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  1. Hi, is there any offset for the coordinates of the user aircraft? Unfortunately I can't find something like that in the offset list. Cheers, FSlikerX
  2. Hi, which type of value (Uw, UB, UD,...) is used to read the availible FS memory (Offest: 024C)?
  3. Okay :) That`s perfekt... Thanks When does FSUIPC call the scripts in the [auto] section? When the sim is fully loaded?
  4. Provides FSUIPC a possibility if the simulator is ready to call a Lua file again and again after a certain time ? Because as far as I know [ auto] doesn`t call this the lua multiply ?! I apologize again for the beginner fails... FSlikerX
  5. Hi, Thank you for all these awesome tips.. okay so now I have another script but it doesn`t print out anything... --------------------------- -- lua script exporting QNH in (another) FSUIPC-Offset QNH_cur = (ipc.readDD(0x0330)/16) BaroSTD_cur = ipc.readLvar("AB_MPL_Baro_STD") -- AB_MPL_Baro_STD is LVar, that indicades if Pressure is set to standart -- =1 means the pressure should be standart(1013hpa); =0 means manual pressure if (QNH_cur ~= QNH_pre and BaroSTD_cur = 0) then QNH_pre = QNH_cur ipc.display("QNH_cur") ipc.writeUW(0x66C0, QNH_cur) end elseif (BaroSTD_cur ~= BaroSTD_pre and BaroSTD_cur= 1) then QNH_cur = 8888 BaroSTD_pre = BaroSTD_cur -- 8888 simulate the standart pressure ipc.display("QNH_cur") ipc.writeUW(0x66C0, QNH_cur) end ipc.sleep(10) ------------------------------- First off all I simply wants to write the QNH Value in another offset :smile: By the way: ofcause I wrote the script in the [Auto] part... FSlikerX
  6. :) So the the scripts basic: ALT_set = ipc.readLvar("AB_AP_ALT_Select") ipc.writeUW(0x66C0, ALT_set) Does LUA need a funktion arround these two commands to be run? -I`m accustomed to JAVA- The first reason why I want the vallue in an offset: As I allready said at the beginning of this topic I`m looking forward to buy the Arcaze Display-driver set and therefor I need a possibility to `export` the Variables out of the Airbus to the FSUIPC-Connector (the word allready the function: It shows the values of an FSUIPC-offset [that`s why I need an offset :)] on the 7-segment-display) and for the 2nd reason: I am going to write a pogramm like LINDA for the Airbus which export all possible variables for example to show tehm on a display... Cuold you tell me, if there is a standart offset the coordinates of the flying airplane?
  7. Ohh well Thank you for your answer... I think that was just a result of copy and paste (without checking it :/ ) Do you mean: ipc.writeUW(66C0, ALT_set) Ofcause it has to write not to call the Offset...
  8. Would this work? function ALT_set(offset, value) ALT_set = ipc.readLvar("AB_AP_ALT_Select") end event.offset("66C0", "ALT_set")
  9. oh I'm sorry...I was allread on step ahead. May I ask you first: What the normal Offset for importing such a LVar would look like (How to write it, that FSUIPC is posible to read it - just a normal lua script?) ?
  10. Does the lua script have to do something else:1st: read the LVAR with ALT_value = ipc.readLvar("AB_AP_ALT_Select") 2nd: return the ALT_Value 3th: that's it ??
  11. Okay thank you soooo much :)Is it possible to convert this LUA-script-final-value to an FSUIPC Offset?
  12. Hi Pete,https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B52r0OXN32CXWkk4Z01xZnJUdUE/view?usp=docslist_api This is the newest SDK for the Airbuses... Is it possible to read for example the selected ALT (AB_AP_ALT_Select) with the following command: ALT_value = ipc.readLvar(AB_AP_ALT_Select) ?
  13. I think it should be possible to read for example the battery-level out of the AS Airbus via SimConnet. [ELECTRICAL BATTERY LOAD Battery load ELECTRICAL BATTERY VOLTAGE Battery voltage] Due to that fact: Is it possible to read data from the Airbus with FSUIPC or do I still need a LUA pogramm?
  14. Thank you but I am a little bit confused know...Is that only the LINDA Airbus Module or thee Airbus SDK or does it simply include the LVar I'm looking for? Wishes
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