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  1. Sorry about that, John. I really tried to delete my post to avoid giving you trouble to read this. Anyway I followed instructions and everything worked. Tks again for help
  2. Had trouble while installing FSUIPC because WideFS serial was with email-1 and FSUIPC serial was email-2 Checked box "Check if using..." and everything worked.
  3. 1) Yes in Bravo Throttle => 2engines config => Lever 1/spoilers - Lever 3/throttle 1 - Lever 4/throttle 2 - Lever 6/flaps 2) Didn't follow your instructions just because I was trying to understand if this annoying issue (Lever 1 & Lever 4 in Bravo) had anything with my changing hardware from Saitek and CH Quadrant to Honeycomb Bravo. 3) I understand that to use FSUIPC I will need to clear all assignments inside P3D and Honeycomb ConfigTool. FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini
  4. Sorry. Didn't explain myself clearly and replied. What happens: Lever 1 => Spoilers // Lever 3 => Throttle 1 // Lever 4 => Throttle 2 Moving just Lever 1 backward => Lever 4 moves forward Moving just Lever 1 forward => Lever 4 moves backward Moving Lever 3 AND/OR 4 doesn't affect Lever 1 (it stays retracted)
  5. Is there any way to deal with these conflicting issues between Lever 1 and Lever 4 (moving opposite ways in my simulator)? Like deactivating all axis assignments and begin assigning them all over again? Is it possible that a registry entry not deleted (like Saitek software) even though harware was removed could be giving "conflicting orders" to P3D? And if so where should I find these entries? Does FSUIPC6.ini work as a "printscreen" of what's happening with P3D? To my newbie experience it was just an act of plugging or unplugging a harware from its USB port and everything worked just as it should but with these issues brought in this topic I verified that it's far from this. Sorry about giving you so much trouble with questions that may be dumb for experts but newbie like me are just begining to understand how things work within simulator
  6. Following your instructions about reading USER GUIDE Just to clarify me => Disable all Honeycomb BT axis in P3D4, including SPOILERS (lever 1) and FLAPS (lever 6)? FSUIPC6.log
  7. Sorry for posting it in wrong place. 1) by not installing any Honeycomb drivers & software are you referring to ConfigTool? 2) with Bravo Throttle there are 6 axis which would be L1->spoilers / L2-5->throttles / L6->flaps in a 4eng jet and variations of these for single & twin engine and 2eng jet How should I calibrate them? I understand that FSUIPC profiles can be created accordingly to work as a single eng / twin eng / 2eng jet / 4 eng jet (hope this is it) Unplugged Saitek, plugged Alpha Yoke then updated FSUIPC to 6.1.1 and this is my FSUIPC6.ini (didn't make any change and just verified that all axis where working in P3D) Tks for helping FSUIPC6.ini
  8. For many years I run my simulators with both Saitek X52 (axis assignments as elevators and ailerons & throttle) and CH Quadrant (axis assignments as prop, mixture & reversers => this one with a huge help from Pete/John Dowson) Recently bought Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant and => things got messy. 1) even after unchecking Saitek throttle axis Honeycomb BT seemed "crazy" => using Levers 1 & 2 (throttle 1-2 or throttle 1/prop 1) moving Lever 2 had no effect in Lever 1 BUT EVERY TIME moving Lever 1 up/down caused Lever 2 to work opposite way 2) Bert Laverman from Aerosoft's Forum for Honeycomb gave me I LOT of HELP and told me to get FSUIPC6.ini and wrote that Saitek was still there and maybe this was the issue. My Honeycomb Alpha Yoke just arrived but before unplugging Saitek X52 I need your help here: Do I need to make any changes in FSUIPC6.ini? This is my FSUIPC6.ini today 5/21/2021 0905am Zulu and didn't plug Honeycomb Alpha Yoke or unplugged Saitek X52 yet not wanting to make things worse. Tks FSUIPC6.ini
  9. Everything is fine now. Deleted FSUIPC5 installed by QW inside P3Dv4 modules folder. Verified that there is only one FSUIPC inside Simulator Addons and its v6. Many tks.
