank you for the help you are trying to give me, but I have to be honest, for me it's difficult, you should tell me step by step how to make it so that you get to have the final step to make it work the outputs, or try to contact us in another way, but I realize I ask you too much. unfortunately all my work becomes useless if I don't solve this problem. I am attaching some of my works designed and built with my CNC, an excellent hardware job is coming, and I'm at the end of the panels, but I'm stuck for this problem. greetings and thanks.
  6. I apologize, but I don't understand, do you use the MAJESTIC DASH8 Q400 output variables (so all the LED lights) and work regularly and in sync with the MAJESTIC DASH8 Q400 flight simulator with FASUIPC ??
  7. hahaha, you are absolutely right, I thank you for the availability, my problems are only the outputs, in all the rest I have configured it with SPAD.NEXT, but the outputs do not seem to work due to errors of values in the variables ouptut XLM from majestic. have you configured output variables and the LEDs light up regularly in sync with the simulator? thanks.
  8. thanks aua 668 my problem unfortunately is' WRITE A SMALL PROGRAM IN LUA, you know how I have to do to learn the necessary steps, I have designed and built a cnc machine to be able to design and build all my aircraft panels, I am a pilot that has been flying for 30 years, I'm realizing that I have to become a programmer too , if I want to see my dream come true, for me it's hard to be honest, it's my CRYPTONITE,... programs, variables, ofset etc, etc. but thanks to you I realized that the LUA program is my necessary means to solve the problem, I ask you for the last advice (I don't want to monopolize your time) on how to create this program in LUA. thank you so much
  9. thank you so much in fact I have the list of XLM variables, but I don't know how to use them with fsuipc, in particular the output variables that are currently the most important, could you please explain in detail how can I use them with FSUIPC? which cards i can use for the outputs, (I have output cards of the ULTIMARC PLACLED64) can I use those? if you can help me step by step I would be really grateful
  10. ok sorry pete my problems are the outputs, i'm building a home cockpit of the DASH8 Q400 MAJESTIC, the variables have them all, the inputs I managed all of them, but I don't know how to do to be able to interface the outputs, (in practice all the leds of the airplane), my problem and only this, if you could help me somehow I would be grateful
  11. thanks for the answer Mr dowson I was referring to the majestic Q400 variables, as I see PMDG also majestic has its variables, is it not possible to use them with FSUIPC? also they told me that macromouse are only for inputs and not for outputs, is it correct?
  12. Goodmorning Mr. Dowson
    you know if it is possible to use the MAJESTIC dash8 q400 variables with FSUIPC 5 for P3DV4?
  13. Goodmorning everyone any of you know if it is possible to use the MAJESTIC dash8 q400 variables with FSUIPC 5 for P3DV4? thanks.
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