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  1. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Ultimate traffic/MyTraffic are garbage. I have spent the last 6 weeks compiling my own traffic with AIFP and it's a joy. I simply get the flightplans from AIG and UTT and repaints from Juergens website. All my schedules and repaints are up to date. I have added over 450 airliners even obscure ones like Air Burkina Faso. It's an absolute pain to do this for over 450 airlines but it's soooo worth it.
  2. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Hi Simon. When you're ready to release, can you put it on Simmarket? I was using an outdated version of STB for a year till I got the update from you last month. Thanks
  3. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Hey Simon Is it possible to incorporate an option that stops ALL go arounds? If a plane hasn't cleared the runway in time even though spacing in sufficient it will go around. So as soon as STB sees "Delayed" it arrives now automatically.
  4. Hi Simon Another quick question. I've just bought FSPXAI 777 from simmarket. STB keeps setting flaps for this model even though I've put 0 in the objects for the 777. How do I disable the flap setting feature completely please?
  5. Hi Simon How long till an update for V4?
  6. The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Same here Simon. Mine connects too but it says something about Virtual Cockpit and the depart now feature doesn't work. It'll do for now. Don't think you'll have to make too many changes to get something rudimentary out of the door.
  7. Can't control WOAI traffic

    You're correct. Prepar3d no longer supports FS9 models which is a good thing because they run like crap.
  8. Can't control WOAI traffic

    Simon I know this isn't your forte but in V4 some woai aircraft that were showing in V 3.4 aren't displaying in V4. Any ideas?
  9. Can't control WOAI traffic

    Hi Simon Thanks that update fixed it. Wondering why it's not on Simmarket. All I have to figure out is why some woai traffic doesn't show on V4.
  10. Can't control WOAI traffic

    Yes. I'm using 3.4.06. This is the latest version that's available on simmarket. How do I get the update? The BGL's are FSX format...I think. I have uploaded an image
  11. Can't control WOAI traffic

    Any News please Simon? I appreciate the fact you have a life and all but anything I should be doing?
  12. Can't control WOAI traffic

    Hi Simon. I have done what you have requested and attached the files. As you can see STB tells me that the planes are now on stand, yet they keep going around. Heathrow is now full of traffic going around lol. Is there something I should add to a config file? All flights are affected. It's a strange problem as I can order an aircraft to depart and it will it's just all these go arounds that suck. TrafficBoardFrontEnd.txt crash.txt
  13. Hey STB cannot control AI traffic in WOAI. I can view AI ok and the board tells me whats arriving/departing but when it comes to deleting planes or preventing go arounds, the program will tell me BA 1554 is at gate due to approach separation yet it will still be on on approach or going around. This is a brand new install of Prepar3d V3.4. STB works perfectly fine with MyTraffic but I hate the models with that package. Any ideas?
  14. Curious about this too Volker
  15. Sloped runways will be nice but apparently the reason they're not in is to do with AI aircraft. I read this on Avsim. Yeah Simon your program is vital for me. I don't have any go arounds at any of my airports, I can delete parked planes if the Gates are full to park my own plane etc. It's brilliant.