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  1. Thank you, I will try that. As this is an older unit (black color, not the current Grey) it could also mean they were used so extensively that buttons are triggered that shouldn't.. I'll check that as well, maybe it's more a mechanical problem rather than a software issue.
  2. Thanks John for your quick reply. Sorry, work kept me from answering until now. I already tried to use direct keybinds like to suggested, as it seemed the obvious and easiest option. However, this does not really work well. Let's take the 4th dial for example. I turn it clockwise slowly. FSUIPC registers buttons 22 and 23, but also 20 and 21 in between. Counterclockwise it registers mainly 20 and 21, but also 22 and 23 in between. Similar for every other dial. The faster I turn the knob, the more apparent becomes the error. This means, my values/ dials in the sim are jum
  3. Hi there! I got myself a used GoFlight RP48. Goal is to be able to assign functions to the rotary knobs via the button/switches function in FSUIPC. Example: Turn knob 1, turn dial (altimeter, heading, whatever) in the sim via the heading bug inc/Dec command. I'm not someone with huge programming skills. I spend about one day researching here and elsewhere for a "simple" solution, thinking I can't be the only one using this unit and FSUIPC. Currently when I turn the knob, up to 3 buttons are recognized by FSUIPC per direction, however they are mixing up so the dial is not
  4. I'm exactly after the same issue. I found that under engine systems (I have the German version, so don't know if that's the term used in the English one) there is 'toggle engine main switch' and 'set engine main switch', for engines 1-2 and this will operate the ECU master Switch at least on the 62. However it seems there should be a keyboard button assigned, and then configured via FSUIPC, because using a hardware switch will cause the variable (VC switch) to flicker up and down.
  5. Sorry, I have been busy work-wise.. yep, I can press skip, but then I cannot access the assignments for buttons and axis.
  6. Same here. De-installed the old version, installed the new version, fresh download- cannot register. Tried both links.
  7. You sometimes feel pretty dumb when you were trying to solve a problem for a longer period of time, and find out you overlooked the obvious. I logged the keypresses, and the sent command stayed the same. I then opened the FSUIPC.ini to see if I could see anything there, and discovered that, although no spoiler axis was assigned, I still had the spoiler in the joystick configuration configured. Pressed reset, e voila, spoilers work as intended. So after all your tips helped to find the error in the end- many thanks John for your support! Best, Matthias
  8. Hi there! I guess this issue is not FSUIPC related directly, but I am trying to understand what's behind. With the earlier version of the Lear everything was fine. Events were mapped through FSUIPC and worked fine. The spoiler on this aircraft is on /off type using a switch, which uses a G1000 PFD softkey event to operate (or direct operation via clickspot of course). Since the latest update of the Lear I can only operate the spoiler exactly one cycle, means, extend once, retract once, and then it's stuck. After that, the switch is still operated, but has no effect (also clic
  9. Thanks for your advice, I will forward your informations.. have a nice weekend!
  10. Hi, the company I work for is specialized on industrial automation. We, together with another well established company, would like to build a flightsim with a cockpit attached to an industrial robot, similar to the DLR DA40/42 system, but limited to entertaining and showcasing purposes on exhibitions. While I have good knowledge on the users side of FSX, I have very little knowlege of programming and what's going on deeply under the hood. Therefore I'd like to establish the contact between you and one of our programming partners in order to exchange some technical details on what data ca
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