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  1. Checking my code - as far as I can see that is what is happening. The call to Process() occurs only in two places throughout my code. Each is wrapped in a try..catch block. Where an exception is raised I carry out house keeping to close the connection including calling FSUIPCConnection.Close().
  2. Paul You are correct that I am using your .NET dll so I guess I am reporting your exception message. I guess I also need to add some more code?
  3. Well I might debug it if I could reproduce it. I have never seen this error while working here with ADE and FSUIPC so I was hoping for an explanation of what the error means. ADE catches exception messages coming back when it tries to connect. It is using the Managed Wrapper for FSUIPC that was originally posted here - so perhaps the error message comes from there. I have checked to see if it is possible to get this error via a double click on the connection button in ADE but it is not.
  4. Hi Pete Something odd. My application reads and writes aircraft location information. I have the DeLuxe Edition of FSX installed and FSUIPC4 as downloaded today. It is registered. My program has a freeware key from you. In unregistered mode I can move the aircraft to a new location from my application i.e. write lat, lon and alt. It works fine exactly the same as with FS9. In registered mode the write do not have any effect and the plane is not moved. Make the program unregistered by moving out the key and the plane can be moved again. Here is the log when in registered mode. You can see the writes to 0560, 0568 and 0574 but they are not having any effect. The freeware key is logged but I have made a continuation log so it does not show. thanks
  5. That's correct Pete which is why I changed tools to dotNET :D Since my utilities are freeware you have been kind enough to supply keys and my users do not need a registered version. Mind you I always encourage people to register :wink:
  6. Hi Pete Rafael has emailed me - at the beginning of last year I was working using RealBasic and FSUIPC but stopped when I found that programs written using it could not supply the information you needed to generate a key.
  7. Well I am not going to have more than one version around - it becomes a configuration nightmare and I only work in VS2005 so it will not be of any use to you if you are using an earlier version. You can still get a free copy of the VS2005 express editions which are absolutely fine but if your shop has not upgraded and you are required to work in an older version................ :(
  8. Brad I mailed you yesterday to say that you can download it from my website (http://www.scruffyduckscenery.co.uk). I think you will find that FSUIPC operates at the frame rate so you cannot get data faster than that, but Pete will obviously be able to confirm that (or not if I have it wrong :D )
  9. It started as a wrapper for the vb stuff in the SDK. It still uses API calls since I havent had time to sit down and change it, but I have modified the way they are used in some places. It is a half way house in that it makes reading of some offsets easier by making the result available via properties - I plan to make all offsets read/wriable via properties or similar at some point - I'd like to get away from explicitly calling offsets and use structures or enumerations instead. Other than that it is still using tokens but I want to get rid of that when I find the time :D
  10. Nothing actually, but generally it is not done that way - it is just a different language, and as mentioned above it is certainly not interpreted. In fact the NET framework is just a set of DLLs like the win32 API is but we 'call' them instead of the API directly. I use C# and VB interchangeably in some cases the program constructs are easier in one than the other but in a lot of cases they are pretty much identical apart from case sensitivity, curly braces and semi colons :D :D Managed code refers to the fact that the NET languages manage things like garbage collection and disposal of variables and objects when they are not needed. It also means that NET langages are less likely to have memory leaks etc You can get past all that and work unmanaged, and in some instances it is important to dispose of objects yourself, but to be honest there is no point I have just made my .NET dll available on my web site - http://www.scruffyduckscenery.co.uk and I am putting a new forum up for VB.NET and FS
  11. Well I wonder what you are trying to understand. FS stores the numbers in a particular way internally and to get them out to recognizable co-ordinate values you need to use the conversion factors shown. I think you would need to ask Microsoft why they chose to store the numbers in the format that have. I seem to recall there is an explanation in the FSUIPC SDK documentation
  12. I have emailed the dll to those who requested it
  13. Sorry No - I have been on vacation and just got back :D
  14. No problem The email just said that I am trying to get some documentation together and once I have it I will send you the dll :D
  15. Hi Graham Did you get my email? I am putting together some documentation for the dll then I will send it to you
  16. Thanks George - I understand how it works. I am not reading up on vector maths to code up the angle calculations. I was going to work out the bearing of each of the pairs from the aircraft and subtract the second from the first but that gets complicated around 360/0. Looks like using vectors and cross-products to calculate the angle is better as you suggest. I just digging up some information on that now - it is a long time since I did this kind of math :D EDIT - OK I think I have coded it now I need to make a test rig.
  17. Hi George Thank you very much :D :D Could you just clarify whay you mean by a signed angle - I presume it has to be positive. Also a quick sketch would seem to show that if the aircraft is inside the poly the sum of the angles should be 360, but that may just show I have mi-understood :) EDIT. Hmm the 360 would not seem right if the poly is an L shape
  18. I need to tell if the aircraft is inside a user definable polygon defined by a list of vertices (lat/lon values). The poly could be almost any shape. I guess this must have been solved already but I am scratching my head for a 'foolproof' method. Any pointers would be much appreciated
  19. I have a dll which contains all my interfacing to FSUIPC - it is for VS2005 (written in VB but should be fine for other .NET languages.) The DLL contains other stuff like navigational maths and provides properties to most of the common FS variables for reading. It is not well documented but if you would be interested in looking at it then let me know. It would only be available for freeware or personal use. You can contact me at jon [AT] scruffyduck.co.uk
  20. you are right. At the moment all my interfacing is in a separate dll and the code in there is a bit long in the tooth. I need to go and update it
  21. Thanks Pete No I am using version 2 of FS Interrogate but I did look at it in both versions Not exactly :D I use Visual Studio 2005 and I have signed and unsigned integers in both VB and C# :D :D
  22. OK It's Friday afternoon and my brain has clearly stopped working. I am reading the Alt Lo and Alt Hi fields to get altitude. Alt Hi is fine but I am doing something wrong for Alt Lo. I have a value being returned of -1841823744 which I am treating as a double. If I calculate the low part by dividing this number by 65536*65536 and multiplying by 3.28084 I get -1.4066 but the answer I need is 1.87391 and this is being returned by FS Interrogate correctly Is this field a 32 bit signed integer? A far as I can see it should always be zero or positive. :? Any help much appreciated
  23. Thanks Pete - I think I did say latitude not altitude :D :D
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