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  1. Hello everybody, I have the problem that I can create the data, but Toper 737 itself still shows me Airac 2001. Can someone help me? Best regards Urs translator
  2. Hello Thomas, thank you very much for your answer and help. I will test it of course as soon as possible. Best regards Urs
  3. Hello John, many thanks for your answer and help. Best regards Urs
  4. Hello John, many thanks for your answer and help. Then I'm glad I or better said. Dr. Google interpreted this correctly:-) May I ask why it is limited to 9? Best regards Urs
  5. Hello Thomas, many thanks for putting together my WildeClient.ini. It works so well now. I only have the problem that it opens only up to 9 the programs. 10 and 11 will not open. This is possibly a limitation? The documentation also mentions only 1-9, but I have not read any explicit limitation. Thank you for your efforts, this is very nice. Best regards Urs
  6. Hello John, Thank you so much for your answer. In this case, I must either have had the wrong document opened or misinterpreted it from Google Translator. But I will try it with RunReady1 = .... under User in WideClient.ini. Thank you very much for your help and efforts. Best regards Urs
  7. Hello Pete, I hope you are well? Sorry my answer was so long, but I had a lot to do. Attached you will find the logs of WideClient. I really do not know why the programs do not start up. Thank you for your tireless work and help. Best regards Urs WideClient.ini WideClient.log
  8. Hello Pete, thanks for your detailed answer. I thought there might be some kind of command to wake up the wakeup PC like on a network from another PC. But now I have the general problem that the programs will not start anymore. No matter if Manuel or in the startup. Even with your suggested RunReady command, it does not work anymore. Best regards Urs
  9. Hello Joh, many thanks for your quick reply. Too bad this can not be started with FSUIPC. Yes exactly what I meant. And yes, when I start it with the help of the ICON (desktop shortcut), the Extrene programs that I have entered in the WildeClient.ini start. But I will still test and test your option. Best regards Urs
  10. Hallo Pete, falls es diese Frage jemals gab, entschuldige ich mich für dieses erneuerte Thema. Aber ich habe es nirgends gefunden. Auch nicht bei Google. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, WideFS, das sich auf einem Client-PC befindet, über FSUIPC auf dem Haupt-PC zu starten? Wenn ja, wie mache ich das? Wenn WideFS im Autostart von Windows startet, startet das Programm leider nicht, was ich beim Starten von WideFS möchte. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Best regards Urs Google Translator
  11. Hello Pete, i hope you are fine? I wanted to inform you that it was probably due to the Opencockpits (old firmware) Axes Card. I have now installed Leo Bodnar cards on the yoke and the pedals and now it works great. I would like to apologize for suspecting FSUIPC. Best regards Urs
  12. Hello Pete, thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunately, there are probably problems with the Translator. I have assigned in FSUIPC at this time no axes. Neither Yoke, Tiller or Pedals. I just then on the register where in the video to see this movement is seen at Throttle, if I have just pressed my rudder to the pedals. I just wanted to be sure that nothing is assigned and then I noticed this. I saw these things only because I registered the pedals in Prosim (because of the rudder) and wanted to have the Yoke in FSUIPC assigned and the pedals just in the prosim. I noticed big problems with my Ailron and Elevator. See you this video . https://www.mycloud.ch/l/L007EF800B0E64E0851C521322DF90AFD7E363CED55788DADDFA3DE97E0FAABC As soon as I have everything in FSUIPC everything works well (except the Rudder display in the Lower Eicas). I can assure you that I did not assign in P3D and deleted everything there. Best regards Urs
  13. Hallo Pete, ich hoffe es geht dir gut? Leider habe ich ein neues Problem. Ich habe eine neue Leo Bodnar-Karte in meinem Opencockpits-Pedalen installiert. Jetzt zeigt FSUIPC 5.151 unter Joystick Calibration Throttle immer einen Wert und eine Bewegung an, obwohl ich das Pedal überhaupt nicht FSUIPC benötigt habe. Also, wenn ich diesen stark bewege, ändert sich der Wert unter Ruder. Wie kann das sein, wenn ich nichts vergeben habe? Freundliche Grüße Urs https://www.mycloud.ch/l/L006994189D1AAEAEC81B0873F81F8DB2F66D44B2D661519D3A3F9A700B347CE
  14. Hello Pete, i wanted to tell you quickly that the weather radar goes again. I really had to install P3D v4.5. An older P3D version with the latest version (for a "different") simulator obviously causes problems. Best regards Urs
  15. Hello Pete, thanks for your quick response. I tested extra at 3 airports, where it actually rained. This I forgot to mention. Excuse this. This with the official version mor also went through my head. But I'm about to rebuild the PC for P3D V4.5 I will try again afterwards with the beta and then I'll wait for the official version. We'll wait and see. Thank you Pete for your efforts. Best regards Urs
