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  1. It seems to stop at the scanning of the traffic files? Any ideas? Thank you..Hope you are well. BobM.
  2. unc1rlm

    Installing update

    Thanks Simon...Nice but not nice...lol.... Warmest and Bestest, BobM.
  3. unc1rlm

    Installing update

    Hey Simon..the update can't find the program and I put it directly inside the folder and it still can't find it? Bestest and warmest to you!! BobM.
  4. unc1rlm

    Not sure its a problem with P3dv4.5

    I think its very good. I have had really no problems at all. Thanks Simon, Warmest and Bestest, BobM.
  5. Probably me but changed nothing...updated p3dv4.5 yesterday and it (the STB Client) says "simulator connection established"/Connecting to STB Data Server and connection successful .....(version) 8800 and then just sits there. Yellow in the box. Should I re-run wizard on client and server? UPDATE- I re-ran the config wizard on both Server and Client and everything is fine!!!! Any idea where to look? Thank you Simon, BobM
  6. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    You've been so nice..I will give you that extra hour .....Here you go.....🙂 Take a look at this page of some of the flight plans that they are developing and the AIG-OCI as they are ready will install the latest models,paints and schedule. Pretty cool. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=28889.0;topicseen Take care of yourself!!, Bob M.
  7. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    Thanks Simon...AIG is developing AGI-OCI which is in beta that automatically install the aircraft and schedules that would be the latest...Putting out Winter 2018-2019 now and its the very latest rather than waiting on the developer to put out a new schedule and maybe not update it for years.... https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?board=247.0 You really are the best!!!! I can sell you one more hour..will be on Sale soon. 🙂 BobM.
  8. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    I wrote this before I just now saw your post..you are both right 🙂 Got up at 5am to work on this....got to go to Dr. shortly. Tossed and turned all night about this......not really. A guy from AIG told me this and this solved my problem...Thank you Simon, really!!!! Bestest, BobM. Supertrafficboard loads the logo based on the value of atc_airline in the aircraft.cfg file. if there is no atc_airline entry, it loads the aircraft type.If you are asking why Wiggins Airways does not have a logo, it is because there is no logo in the Supertrafficboard logo directory with that name. You set the logo directory under settings, Logos.Hope this helps
  9. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    LOL....which line now OK Good Nite...I know how it is Warmest and Bestest Simon Bob M. 🙂 [fltsim.0] title=Super_Tucano sim=MGAI_EMB_314_Super_Tucano_AI_ONLY model=SuperTucano texture=USAF_Basic prop_anim_ratio=2.10 atc_airline= atc_parking_types=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes= ui_manufacturer=MG_AI_Super_Tucano ui_type=SuperTucano ui_variation=Test description=Turboprop basic trainer atc_id_color=0x00000000 atc_heavy=0 atc_id_font=Verdana,-11,1,600,0
  10. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    can you send me an example of a cfg file where the name of the airline is picked up so I can compare with mine?....you are talking about ticking the airline name in the far right boxes for "all" and not just on the departure/arrival side? Do I belong in here or NO....lol...its late..you probably want to go to bed and quick screwing with these Americans...:) Sorry to be a payne. Bestest, Bob
  11. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    oops..two monitors..can you see full screen ok..I can disconnect and send new one? Bob M.
  12. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    not sure..new board shot. Bob M.
  13. unc1rlm

    Missing Airline or Logos

    Thanks Simon......typically which line should the name be on so it shows up..can you paste an example to me so I can check it.... Here's a pic..I ticked airline name in dept/arrival....( maybe should have been in far right for all flights to show airline name coming and going? not sure now if i put mouse on column..right click and do something? In the second pic..I have been using 125x25 for png? This setting ok..Working on Wiggins Airways right now to correct on board and once I get the hang of it..I will be ok. Warmest and Bestest to you, Bob M.
  14. Hey Simon.....in the picture I have aircraft types listed as oppose to airline name. Is this being read on a certain line in the aircraft cfg file and do I need to edit it? I have AIG aircraft and bgl flight plans but on some of them..not all I get this. I have made 125x25 24 bit logos and some show and not all. I have read page 81 and i have edited in the config area for airline names..etc and it doesn't seem to change anything...... Kinda stumped here..not the first time. Warmest and bestest to you Simon, Bob M.

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