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  1. Pete, I fully understand your point but even the most thourough and best of us cannot remember everything. I work on a very complex project where my "hard-drive" (Brain) is actually full and there is little space left for extras. I need memos.Even pilots need check-lists not because they are dumb but because they need them to memorise things for safety reasons. May I suggest the following; when Installing FSUIPC create a shortcut on the desktop or any other site where it can be found easily that reads "FSUIPC DOCS". You have created a great product but one of the major flaws of Software d
  2. Hello fellow simmers, I have a problem when I switch my USB mouse and keyboard and monitor from the client Pc to the Server running P3D V2. WideFs on client pC runs well and very stable and connects SAITEK panels. Interesting: I connect the panels using the SAITEK FS2004 PANEL PLUGIN and NOT the FSX plugin! The Saitek panels /WideFS work well until I use the USB switch to see the Server screen / connect the mouse and keyboard. When I switch back to the client WideFS crashed and I get the following message "FS ELIMINATOR FOR FSUIPC CLIENT application has stopped working" Note;
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick reply- I ignored that Widefs didn't control joystick axis inputs over a client PC. Must have missed that in the docs. I expect that I got confused as many users use FSUIPC to overcome such glitches with their controls running directly on FS (server). I learned something here. Cheers! Erik
  4. Hello, I have the same problem with a SAITEK pro flight yoke installed on a networked PC running updated WIDEFS (registered). I can asign buttons and keys on FSUIPC4 installed on server PC but no axis. FSUIPC and WIDEFS are up to date. I had an older version but installed the latest version from Shiratti.com (version 4.954). This did not solve the problem, nor did "Joyids" software. It did asign an ID nr. and "saw" the yoke but this did not help FSUIP in registering my yoke on the client PC. I tried also to connect the yoke to the server and FSUIPC was able to register the yoke's ID
  5. Hello Pete, I have a similar problem as the one described in this forum topic. My saitek yoke is not recognized in FSUIPC4 on a networked PC running widefs. Symptoms; NO ID nr. or joystick ID appears in FSUIPC on networked pc running with updated WIDEFS. I tried creating a Joystick ID nr- with the "Joyids" software as you suggested and my device appears as "SAITEK ID nr.#1" on this software table, but it doesn't change anything. Still no joystick or axis control in FSUIPC4 on network PC. I tried the same procedure connecting the Yoke to the Server PC running FS and yes
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