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  1. unc1rlm


    got it working...we're good Simon!! Bob M.
  2. unc1rlm


    Thanks Simon .....you need to watch the video from Nico if you can handle the "talking..lol" scenery is spectacular.. I talked to the guy and he is using the static aircraft and no live but I want live... šŸ™‚ I am not really sure what Hong Kong airport stb is monitoring..it says Hong Kong not "old" or vhhx.....the names for the airports are read where? AFCADS or in the Kai Tak scenery..I know the procedures etc are still listed in Navigraph VHHX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrqKlYxGXIQ&lc=UgyEasc8Ywft1Ya4uXd4AaABAg Bob M.
  3. unc1rlm


    I would say its greatly improved...I am just trying to figure out how to get the old aircraft and flight plans and everything to show up. KaiTak kinda dead right now..Trying to learn and work my way thru this. There is a sight for you to look at if interested. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/539488-flytampa-ki-tak-updated-for-p3d-v4/ but look at Page 3 for the Japanese website to get the old 1998 aircraft and flight plans etc. Bob M.
  4. unc1rlm


    Hey Simon..I have installed the new KaiTak from FlyTampa....for p3dv4.3. Will the schedule board show "when I connect" VHHX or just say Hong Kong cause I really don't know what airport I am seeing. I am having issues getting my aircraft to show even tho the board says they are there lol. Thanks, Bob M.
  5. I reinstalled it and everything ok Simon....Thanks!!! Bob M.
  6. When I run STBDS and re-run Airport Database....I get this error message? Any idees..Thanks, Bob M.
  7. Hi Alan..I just reinstalled Traffic3d....I see a directory called Traffic 3d_Sounds...np...inside there is a readme 1st and it says this:This folder called Traffic3D_Sounds must be installed in the SimOBjects\Misc Folder. just drag and drop it into the Misc folder. Not sure. Am I suppose to copy this to the designated folder. The program installed to the flight one folder per the directions on the install? Also the "uninstall is not in the Traffic3d_Sounds but outside the directory..is that an issue? I have made a copy of the utlive sound folder for backup. Thanks Alan, Bob M.
  8. Oh,,, It never dawned on me šŸ™‚ Thanks for all your hard work!!!! Bob M.
  9. Simon-update...didn't see it..downloading new data server...let me run it and see if it does the same stuff. 420pm prob 920pm where you are. Installed new DS and it did not autolaunch....good. I think we're ok...stb connected with no problem to server.....Sorry for any false information.....Now I am using UTLive again since Traffic Global is still so incomplete...If we can just get rid of those question marks etc..lol I know you can'tšŸ™‚ Thanks Bob M.
  10. NO Doubt you will...lol don't forget the other šŸ™‚ Bob M.
  11. Thanks Simon...ā€¦...one quick question..on the data server..I keep configuring to not start when p3dv4.3 launches and it keeps launching regardless...Any advice or can you look into it for the next edition. Thanks, Bob M.
  12. unc1rlm

    FS Time

    Thanks......I found in the manual.....I will look in advanced.....like run1...run2...etc...no biggie...I will get it figured out... Thanks Pete, Bob M.
  13. unc1rlm

    FS Time

    Thanks Pete....this is what I have in the ini...something is not right. I have been reading and something has changed and no longer required but here it is and still no go. [Programs] 1=Run1="C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Real Time\FSRealTime.exe" Thanks, Bob M.
  14. unc1rlm

    FS Time

    Thanks Pete. I guess it is FS Realtime. I was trying to launch it with fsuipc by using the run command and pointing to the exe in the program directory so it would launch with p3dv4.3 but obviously my command in the (program section) which you have to add to the ini since it's not there..what I have read anyway...that's my hang up...lol Maybe you could copy and paste a piece of what this ini should look like in the program section and I can paste with the correct wording of the exe for FS Real Time... Maybe I can use this to launch some other stuff if I need too. Thank you, Bob

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