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  1. Hi Pete, Got the rotary encoders today and soldered them up, connected to BBI board and created a macro Inc and Macro Dec, now got all 4 brighness knobs working perfect!!!! Thanks again for your expert help! :razz: Kind Regards Rab
  2. Hi Pete, That's great news, I will use a rotary encoder like you suggest, can't thank you enough for your expertise
  3. Hi Pete, Thankyou for your quick reply! Sorry for not explaining very well. The add-on aircraft is the Majestic Dash 8 Q400. You are correct, I am indeed trying to effectively move a multi-position switch with 32 positions and I am are trying to "map" an analogue input value to each of these. The rotary knob is for increasing the brightness on the overhead panel in the virtual cockpit, when I use my mouse to increase the brightness each click increases the brightness by 3%, so from zero brightness to 100% takes 32 clicks of the mouse!! I only have 2 macros, 1 for the increse and one for the decrease (Brightness up and Brightness down). I then assign the macro to the axis and configure the 10 ranges for action. This only give me 50% of travel or 50%Brightness. Could I use a 360Deg rotary encoder to overcome the issue? Thankyou for your advice Pete Kind Regards Rab
  4. Hi Pete, First ever post on a forum for help! I have the BU0836X and BBI-32, both from Leo Bodnar. I also ordered a 10k pot (Leo Bodnar) and rotary switch and have a rotary encoder on order. I am building my own multi-panel to use with the MJ Dash 8 Q400. I am familiar with your software at a semi basic level i.e. I have all my control surfaces reverse thrusters working perfectly, thanks to your excellent software and guides :-) The Issue: I am using a 10k potentiometer connected to the BUX board via the analouge (Dial) input to control the overhead panel brightness knob using a mouse macro which I have working using the guide, the problem I have is that I can't get the knob in the virtual cockpit to turn through the full 100% of travel. I tried using the full 10 ranges for action available in the axis assignment with each assignment being a short range -- when testing the travel on the potentiometer I realised that Majestic have the rotary knob as 32 seperate switched positions, each increment turning the dial 3% of the full travel, so when I turn the potentiometer clockwise the most travel I can achieve on the virtual knob is 50%. (This would be 25%, however I have doubled this with a within range and then exiting range command in the axis assignment). So, I have 32 positions in total. But I only have 10 commands to switch positions. The 10 can be doubled to 20 using the "range exited control sent" checkbox -- but what about the remaining 12 positions? I should also point out I have not yet started on the brightness down, just to keep it as simple as possible for now :-\ Given these issues I am wondering if it will even be possible to acheive the full 100% of travel (Up & Down) with a potentiometre. Should I use a 360 Deg rotary encoder to do the job, or if there is an alternative approach using the potentiometer?? Any expertise would be greatly appreciated!! Many Thanks in advance Robert
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