  16. Hello everybody, I have newly installed with my P3D V4.4 FSUIPC 5.151. And drive with Prosim 2.16 Unfortunately, my weather radar does not work anymore, although I copied and pasted the entry from the previous FSUIPC version. Although the radar file is recreated in the Prosim folder, but only with 1KB. Active Skye I have also installed the latest beta. Although still no v4.5 Where could the problem be? Thank you for your efforts. Best regards Urs
  17. Hello Pete, I have good news. it now works as it should. Yesterday I came back to the work, the thought that the download mlgkicherweisse something wrong. That's why I've closed the cache and made the download new. And see everything goes tip top now. Thank you for your help Pete. Best regards Urs
  18. Hello Pete, Thanks for the quick reply. The problem with the RudderBlendLowest with the version "e" is actually fixed. And works well too. I try to explain my problem again, I hope it is better. I have registered my yoke and rudder pedals incl. Brakes (all from Opencockpits) in FSUIPC. This has worked well with version 5.141, except for the RudderBlendLowest "problem, which you have already solved successfully. After I had also updated version 5.141e, all assignments were swapped. Ailron suddenly saved my brakes and so on. I thought it was a small problem and reassigned everything. During the calibration of the yoke I noticed the elevator but that when I pushes the plus values are displayed and I can confirm with set also, but as soon as I pull the yoke to me the minus values from the 0 position are no longer displayed in FSUIPC. So I could not completely calibrate at the Yoke Elevator. When I switched back to 5.141, everything was twisted again, but I was able to rewire and calibrate everything. When I'm back on 5,141 die.ini is still useful? Will be able to attach this tomorrow otherwise. Thank you for your tireless help. Best regards Urs
  19. Hello Pete, Today I have updated to the latest version "e" of FSUIPC. After that, I had some problems. My yoke and rudder pedals were hyped up in the forecourt. So the yoke was registered as rudder pedals and brakes and vice versa. Both are from Opencockpits. I wanted to fix it then I have just reassigned and calibrated. With the yoke, however, I faced the problem that I could not assign the one-sided page (climb / drag), as no values were detected beyond the 0 position. This with the RudderBlendLowest function was, however,. When moving from the Tiller I would no longer Rudder movements displayed. So I'm back at 5,141. I hope you are satisfied with this information? Best regards Urs Goole Translator
  20. Hello Pete, then I was not quite so wrong. 🙂 Many thanks for watching and the possible implementation. Best regards Urs
  21. Hello Pete, thank you for your renewed response and efforts. If this is true, it's okay with me. I was just so sure that this was not the case with earlier versions. Since the Tiller really only the nose wheel steered in my opinion. At least I would not have noticed it honest white. Therefore, I did not come up with the idea in PDF. Thank you Pete for your still very very big efforts. Best regards Urs
  22. Hello Pete, sorry I forgot to mention this. But since this is normal for me, I probably forgot it. Of course I have assigned it directly to FSUIPC and also calibrated in the FDUIPC. Rudder to Rudder and Tiller to Tiller. In the lower DU I see the Tiller and Rudder movements. In the outside view, I also see how the rudder moves when I control with the Tiller. Did I get it wrong? If I roll to the RWY or gate, the plane would only have to be controlled via the Tiller and the Rudder should not move? Best regards Urs
  23. Hello Pete, Today I have set up my Yoke and Rudder again in FSUIPC, since the function of Prosim is just garbage. But now I have the problem that both Rudder and the Tiller controls the aircraft on the ground. The Autorudder function is turned off on my P3D v4.3 and all axes are deleted. What did I overlook? Thank you for your help. Best regards Urs
  24. Hello Pete, I am happy if I could contribute something. Best regards Urs
  25. Hello Pete, I hope you are fine? I promised you a summary of Fly Elise and Warpalizer after my tests. With Warpalizer, the setup is a bit more complicated and with the crossfade, you can bring the brighter places very hard with the so-called Deep Black function. You have to use Warpalizer to calculate the degrees and transfer them to the canvas and align them with a cross laser. Therefore it is more elaborate than with Fly Elise. A nighttime is also that if you want to open the exterior once you only have one of the 3 views, where Fly Elise all nutz. However, on my test with Warpalizer, I had about 5 FPS more on average than with Flye Elise. In general, the P3D V4 seems to need more resources than the V3, or it's just a bug from the v4. Because with the V3 I had always over 25 FPS with my Singel PC operating. So I'm really thinking about whether I should not really install the V3 again. Lucrative if Prosim 737 with XPlane in the V2 fully functional would Währe. So I would change in any case on the X Plane. I hope I could help you so much further? You can always ask me specific questions. Best regards Urs
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