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  1. Great shots Darran, really love the first one, fantastic looking :cool: Will defo do some My Traffic 6 pics E
  2. Thank you Ernie for the tips :razz: Thank you Burkhard for the speedy reply, very happy now, really nice product :razz:
  3. Ok so I have Traffic at most of the bigish airports so I'm happy there, no Traffic at Galway but I'm happy still. I have no Traffic at Sumburgh Scotland, its not a big deal just wondering really am I supposed to. The flashing models only flash when I'm a mile or two away from them, when i'm up close they don't flash Great product indeed '
  4. I installed My Traffic 6 today, after hearing some reports of a tricky install i payed close attention to the instructions and all went very well indeed, so i was delighted with myself. Question: I have traffic in all the big airports like Dublin, Southampton, KLAX, Oslo but i have no traffic in Sumburgh Scotland or any other smallish airports in England or Ireland, i'm just wondering am i doing something wrong, should there be traffic at these locations? Question: When i fly over or close to the plane models they tend to flash slightly from black back to there native color, is this normal? Its not a big deal i'm just wondering Kind Regards Elaine D Dixon
  5. Just bought My Traffic 6, so far so good, very happy indeed :razz:
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