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  1. I bought and payed the previous version FSUIPC5 and now i want to update to the Version for P3Dv5. Why do i not get the special upgrade price that is promised in the messag here under?? (i do log in with same account) If you previously purchased PETE DOWSON - FSUIPC5 FOR P3DV4 at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 12.09 incl. VAT only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!
  2. Can i find somewhere a complete guide how to setup my TCA airbus units (throttles and joystick) together with FSUIPC in order to work OK with FSLabs airbus (not aerosoft)
  3. Hi, my joystick is setup with joy.cpl and all axis calibrated again in FSUIP (payed version) ; although the reaction with my FSLabs airbus is not realistic; i adapted SLOPE but this just changes the point of reaction to the stick input. On long final, the small stick movements have no reaction and if i move a bit further the airbus banks as quick and as hard as a cessna... how make this more realistic ?
  4. Thx Thomas, indeed ; i guess for about 70% of the posted issues, the solution is right there in the manuals, but as many members, posting an issue is far more easy than snifflng in about a total of 2000 pages of manuals... sometimes we are a bit lazy for that 😉
  5. Thx for reply Pete, no prob, with this setting of 40Nm my TCAS is finally showing traffic as it should In sim world solutions are sometimes hidden in concealed places... 😉
  6. In both my airbusses (FSL - AS) i had no TCAS indications. I use PSXT and RT. I searched for hours in make the TCAS working, until Niko told me to set TCAS range in FSUIPC not to unlimited but rather to 40 Nm; same as setting in PSXT. Now my TCAS is working. Why is TCAS showing totaly nothing when FSUIPC TCAS range is set to unl ?
  7. I bought Saitec throttle for my P3Dv4 airbus and i have a registrated FSUIPS, where to find settings for AS airbus 318/320. Throttles, flaps, and the trick to activate thrust reversers
  8. Absolutely no problem , as i now use version 4.958 - so i'll come back in a while to see if any solution for the simconnect issue...
  9. OK. as i said; in that case i rather prefer not to spent time in trying out all the things proposed in the threads... i prefer to sit back and wait for a general solution for this issue with this latest version. In the mean time i would like to play the sim for a couple of weeks with the previous version of FSUIPC, it ran very smooth, I still have the download from a year ago. Should i just install it again or do i have to delete the actual version first ?
  10. Pete, Sorry i did not use the right words: when launching my p3d, the p3d logo comes on then after 30 seconds where normally the select windows comes, then nothing happens, p3d disappears and i have my desktop and p3d does not come to live. When i change to "manual" in xml.dll then it asks OK , with every part and when i answer NO at the FSUIPC part, then my P3D starts up without any problem, but when i say YES at FSUIPC question, then my P3D shuts down and i simply get my desktop without any warning. So i do not know if this is a windows crash or not, anyway , where to find th
  11. Pete, thx for quick response, here it is FSUIPC4.log
  12. I have a registered version of FSUIP for 1year now, yesterday i updated to latest version and after 3 flights my P3D keeps on crashing also now. In dll.xml i put manual load and P3D is starting OK , of course without FSUIPC for now. I can see some issues here with latest version, i just wanna wait a few weeks till issues are solved. In the mean time i would like to roll back to previous version. I still have the download from 1 year ago, should this file bring me back to my previous FSUIPC ?
  13. OK, but it stays difficult to accept that free addons (WOAI) take 10 minutes to install with very good results and for rather expensive addon (MYT6) you need to follow a difficult plan with lots of settings, taking lots of time, and after all the result is poor. Logically it should be the reverse way: free addons take lots of work to install whilst the expensive addons are tuned for a smooth and automatic installation, addons are not ready to sell if users have to "rename" files, manually change cfg's etc...
  14. It depends, i know people playing the sim on the addict with a ten years old PC and i now people using a triple laser-video-projector screen for their sim...
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