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  1. And that was the answer. By using the ,*-1 suffix in the .ini, I was able to invert both the throttle axes and get them oriented correctly. As it turned out, I had to do the same with the brake axes. Now everything is working correctly - flight controls are correct via the "invert axes" option in the Airbus configurator, throttles and brakes are correct thanks to the new parameter in the .ini file. Many thanks, Pete, for your help. And thanks also, gardan, for pointing me in the right direction. I'll go post the solution over at the Aerosoft forums so that others don't have to go through this. Thanks again.
  2. Ah, interesting. Didn't know that (I generally acquire programming knowledge only when forced to by developers' quirks...) Let me try that now and see what happens. I'll be back shortly...
  3. @Pete - thanks for the link, but if I'm reading that thread correctly, the lua script in question is for the original Airbus X, not the Extended. I've searched the User Contributions subforum but haven't found anything for the Extended specifically. I'll post there, and maybe also in the Avsim LINDA forum, and see what I can come up with. @gardan (Michel) - merci! But unfortunately, although I have some French, it's not up to the technicalities at hand, and Google Translate only gets me so far. A question - am I correct that your solution is designed to get the throttles to operate in the reverse range? If so, that's great, but my problem is more basic - the axes are entirely inverted, so that moving my hardware controller to full throttle moves the VC throttles to idle. I'm wondering if Pat_59's script might be the answer. I'll try it and report back. In the meantime, if you read this and can tell me if I'm on the right track or not, that's be great. Many thanks for your help!
  4. Well, uh, yeah - that was essentially my question to them: How can you blame FSUIPC if you're not letting me use its facilities to solve the problem? At some future point I may decide to say something publicly about the quality and tone of Aerosoft's customer support. But first things first. I wasn't aware of the availability of these particular Lua scripts. I'll check out the subforum and see if there's anything available that address the problem. And yes, if I can manage to solve it, I'll post here and also over at Aerosoft (and via PM to their customer service people) so that they'll be able to give advice that's actually useful. Thanks for the support so far and I'll keep you posted. Best, Alan
  5. I regret having to join the group of users having problems with FSUIPC and the Airbus X Extended. But here I am. I've already taken this issue up with Aerosoft tech support, and have been told rather firmly that it's not something they're able or willing to address. So I'll take it up here. The issue is this: I've followed the instructions on their forums for setting up controls under FSUIPC. All of the controls work properly with one exception - the throttle axes are inverted. When I try to un-invert them using the Aerosoft Airbus configuration tool (by de-selecting "invert axes"), the throttle problem is cured - but all of the other axes are inverted as well (e.g. a full left aileron command deflects the ailerons to the left, and so on). Under any other circumstances, I'd go into FSUIPC and check the "reverse" box in the calibration pages for the two throttles. But Aerosoft's FADEC module is unable to read FSUIPC calibration - if I try, the axes become unreadable altogether. I've asked them whether there's a way to address a single axis (or in this case a pair of axes) inside their module. Their reply is that the problem is with FSUIPC, not with their software, and they're not going to take any action to address my issue. My FSUIPC setup works with all my other aircraft, and with a suite of control devices including a PFC yoke and throttle quadrant, a Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS (I was trying to use its joystick as an Airbus sidestick), Saitek pedals (soon to be replaced with PFC) and a custom set of helicopter controls. I do recall one similar issue with a different Aerosoft product - the 4X Katana. In that case, the prop lever was inverted, and I was unable to set it up to use the prop governor. But in that case, I was able to use the Katana's configuration routine to define the axes as a normal one without the governor, and that allowed me to use it, but without the governor function. I've also found that A2A's configuration utility can't read FSUIPC inputs, but most of those can be replicated within FSUIPC, so it's not an issue. This is the first time I've run across an aircraft with a critical control that won't respond to FSUIPC calibrations. I'm open to anything you can suggest about my setup. For the record: I'm running FSX with Acceleration on a W7 PC, i7-3770K overclocked to 4.8 gHz on a custom water cooling loop, 16 megs of DDR3 2400 RAM, and a GTX 680 card, also water-cooled. I'd be glad to provide further specs as needed. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. And that solved it. Many thanks for your help!
  7. Apologies - I misspoke. It turns out that I'm on 5.3a already. What should I check next with regard to the 717? Thanks for your help so far - and thanks in advance for the next round.
  8. Just started operating from KDCA and on both of my departures, an Airtran aircraft (Citrus 614, looks like a Fokker or some other kind of small rear-mount twin turbojet) is stuck on Runway 1. ATC sees him and keeps instructing him to "exit runway when able." He doesn't move, and all landing traffic is instructed to go around. The only way I can depart is to roll through him (crash detection is disabled). Shortly after, of course, ATC cancels my IFR clearence because I haven't been cleared to take off. Is there any fix or workaround for this? Am using MyTraffic 5.3 under Windows 7 64 home premium. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Thanks, gentlemen -- sensitivity does in fact turn out to be the culprit. Now have a working quadrant. Appreciate the pointers to the obvious -- which unfortunately wasn't obvious to me. And good to be airborne again... Best, Alan
  10. I haven't calibrated the reverser axis -- none of the levers on the quadrant seems to apply to it. And the mixture 1 level produces no respose at all in FSUIPC. I'm sure there's something I'm missing -- but I'm open to suggestion as to what that might be.
  11. Similar problem here -- fifth lever (mixture 1) is recognized in the FS joystick calibration routine, but not in FSUIPC -- axis doesn't respond at all when I try to calibrate. Using FSUIPC 3.50. All other axes are responding OK. I've checked to see if there's a conflict for the mixture 1 assignment but can't find one. Would welcome any suggestions. Thanks!
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