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  1. Hello from the surroundings of Vienna Pete ! Please tell if you plan to add an alignement of the notches for the FeelThere Airbus (for CL, FLX, TOGA) It would be great, if I could aligne these notches like the ones of the flaps (detents). On this page you can see on the lower left corner the sticker for one of the levers (Test in 'FS-Magazin', sorry in German only) http://www.mc-technik.com/SimHard/images/FSMagazin3.pdf Thanks in advance for your answere and best Regards. Hermann
  2. Hello from Austria! Pete please tell me, if a Keypress command sent by offset 3110 with parameter 1070 has an defined minimum puls length? Or must I define the pulse length by myself eg with 1071 and 1072. What I want to do is to send a '+' (NumPad) when eg the levers are in FLX position. Thanks in advance Hermann
  3. Hi toghether, I am new in this forum and would like to introduce what I am doing: in spring 2006 my friend Tony and I developed a Motorized Throttle Quadrant using programs and electronics from OpenCockpits and the program 'SIOC'. As connection to the program we use FSUIPC offsets. With standard planes all works fine, the motores for the levers and the elevator trim runs smooth and we are satisfied. But for non standard planes we have problems to find the offsets. We searched in this forum and found this messge from Peter: 'I know some folks have found some values for the earlier PMD'. Is there a list of these offsets available? We would be glad to here from you. Here you can find more about our Motorized Throttle: http://www.mc-technik.com/SimHard/en/main.html A short video showing the throttle working in a F100 you can find here: http://www.mc-technik.com/SimHard/image.eu.tt.wmv Thanks in advance Best Regards Hermann Hummer AUA506
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