  10. FSUIPC5 was installed in P3Dv4\Modules\FSUIPC5_after QW install. There is no uninstaller there or anywhere so I think that just to delete this folder. FSUIPC6 was installed in ...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 and is shown at ...uninstall program at Windows.
  11. It was a mistake of mine. Newbie here. This is what I got: 2 FSUIPC. Can't see where I uninstall both FSUIPC. In Uninstall Program I have FSUIPC6.0.12 but no FSUIPC5. 1) How to uninstall both v5 & v6? 2) Shall I uninstall QW787 too? Tks
  12. Trouble here. Updated QW787 to v1.4.0 and with it came a FSUIPC5.15x. I had v6.0.9 installed. When running P3Dv4.5 there is a message (attachments there). Inside C:\Documents\P3Dv4 Addons\FSUIPC6. Followed instructions but only thing found in task manager is P3D running(3). Restarted computer & P3D with some error message.
  13. Hello. Have your FSUIPC5 payware. Updating to 6 will need uninstalling v5? Tks
  14. Hi, Pete Back to tell you that everything worked just fine. Put LorbySeceneryExport back beside MakeRwys, both with Admin rights, run MakeRwys and it got al my sceneries, even those installed in my G:/P3Dv4_Add-ons. Run Lorby-SI P3D AddonOrganizer and with exception of FlyTampa/Toronto path (which I didn't understand why since I have installed Amsterdam, Boston, Dubai and Vienna too - without any problem) that got a color warning, everything was green or light green. Anyway here is a printscreen of last MakeRwys run. Tks Eduardo
  15. I removed Lorby and run MakeRwys with admin rights and it worked. Sending a printscreen of this. Deleted last two lines. 1) Put Lorby back beside MakeRwys? 2) Do I run Lorby-Si AddOnOrganizer without Lorby inside P3D4.5 main folder or do I need to put it back before running it? Many tks
  16. Here is MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg & LorbyScenery.cfg inside my main P3D4.5 folder and P3D scenery.cfg (that is inside ProgramData) Is there any way to know if my SCENERY.CFG got corrupted? MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg LorbyScenery.cfg scenery.cfg
  17. Tried to run MakeRwys again and took 2 printscreens plus Runways.txt How does Lorby access both my AppData & ProgramData? Does MakeRwys need access to AppData? I followed instructions and placed both Lorby & MakeRwys into P3Dv4.5 main folder which in my case isn't a default installation Tks again for helping me Runways.txt
  18. Sorry. When I run MakeRwys for 1st time, after installing almost all of my sceneries, it worked just fine and a lot of runways were shown, increasingly in numbers until it stopped, creating files like r5... Then I installed 3 other sceneries, tried to run MakeRwys but it just showed 0 runways.
  19. Installed MakeRwys & LorbySceneryExport inside my main P3Dv4.5 folder and after running both were created MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg & LorbyScenery.cfg with some other files. MakeRwys worked fine creating a lot of runways. Then I installed other sceneries and tried to run MakeRwys again but it didn't work. I have E:/Lockheed Martin/P3Dv4.5 and F:/P3Dv4.5_Addons/Aerosoft folder sceneries plus ORBX Library folder. By default some sceneries were installed in C:/Documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Any clue? Tks
  20. It was what you said. Run P3Dv4 for first time then installed FSUIPC6. By default it created a folder in ...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC. Checked inside P3Dv4 and FSUIPC is there at Addon. Tks
  21. Tks for answering so soon. Didn't run P3D yet. Will run it first then will install fsuipc Eduardo
  22. I bought FSUIPC6 today (simMarket) and tried to run but it couldn't find P3Dv4.5. Have simulator installed in E:\Lockheed Matin\P3Dv4 Tks
  23. Tks for your help (as always). I read your comment that you are 75 and your son John will take care of FSUIPC. I'm sure he will give us the same help his father has done so many times. And enjoy your "retirement", Pete. You deserve it.
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