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  1. Hey Simon I've figured it out. All my Jetblue paints are like this texture.Jetblue 'Barcode'. Ive removed the apostrophes from the barcode and everythings working. Thanks
  2. Thanks Simon. Will take a look
  3. Hi Heres the trace Two Jetblue flights didn't arrive at a stand at JFK STBClient.Trace.7z
  4. Hi Simon When a plane arrives now because if traffic conflict, sometimes they disappear from the game completely. STB will tell me they have arrived but they are not at any gates. This mainly happens to Jetblue planes at JFK and Southwest at LAX and a whole host of other airlines at various airports. There is plenty of space for the planes at the Jetblue terminal at JFK. I have attached a screeny Jetblue 662, 454 and 2601 are no longer in the game. Thanks
  5. Mr_LoL

    Reality Bubble

    I also think that Lockheed could add some form of Sids and Stars to the default ATC for all airports. That would really make my day.
  6. Mr_LoL

    Reality Bubble

    Simon can you do us a favor and report it for us? We've tried for the past three years but Lockheed have ignored us. I've found that they tend to listen to developers way more than end users. Thanks
  7. Mr_LoL

    Reality Bubble

    Hi Simon I have an issue with the reality bubble and some arriving aircraft at Heathrow. Some arriving aircraft never seem to get vectored properly by London ATC and will simply disappear from the the game. if they don't start their turn towards Heathrow by 60NM, they will disappear from the game. I have just had it happen to 2 Air Canada and an Icelandair flight coming from the N West to land on 27R. I have attached a screenshot of STB. All the blank spaces are aircraft that disappeared. I know it's nothing to do with STB but it's kind of irritating me because I do a lot of virtual spotting so I was wondering if you have any suggestions?
  8. Volker what is the problem with you supporting V4.1/4.2? Everytime you're asked you always give non answers "I'll think about it" "I can't answer that right now" "Maybe" Ugh. FSX is a dead end platform.

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